Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The White Corpse of Wind

Death Rides a

The Devil is the prince of liars: let world leaders babble
       on and on,
They empty out the minds of the devils—the world is duped
       every day by them.
Follow your intuition, your senses…
presidents are over-valued, over

What do I know for sure?
     I know our government like so many others do like
Frightened squids do: shoot out ink-sacks of darkness:
You know what I mean: smoke screens—you know:
       lies to stupefy their own people.

This is when the earth will freeze over, when the
       planet will die
The sun will be blocked out, and all that will be left will be
that will not stir,
For lack of air and wind—: and all that will be left of mankind
Will be White Corpses, which at one time were brushed about
       by wind, now far-off in the galaxy.

Vast is the night that will come with green famine—
“Go away, go your own way!” I heard people cry.
And they threw stones at the Messenger
“Stop your dirty and debauched ways!” bellowed the
But it was coming over the hill, the Third Great War: God
       did not stop them, and Heaven embraced,
The flighty tenderness of the sky—knowing it would soon
       burst wide open, and one of every three would die
And when they fought the war, they fought as with
       wolves’ teeth…no mercy, no pity:
  everyone with snail-eyes.

The fireworks, to the Third Great War, started sixty-two
       years before;
       after the wreck of Europe.
I myself, fought in one of the several since. They come in
       streaks, will continue to come in streaks, until it will Reached a peak, until the big one—‘Cometh!’
Right now we are living in a sick peace, but I am old, you’ll
       have to fight the next one alone…
The young enweaved, untutored, naïve, the dumbbells of
       the nations, will fight this one.
This war we’re provoking will catch up with us, and we’ll
       be sleeping ducks, I mean bleeding ducks!
The Tombs of Europe are filled with Americans, who can attest to this: all for valor,
       evil and victory!
All for the politicians, the heroes of the day, that will never
       see war, nor their families: as they ravage
       the planet with horror, all in the name of Patriotism…

#3371 (711-2012)