Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth Beast

(End to the Era of the Great Rulers)

God, the Most High, sent down four beasts, so that the end of his time
       would come through them.
They were to conquer all those that had gone before them, and now
       they held sway over the earth with much terror, and over all earth with Oppression, deceiving them, giving judgments with no justice, pushing  
       truth aside, afflicting the meek and injuring people for no reason, Hating those who preached the truth, loving the liar, destroying the
       harvests of man and laid low those who spoke against them, they Became worse than those before them, this was the fourth era.
Thus, the Most High heard of their commonness and pride; henceforward,
       he called to all: “This has ended my times, this age is complete;
Now you will disappear, as will your terrifying wings and your little evil  
       followers, those disuse, no more than imps to me, and your malicious Heads and evil talons and your body, all disappear so the earth can be 
       restored, free of your violence, and regain hope.”

And so this was my dream, not yet complete, for a Lion spoke to me now,
       to translate, and he said:
“The earth became a tumult, but all evil disappeared, and the fourth beast
       was allowed to return, and now lives in the form of the False Prophet, And the earth burned and became terrified.”

Then I awoke in great perplexity of mind, yelled to my wife, as we were in
       bed, she solidly in a deep sleep, as I had been to the contrary, in a Light form of a Dream, yet harsh it hit me, I said: “They’re boarding up the
       house, nailing us in!”
“You’re having a dream, dear,” she said. And so I was.
Then I asked the Most High, through the Lord, that he might strengthen
       me, and the Lion said, “I will tell you the rest of the meaning of this Dream:
You have witnessed the end of the fourth era, the kingdom to be beyond 
       this, and the coming end to be of the fifth era, and this is the one you Are in: of great struggles, but it shall fall, and regain power, the time of the 
       great rulers will be short,  two rulers will remain at the end, they will be at rest (Russia and America—I suspect; he didn’t say?), the Most High will
       raise up a third (Europe—I suspect; he didn’t say?), and thus, shall the Earth be ruled by—oppressively they will sum up all wickedness, and
       perform his last actions, one of the three shall die in bed, but in Agonies.
Two will remain, conflict shall devour them. All will fall by war in those last
As for me the Lion who speaks to you, I have been kept to the end, and
       the Fourth Beast …in the form of the False Prophet.
The last two kings, one will kill the other, who was with them (Europe and
       America—I suspect; he didn’t say?)
And I will denounce them—
This is the interpretation of why your house was boarded up in your
       dream, so you could—during your awakening hours—come  to have learned and understand this interpretation: for all peoples to hear.”

#3364 (6-27-2012)
Ref: The Dream