Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Papa Manuel of Cajamarca

(A Tale Told, )

It is a pale evening
Papa Manuel, all alone is near a creek
Within the creek, a naked woman stands
Her back to Manuel, shapely…
He is thinking he knows her (?)
As he nears her from the edge
Of the Creek bed…

Looking up he sees a gibbous moon
His home, nearby the farmyards, with the
The eucalyptus trees somber:
Their somberness made by a haunting breeze
The birds take flight, they know something
Is lingering, something is eerie!
They know it will come…

The young womanizer, tired coming from work:
Dusk comes as it always comes, as promised.
To the naked woman in the creek he says:
“My dear lady, how beautify you look,”
And comes nearer to her, and when she turns
To greet him, as if to be his saviour in lust,
Comes the face of a she-devil
With the expression of a wolf!
Shocked, to the white marrow of his bones—:
Thus, he falls, landing on the edge of the creek…
Unconscious—; had the she-devil had her way
He would have been drowned…!

Man cannot bear disaster like the rocks:
Nor the naked deceitfulness of a devil;
Hence, sometimes it’s better to stay home,
With the cows inside the barn!

#3373 (7-12-2012)

A tale told, to the author over a spaghetti dinner, during a Sunday afternoon, the Author has taken liberties to add his eerie touch to it. The tale is a true account, says Manuel Valera (Deacon of the Parish Church San Daniel Comboni de Cristo Redentor)