Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dark Ebony

(A Tribute to Shawn and Cody)

When all your youthful days are over,
       you will come back to me,
          you will return.
Although your thoughts will be more sadder than death—
For you will remember how love once was.
You will come back to me; I will be no more than ashes under
       a tree—
 but I will have
tasted the wine of life (you were of it…)
You will think of dead eyes, a hard heart, dust to dust, wasted
Slow it will come, but fierce will be the grief—and then soon
       after, in separate deaths, you both will parish
We are not all that far apart.
Thus, I close my door, for there will come none after, and
       there was none before
But there was a wonderful spring with laughter…
Once upon a time—with both you and I—so long, long ago!

#3378 (7-16-2012)