Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dropped From a Tree

Two bulls are in one herd, like two friends might be in a
       pasture; like two drunken swine!
Can they be two friends in Victory?
Which bull is evil, which is not?”
The old man thought on this dragging his mind
       every-which-way, cried fiercely: “The Aggressor!”
“Neither one has morality, or meaning, or purpose.”
The old man thought on this some more.
“To whom should I give the earth to,” said the heavy voice
       coming down from heaven.
“To the wild boar?
To the fish?
To man that will destroy it?
To the seagull that will eat the fish, but preserve the earth?”
“Had I a choice…” the old man went to say, but held his
       tongue silent, after having a second thought, one without Pretence… (least all mankind perish)
“Well,” said the voice louder than thunder, heavily
       reverberating: “Oh, it’s my fault, it is far better I let man Destroy himself, show heaven and its multitude, how much Gentler
       the great bears and saber-tooth tigers were…you see I let The powerful ones perish for man, an absurd ape dropped From a 
       tree, to rule the earth: now, no more than a blasphemous  Grasshopper in rags and bones, hiding in the bushes…”

#3372 (7-12-2012)