Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Christian Abortion

(For Christian’s Only)

The persons I’m talking about wane and fade, become
       meaningless, but who are they?
They have 23 pairs of chromosomes, the same as us.
Their heart is beating at twelve days, the same as ours.
Their brain at thirty… the same as ours…
The Supreme Court says otherwise, that they are waste; they Are 
       not doctors or theologians: but right or wrong they rule, And it becomes constitutional law for a nation of 300-Million (nine people—guardians of the nation); thus we give to Cesar What
       belongs to him, and to God, what belongs to Him, and
       what does belong to God—these judges will have to pay The price, for they steal God’s treasures?
Abortion is a money making industry that belongs to Cesar!
But the Bible belongs to God…as does each human soul, and It says:
       in Genesis 1: 27 “God Forbids…killing…”
In Exodus 21:4 and 22, it says “A woman with child”
       refereeing to existence in progress.
The infants slaughtered by Pharaoh, in Acts 7:19
       does the same, Moses says: “Life taken, should be life
       given…” he speaks on behalf of God. Each judge who Has signed the Amendment to the Constitution will have his
       day of accounting…and it will be a horrendous day for Him or her.
God says, “Multiply after your own kind,” not decreases!
Who procreates a non-person?
Christ was born in the manner of men (Galatians 4)
In the likeness of humanity (Hebrews 2)
Man was created in likeness God.
Man calls it post-conception.
God declares it murder (Exodus 20; Matt. 5; 1 John 3.)
The Rapist should receive Capital Punishment (Deut. 22)
       not the woman (Deut. 22)
You are taking the life of one that has the image of God!
Life is God’s gift to man (Psalm 12 & 19)—
Perhaps he had a plan for that aborted child, one that
       now will never transpire, although he has his  alternate Plan (?)
People are chosen for salvation before the foundation of the
       world (Eph. 1)
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee (Jer. 1:5)
Need I say more to the Christian?
For the non-Christian, it is Cesar’s Bible you must read,
       or Satan’s, you have already read.

Note: Written 7-16-2012 (#3377)