Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Old Hedgehog

When I was a young man, and then some
I fought and I drank and had fun,
(Cries the old Hedgehog: dying inside of him).
I danced shy, at Washington High,
And I was rough and rude—too!
Like a sharp tailed whip, split
Never knowing quite what to do…

I drank and blushed when the girls called
And wooed them until they balled;
I wasn’t looking for a wife,
When I was young and in my prime:
All I wanted was a good time!
That I could not love and leave:
Like the girls who selected me—
Although it was booze that bleed me…
(Cries the Old Hedgehog: wanting to be pleased).

When I was a young man, and lost some
I traveled my youth away, all those days:
With a twist, and whim, in the Wind:
Sizzling with young and older women!
With whores, in and out of doors—
Some of it was grim, all of it was sin!
Whatsoever I did, I did it again, and again—
Learning and leaving burning fingerprints!—
(Cries the Old Hedgehog: wanting to be forgiven).

Now I am old and more than a man—
I found a good woman to be my right hand.
Yes, a wife, how nice: like sugar and spice.
Now, as I look back at my thunderous life
No longer cursed by the cooing of the booze:
Tidy and neat and cotton ball sweet,
My hair now thin, my chin: like soft limestone
I am still plagued by deadly virtues.
(Cries the old Hedgehog: getting tired and weak!)

#3327 (4-22-2012)