Thursday, May 10, 2012

Four Hopeless Poems

For a Sad Father

And let his children when he is dead,
Write in stone above his head:
“No more he lives for us to blame
For all our sins and all our games!”

#3320 (4-17-2012)


Knives are painful;
Bridges are steep;
Poisons will cramp you;
And guns—
You’d better not miss!
Gas is terrible
You might as well live!

#3321 (4-17-2012)

Some Women

Some women will sink your heart,
Some women will giggle with flatter,
Some will look at you—
And pretend it really matters.

#3322 (4-17-2012)

I Shall Return

When I am dead, as dead can be—
Still believe in me;
Believe I will be near—
White as a ghost, my dear.

#3323 (4-17-2012)