Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Lost Legend of Coto Coto

(A poetic drama/narration)

A company of Spanish soldiers
Riding below a gibbous moon
(one evening over a hundred and fifty years ago or so)
Through the old Wanka ruins in Chilca,
Near Huancayo, in the Andes of Peru
Heard a babe, bellowing, crying in the Eucalyptus
Woods, nearby on the ridge of the Mantaro Rio;
There they beat the bush, through the thick foliage
And found, a naked babe, alone, abandoned
On the damp infested ground:
Crying, screaming, like a gibbous hound:
Looking up towards the moon!
“How could anyone leave a babe in such a way?”
Questioned the Command Sergeant Major?
The Captain huddled the babe under his coat—
(to keep it warm from the impending cold rains)
Rode but a little ways, when fire spouted from the
Infants mouth—with rage!
The Captain shrieked, flung the child from
His breast, into the nearby bushes—
And faster than the Hounds of Hell,
Holding his breath,
He galloped senseless, out of the woods, threw
The old Wanka ruins of Coto Coto
His company behind him
—that is it!

#3346 (Poetic drama); story: 916
Dedicated to the Mayor of Chilca: Abraham Carrasco