Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Hanging of Saddam Hussein

Alive—he is no longer alive! The rouge has left no trace
On his thick neck where shone: a burse, rip, and a tear,
Hanged, while the people laughed that held him dear
Bar, now but a few years. He died, — with no grace,
And many an Arab-robed subject stared apace,
To insult him who’s Hypocrites made them fear,
And black gold must win a road for his bier,
And induce the guards that guard his burial place.

Ah, Saddam Hussein, for that end time of all,
The world’s hatred broke upon thee, and stopped by,
And quicken a more fair thy funeral.
Though in the dark they preceded thee slyly,
Thy tomb had the handle of darkness for pall
For touch, the dark halls under Shoal’s windy skies!

No: 3330 (4-24-2012)
A tribute to rouge