Thursday, May 10, 2012


          There are ashes on the moon, I bet:
     left over from the ancients!
       There are ashes on Earth, dancing
               in the wind, I’ve seen this.
       There are ashes on Mars, red like
              —dormant fire…here and there
       Everywhere: I’ve seen photographs!
       There are ashes on Mercury, hot
              and burnt…there has to be (?)
       Someday, if you look into my
              coffin, you’ll find ashes too!
       Ashes—have a long history with
              mankind, people, the universe.
       The sun, one day will explode,
              be sucked into nothingness;
       Or perhaps a black hole—
       Leaving only ashes and dead gases!

       Then what?
       We’ll all start over again, from Ashes?