Saturday, May 16, 2015

Everything Has to Die

(Comparisons of the Soul) Part III of III

All things die!
Even galaxies—
Some die quick and violently
Stripped away by the forces of gas
Internal and external—
No longer able to form stars!
This takes place within the galaxy
Accumulating more metals than CO2—
Elements heavier than helium, which
In long term reality produce its death.

In a like manner, when a person takes
In too much carbon dioxide,
He remains trapped, he dies with that.

In both cases, strangled to death,
By suffocation (congested)

Like a man who has lost his breath
So can a galaxy be snuff out!
But there is a third part to this poem
The soul, in a similar manner has to
Face a transformation process—
One might say from black energy, or matter
To pure spiritual matter…
The soul, like a snake, has to shed its skin!
Or like the caterpillar, through metamorphoses
Built its cocoon, to come out a butterfly.

Note 1: Dead galaxies need time to burn up their remaining gases, which is called the strangulation period; for man this period is 4-minutes, for a galaxy, depending on its size, and dead stars, it may be millions or billions of years. Why this takes place is not seriously known, but there is a theory, known as ‘Overcrowding’ similar to a crowd of people, the few people in the middle may very well suffocate.  For the galaxy it becomes too heavy with metal, which is a good sign of it’s forth coming death.

Note 2: This poem has had three parts to it: Part One: Construction of the Soul; Part Two: Structure of the Soul: Part Three: Comparison of the soul.

Note 3: Inspired by Dr. Yingjie Peng from the University of Cambridge on the strangulation of Galaxies, and Pope Benedict XV on the soul’s transformation process.

No: 4766 (5-14-2014)