Thursday, May 21, 2015

God’s Dynamic Origins

Let me draw a picture of a wave of God’s hand!
We need to get into astronomy for this.
Man now can explore 200-million light-years into space—
This is by all means phenomenal in its own right!
And things we said were impossible yesterday, are
By and large, standard today.
Space is a lot of black matter, black energy.
Old news!
Space is made out of something, so let’s call it fabric.
In space there are ripples in the fabric, like a woman’s skirt!
Thus comes into place space & time,
What causes the ripples?
Some say, cosmic events like exploding stars, which are often called supernovas— (this bulk of mass moving is the object that creates the wave)
When this happens, everything spreads outwards, at the fastest speed known to man, which is the speed of light (187,000 miles per second)
Thus, we see the flash of this event:
Man’s detectors can detect this of course, and we theorize the merging of black holes with these neutron stars.
So now we know there was an event, and the ripples are coming—and we see this among the many galaxies within that radius of 200-million light-years!
So man can say, “Yes we’ve seen a gradational wave in action” but it is buried in an ocean of noise, this is the problem.
Now man has to figure out, how to blot out the noise, and when he does, if he does it right, what will he hear? He may very hear God’s voice.

The other great discovery, perhaps the most profound in archeology in 50-years they say, is that man has found stone working tools dating back to 3.3 million years beyond Homo habilis, to the old fellow we call Australopithecus afarensis, whom scientists have thought were plain old fossils left over by Lucy, —dumb as a bat!
So now we got intelligent life, 700,000-years earlier than we had previously thought…
What will man learn next?
Every time he thinks he got something down pat, woops, someone comes up with a game changer.
Perchance, the problem with man is that he keeps comparing his brain to God’s, and can’t understand, in comparison, he has a grasshopper brain.  
Yes the ape talks, but he had to be taught.  

No: 4774/5-21-2015

Note one light year is the distance one can go at the speed of light, at 187,000-miles per second.  It takes 1.3 seconds for light to hit the moon and come back halfway. Or about eight minutes for the sun’s rays to hit the earth. So we are talking about a very long distance with 200-million light-years. But Jesus said, there would be phenomenal things in our lifetime taking place, and so there are.