Saturday, May 16, 2015

Poem for a Recovering Drunk


The common challenge for those facing sobriety,
particular in terms of family life,
which requires one and all to work together
in confronting such issues, as alcoholism,
does not require martyrdom!
More than ever, that one person stuck in-between
must preserve the full journey s/he is on!
To be able to grow in love and understanding
and in so doing, practice unceasing payer.
Lest s/he be taken back to old habits, and make
up for lost time…! For should that person return
it would be as if jumping back into the frying pan
awaiting the oven.
Thus, there is no easy way out: one must bite
His lip, stop holding her breath, shout if need be
And do what God intended you to do:  live.
Human failings of others, need not be yours.

No: 4767/5-13-2015