Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Legend of Mary Magdalene (…and, the Healer)

There are almond trees in the town of Magdala, which sits on the edge of the Sea of Galilee, where the wind blows sharp across the Marine. Hanna, Mary’s mother often saw Mary going on errands to Tiberias, on fishing trips, with her father Zacharias. This one time, on such a trip, Roman soldiers visiting Tiberias were in the city on routine inspections, she was caught wandering in the evening. She explained to the three Roman Soldiers, she was the daughter of Zacharias, on her way home. They raped here, in an open field nearby, at which time, she became demonically possessed. She had fallen into a black void.  

Seven demons possessed her, one blasphemes to God, one of violence, one of pompousness, one of shamelessness, one of profanities, one of evil, one of a snarling animal.

The Healer came to Magdala, Mary had fallen onto the street, demons screamed out of her mouth, her body jolted, her eyes full of pain, closed, she heard a voice, “Come out of this woman, I command you, every one of you, unclean spirits. Come out!”  She felt a strong hand grip her shoulder, another to her elbow, she was lifted upward, and she found herself face to face with the Healer, called by many (also known as Jesus, the Christ, and the Son of Man).  He smiled at her. Somehow she knew this was how it was meant to be, as if it was always right now. The demons had vanished, fled!

No: 4737/ 27March, 2015

Note: Information taken from the Gnostic Gospels, the New Testament Bible Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; and the writings of Winthrop and Frances Neilson. And the poet has taken certain liberties to fill in the gaps. The author has himself, been on waters of the Sea of Galilee in 2010.