Sunday, March 29, 2015

Poem for the Dead

Did you abruptly change your jacket?
Dressed yourself for the hospital
Explained that you must go,
Leaving with a few curt words!
Banging the door on the way out
In hast, according to some degree of
Displeasure you think you left behind
Last time you were there!
When as a result of this decisive action
You focused within yourself all the
Potentialities of this action, —did you not
See the greater strength you needed to
Accomplish this swiftest of changes?
And then to cope with it, in your frame of mind!
Then for that moment, all got away from you,
And all faded into brittleness: the infant
Bodily-drawn to your heart; did you not know
It was such a late hour in your life?
Love has all but made your eyes hollow
((yet love covers all sin) (Pro. 10:12))
You were in the deepest gallery of your mind!
You dropped down to his knees, alongside the infant’s bed—
What was said?
Such a manner lies beyond my comprehension.
Did you not know, or perhaps care:
“Love is as strong as death”?  SS. 8:6

No: 4738/ 3-28-2015 Copyright © 2015 by D.L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.
For M.J. H.