Monday, March 9, 2015

Evil for Evil’s Pleasure (ISIS)

In the days before the days of the Great Flood, people did evil things for the pleasure of evil that was one of the main reasons God allowed all mankind to be destroyed but for one family. In essence, Jesus said: when we see those same days reappear, your days are short, for people will be like those of yesteryear; in other words: that would be a sign of the end of days. Why wouldn’t it be, think of it: we don’t have far to go to relive our ancestor’s primitiveness. I know this has been said throughout the past two thousand years, and before by the Romans, and the Greeks and the Babylonians, and the Sumerians, and by Hitler and Stalin and those like them, there have been evil times and evil men ever since the Great Flood,  and since then, there has been much evil in the past fifty years to boot: but ISIS fits the new kind of evil, the old bill of sale you might say: the one Jesus was talking about, they have shown us a different kind of immoral criminal, the very evil Jesus was talking about: and this evil has triggered the minds and souls of certain young men, and women, to seek out this adventurous sort of evil from per near every country in Europe, some from the United States, and elsewhere. And so, this was a prediction, we should have been expecting, and now here it is at our feet, or at least the roots of it.  Signs are warnings, just like prophecies are warnings: a warning is something that tells you ‘beware’ the cutting edge is upon you. And that brings up, the cutting off of heads with butcher’s knives for the fun of it: you are destroying the image of God! ISIS should be wiser than to defame God’s personal duplicate, should you arouse Elohim, as the scriptures say: it is an awful thing to be in his grips, or should I say: to get his goat up; and that goes along with the evil of marrying a ten-year old girl for pleasure’s sake or raping her for evil’s sake, this is not human, this is abnormal? Those who do such evil without repenting, will suffer 10,000-evils themselves, do they not realize, God has a set in motion, just like gravity, a law in the universe of balance, to make the unjust, just, in other words, Judgment—: let me put it another way: Physics, there is such a thing called matter and antimatter, mutual destruction,  the sinner leaves a residue this design produces a detonator, what we end up with is unstable subatomic particles,  the soul is in the process of decaying, God has the universe able to discriminate between matter and anti-matter, what this all comes down to, God allows the sinner to pile up more sins, to condemn himself, and then the big bang, he is taken out of the world, and put into a safe place, no one can reach, this balances the universe.  Put another way, what you have taken from another will be given back, and will be taken away from you, so as to end up with nothing, for all that evil done there will be at the end, nothing, that is, nothing but that prison house, where the imbalance you caused will be brought back to normality. Of course ISIS, is not all that much different than the rebels in Africa nowadays, who are doing the same thing, with less notoriety, they too are leaving a residue that change the walk of life and I believe this tiny difference will lead to changing evil’s nature, to evil’s pleasure. Cutting people up with machetes, into scraps of meat to be fed to hogs.  And we see this kind of evil spreading, as   throughout the Middle East and Africa, and now Russia is getting in on the party, watching evil develop inch by inch in the Ukraine, where will it end, Putin will have to face the Almighty, and be cemented in solid rock for eternity: shooting down a plane of innocent passengers out of the sky, and finding their body parts, and doing who knows what with them, mentally cannibalistic. Torturing is one thing, but evil for the pleasure of evil is another it is sacrilegious and God has a place for these people, it is called the chamber of worms, and it is called 72-other deaths that are equal. You see, the Devil, wants mankind to out due him in evil, so he can go to God and say: “Look, you said I was evil, look at what your chosen are doing, they’re actually outdoing me, in the evil department?” Thus, trying to get his reprieve.