Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Giant, Two-headed Mouse and The Door-keeper

A Giant, Two-headed Mouse
(In Poetic Prose/ an Inscription)

I was the arm that he might cling, — in the spring of his life!
Now his wife a widow!
I, now a tired old man, not wanting to look out the window:
Should he draw me back into his human tumult!
I left for the sake of human harmony, long-ago, sleekly into
The woods to become a trunk of a tree, even though with a
Slight push and pull can be set to rolling.
But by appearance they seem so firm… So I stayed
(because it became unbearable: the strip of carpet under my
feet, became so narrow)
I was lead for a day, when he needed me,
But it brought no applause, no reaction the day after!
The envy and the cunning still bother me “Hurrah” to him
Over there now a dead corpse.
A giant of a two-headed mouse, he was!

“Your corpse has come in first. And what have you won?
Those who really knew you turned away as if rain was in the
Overcast sky and it was beginning to fall, thus, we looked the
Other way. You are as night up a street, visible, but a long way off—
A feeble and ragged creature: I pray providence has favored you!
—hope God does not weigh your past against your future! If so,
Hope he finds both admirable, but we know this is not possible.
Therefore, hope he gives preference and favors your last request
— which is, I understand, what John said in his Gospel 6: 47…”

No: 4711/3-5-2015
Dedicated to the Deceased

 The Door-keeper

       Now sitting there on his plane to Lima, from Atlanta, he thinks, Lee thinks: We strive all or lives to reach some kind of justice, for humanity’s sake, we are all given an open door, but often too often, there are obstacles in the way, like door-keepers that don’t want you to enter into the halls of justice, to prove you have been treated unjust. And when one grows old, and feeble, and too weak to challenge the door-keeper, he shuts and locks the door…  Then it dawns on him: it was never meant for man to get justice here on earth— but try as you may!

No: 4713/2-5-2015