Monday, January 5, 2015

Five Devil Poems

The Jew and Christian (The Lone Bird)

Jesus Christ Crucified

A desert tribe, watered, darkened the stones with shadows, where did they come from, out of some south-eastern window—
The ebb, its flow has lasted 4000-years,
And many pieces of humanity: men, women and children, gathering from many nations, having become part of that flow
Swarmed with voices, Christians and Jews waited on the world-breach:
When Christ left, and the new age began!
They went off together, Christian and Jew, the limit was left open, a new beginning!
Bent with solid differences over the Laws of Moses, and those of Christ—
It left all wondering why a lone bird—they called the Jew, whom was dearer to God than all, left the call of their Messiah?
Well: rare is valued:  But too, I presume
Well will be reconciled with God, at the end of days, but for the present, not with our Christian natures, we grudge and judge too often when we see them—
As they reflect throughout the world, as a mirror of those past far-off days
When Christ was crucified, on Mount Calvary—

No: 4664/1-3-2015 (to be part of “The Great Fall”)

War and Sin (Mixed)

When sin corrupts, our neighbors become less than us.
Sharing a common humanity no longer exists!
For each side sees the other, as objects; thus, this is
War and sin, mixed!

No: 4665/1-3-2015 (to be part of “The Great Fall”)

In God’s Image (?)

The difference between primitive men, and modern man is in that,
Primitive men were not made in the image of God, nor did they get God’s breathe;
Whereas, modern man did!
Any good anthropologist can tell you this, if they’ve taken a good look!

 No: 4666/1-3-2015 (to be part of “The Great Fall”)

The Modern Day Devil

Even the Devil has modernized His way of thinking, his sticken-thinkin’ his warlike skills: now using polarization and disagreement, demonization or evil, deception otherwise trickery
—to a higher degree than he ever has:
He has selected his kind from among us, and has whispered into our ears, his motto: “Do what you can with what you have!”
A few of his more recent disciples would be: Hillary Clinton, Alinsky, and Obama, whom is doing what Hillary figured out long ago: and he’s delivering it to the world stomach-full, as her delivery boy:
Let the Radicals rule…
Keep a God’s-eye-view on all the people—
And through deception, rob the country blind, for the rich, from the poor, and let them think it is a felony to ask for more, so they remain silent!
Is it not true, when the movie “The Interview,” appeared he went for it, whole-hog! Promoted it…
But when the movie concerning him came, “2016” he ramped and raged, then wet his pants?
Thus, they have built a one-way road that was meant to be a two-way highway!
And so you see, this is the modern day devil’s gift, and trickery, what you can’t get the old fashion way, by force, take by political means, and courts!

No: 4667/1-3-2015 (to be part of “The Great Fall”)

America’s White Plague 

One Indian tribe stole land from another Indian tribe in North America,
This was accepted as Conquest Treasure; normal, until the White Man did the same; whereupon, they sang a different tune: when in essence there was no crime: we took from them, what they took from their brothers, and in-between, they seem to have prospered—
The Mexican feels likewise, that the white man stole property that belonged to Mexico (half of America), right under their noses, when in essence, Texas was an independent country, that became a state, and America conquered all of Mexico, and gave half of it back—
America could have kept all of Mexico as Conquest Treasure.
The black man, America enslaved; but the black man also enslaved the black man in America—
As well as in Africa, who sold the white man, his brothers!
But when it comes to pointing fingers, the black finger, never points to the black finger (there was Irish white indentured slavery also, at the same time)

No: 4668/1-4-2014