Friday, December 26, 2014

The House of Rats

Haikus for:
The House of Rats


A perfect circled
Moon, in the center of the
Sky, full of vermin!...

Looking for my rats
In the wet weeds,
I found a cat!

The cat: little body, big eyes
A sleeping cat—
He doesn’t know, that:

The Moon’s turned down
Low! The bloodshot rats are romping
With bind nuisance!

The flies in the house
And the fog on the weeds
And the rats in the leaves

Is quite sad, — the rats
Lowers themselves from the roof,
By a hair’s thread!

A quiet moment—; Low moon,
Low weeds, just cooking some stew!

All God’s creatures
Must be fed also;
This not true?

Yes! God provides, for
Even, the unfluctuating flies,
And the napping moths: 

The worms in the grass, the rats!
The rats in the house of rats:

That are now in the
Cellar window, erect, —this quiet
Thursday evening…

On the edge, the shelf’s ledge:
Looking at the Big Dipper…

Munching on autumn
Leaves, and hard tobacco—:
Loving heads side by side,

Awaiting supper.  
Pending the stew to be done;
Watching for the cat,

—still curled up, in the weeds!
In a perfect circled moon!

No: 4657/12-25-2014
This ten stanza Haiku poem consist of three styles: the 17-sylable, the 13-sylable, and the Tanka (17-sylables plus a set of seven)