Friday, January 16, 2015

The Scarlet Soul

(Satan’s Germ World)

The Devil works like germs work, those things you can’t see but make you sick!
You don’t notice these satanic germs at first
When only a few of those germs gets into your body.
But each germ and its sinful nature provokes bad behavior, lies, deletions, distortions, and generalization—white sins, that turn into black sins!
They are reproduce, imitated, as they keep doing this very rapidly so as not to allow time for our soul to heal: effecting the mind and body, and spirit: covered with sinful debris–
Each satanic germ breaks in half and becomes two.
At first the person is sick, as if having the flu, — then, there’s a progression:
He can sin loosely, he has no limits, no discipline!
He has in essence, a spiritual disease in him, and that makes him less than whole.
This is called the ‘Scarlet Soul,’ the red soul.
It is worse than the measles, and influenza and a hundred different kinds of diseases.
This is when Lucifer’s Unfamiliar Spirits enter one’s body, hundreds of them to form a legion.
And the weak thickly man is now packed tight with them.
And at times the man loses his senses, consciousness: gets,
Blackouts—; his mind and soul are like the Black Plague!
Of little use to anybody: unusable, no longer available.
The unfamiliar spirits sweep across his body and mind like tuberculosis…
Like the bubonic plague, and they get a sleeping sickness, to which the devils talk, in place of the man—
With their grizzled demands.
One must find a Priest, or Holy Man, or Holy Woman, to destroy them, to make them leave one’s body like bloodsucking ticks.
At this stage the Priest must be no different than a bacteriologist;
He must fight the good fight with evil, as one would fight the wolves.
Remove them from his goat, and squish them like mosquitoes—
With the light of Christ, and the foot of the Virgin Mother!
You see, the soul has now been piled high with sins,
Covered with a kid of leprosy—
The devils, demon, imps, unfamiliar spirits, the ghouls of hell, they make pictures of this, to show the Grand Master their trophies:
They can’t kill the soul, but they can make it scarlet red!
Inflamed red, redder than blood.
As I inferred, there is a serum, which can be put into the soul, it is called prayer, and it slowly kills the germs.

There are warning signs too.

The microorganism world of Lucifer remains a mystery to no end:
A world that from time to time, emerges and forms new ways to control the mind, to shorten man’s time on earth
As to capture him for Tartarus, before he’s saved!

Many people do not think there is such a world and to Satan, the less they know about it, the better he feels:
Yes, one must remember, this archangel, was born when life first originated… and has formed the: ‘Appalling Productiveness’ of world tragedies.”

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