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The Great Fall Of Lucifer!

“Only a gifted writer such as Dennis Siluk, Poet Laureate of Peru, would be able to portray the complexity and poignancy of life with such simplicity and ease. This moving short story arouses the reader’s empathy with its clear crisp diction, light humor and subtle yet provocative emotion (‘The Dogs in Cherry Park’)” 1-12-2013   —Gail M. Weber, Editor-in-Chief, Exploring TOSCA magazine

 The Great Fall
Of Lucifer!  

 ((A Prophetic Epic) (The Infernal Kingdom))

By, Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.
                              International Latin Poet Laureate, and Nine Time Poet Laureate in Peru (Recipient of the Gran Cross of San Jeronimo)

“The Great Fall,” is a story of fiction, or is it nonfiction, let the reader decide?
Yet it is a book on how the Adversary, Satan himself, robs one’s seat, awaiting him or her, in the assembly Halls of Heaven, to be with him, the Devil and his Hoist in Hell!”
—Dennis L. Siluk, Dr.H.c.

The Great Fall of Lucifer 
((A Prophetic Epic) (The Infernal Kingdom))
Copyright, January 1, 2016 © By, Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c.

In Poetic Prose

Book One: The Great Fall

Prologue & Opening:   the Strange Assembly I of V; The Nature of Lucifer’s Landing (Part II of V); The Nature of Lucifer’s Fall (Part III of V); Lucifer Becomes Satan (Part IV of III); Satan’s Anvil (V of V )

Part One: Legion
Part Two: The Devil, with his Host of Hell
Part Three: Ancient History
Part Four: First Appearance
Part Five: Part Five: Soil’d in Sin
Part Six: What, wasn’t!
Seven: The Throng, and the Garden

Part Eight: The Great Fall & Restraint
Subtitles: Restraint and the infernal kingdom; Job;    Hell’s Police;    The Clan of Hell

Book Two: The Great Throng

Part Nine:  To Conquer Mankind

Interlude: Satan’s Mind (the psychology of it)

Continuation of Part Nine: The Sacred Race
(Subtitles); the Hounds of Hell; Forbidden/Lust of the Eye (Defect); Genetics

Part Ten:  The Fall of Noah
Part Eleven: The Down Fall
(Subtitles) The Down Fall (Jesus Appears); The Down Fall (The Seed and the Heel); The Jew and Christian (The Lone Bird); Rome; The (early) Bishops of Rome

Part Twelve: Reacting or Acting
(Subtitles): Master Craftsman; The Devil’s Soul; The Modern Day Devil

Conclusion (and Latter Words)

(To: “The Great Fall”)

It is an artless matter for one to see the, apparent or obvious, and thus, do the expected. Satan knows this, we all know this. We imitate, we do by social comparison. And for the most part we have a tendency to live life, each and every one of us, in a fixed or stationary rather than dynamic way, preferring the smooth way, one with the less ripples, we want to live in a predictable way, with the basics, like: electricity, water, a roof over our heads, a half full stomach. Of course this is carved into a force by the civilization one lives in, or government one lives under, and here again is where the apparent or obvious resides, and where the unexpected is seldom if ever seen.  By and large, when the unforeseen does occur, and when it is of utmost importance, the unfit expire. In essence they are unable to change, adjust they don’t even see the obvious, or the snake crawling behind them, ready to bite, insert the poison, they are settled and well-adjusted to their lives, they cannot move to strange ridges. In brief, when forced to move, they die!
       Now there is the opposite, those who can fit anyplace, at any time. They’ll survive, they adjust to the unexpected, they can make a piece of the puzzle fit any square (such as Obama and Hillary, to mention a few, even Putin, and Castro, and the whole diabolical lot), no matter what situation they end up in, or forced into, they’ll come out of it, such a person, a character, a being, is not so unlike Satan, whom was born in heaven where life continues by the rule of thumb, and the unexpected is really unexpected; where immorality is not accepted. By the rule-of-thumb, that being, the norm, or useful principle, but not so strict as to be reliable in every situation.
       Now Satan knows this, and he relies on this to a certain degree (especially him now being God of the Air around earth), matter-of-fact, he’s of the second caliber, he has imposed human law upon the world, and is trying to do so to make it become more machine-like in its regularity, for his complete ruler-ship, for time is short. We see a coming together of all things, for example: the World Court, World Trade, the United Nations, etcetera; in essence, a word seldom heard in the 1980s: Globalization. What happens is this: the objectionable is eliminated, as we can see in Russia, and China, and Cuba, and so many other countries, and now it is creeping into the United States, by way of Obamaism, and to be frank, the inevitable can be foreseen. Should he get America, and he nearly has it, we are the last of the world countries, and perhaps being the first, that have opposed him from day one.
       We see now, what we assumed used to be accidental, is really pre-arranged, Obama, and a few before him, all the way to Nixon, we can see a well-oiled groove (we no longer salute the flag, or adhere to the ten-commandments, we have abortion at demand, we have gay marriages, and gay priests, and we have Evolution instead of Creationism, and we have the government listening in on our every conversation) family desecration is on the high, no longer are the hinges kept from rusting, and the dirt from the air has been swept not away from us, but under our rugs. We see this in much more of course in South America, Peru is no exception, and in Europe as well.
       Well, to make a long prologue shorter, nothing happened in heaven for a long while, not one thing could scarcely be called a new happening, when at a certain point, Lucifer an arch-angel, the groove inside his heart and mind of this supernatural being, changed in direction.  An angel well-oiled in heaven’s government.  This groove, or we can call it a ridge,  that bridged God’s throne room, to his nest appeared to Lucifer uneven, so to him no longer was heaven, heaven, in the sense a ship being a ship, and inside his mind and soul, and heart, he felt he was  in the midst of the sea upon a storm in the middle of the calm, God had done something extensive, he had made his Son, Commander and Chief, this swiftly and placidly crushed his goals into submission with an colossal bulk of: pride, envy, and jealousy: There was a monotonous moment of quietude, in this center of the storm.
       Now I’ve implied Lucifer could deal with the unexpected, but his ability to tackle with this unanticipated event, was too trying for the Master Archangel to master in a moment’s time, it was like having to adjust to the Teutonic language, a language he didn’t understand, and never would, or could; the event caused a migraine unrest—and then a rebellion. And this is what “The Great Fall…” is all about.


The Strange Assembly (Part I of V)

Presumable to calm Lucifer’s spirit, he tuned and twisted over and over a note-book he held in his hands, but his mind confirmed what was said: —
The angelic being beside him said:
“That won’t help much”
Those words of the Great Father were now animated in his mind by a recoiling echo.
Lucifer felt for the first time in his life deep humiliation, the feeling was new—or must at least be interpreted as such.
Lucifer, along while many of his cohorts were the eyes in the first row, they were intensely fixed upon the Son of God, that he sat stone-still, Lucifer, sat stone-still silently looking straight at Him, at the Son of God!
The Great Father, had a long white beard.
Lucifer and his associates refused to look shocked about their impassivity into which they had sunk ever since the Father hand said in his speech.
 “The Commander and Chief will be my Son!”
What had happened to Lucifer?
He was now quiet as never before, trying to read the faces of all his friends, in the first row.
Most didn’t take it very seriously, but to Lucifer it was a misguided policy which was being directed against Him and many of his angelic following.
And he told himself, a lie he said:
“It is for them that I will take up my stand here and now, and later if need be, not for myself.”
Thus he involuntarily raised his voice.
And someone in the audience clapped his hands high in the air and shouted:
Lucifer felt cheered even though it was but one voice.
He would be quite pleased if he could make the assembly start thinking about the statement God the Father made about the Son of God’s victory seem ill-advised.
At that very moment he had no wish to shine as an orator though, he could wait; however he had come to the conclusion he was overlooked, wronged, and by and large, degraded, if not belittled.
Nor could he if he wished, God the Father no doubt was much the better speaker, and the more powerful figure.

The Nature of Lucifer’s Fall (Part II of V)

When Lucifer fell, the nature of the fall has never been discussed—
Throughout this account, I have expressed this experimentally:
It was by and large a quantum event, should anyone have observed it, and I have, in a vision, but let me show it with boundaries, where perhaps there was no-boundary conditions—
For when I saw it, the event was of an endless leeway of space on behalf of a fact—

When Lucifer fell from Heaven, it was as if he fell through a Black Hole—figuratively speaking:
Let me explain:
Quantum fluctuations lead to the creation of tiny universes, being created out of nothing, they eventually form galaxies, stars and suns—
Nothing meaning, universes that start off expanding, in the state of inflation, or increasing states, in essence, they seem to feed off a ripple effect—
Tolerate me a moment on this figure of speech: Lucifer fell through a Black Hole,  where there was no literal time at its beginning, perhaps even thorough these tiny universes, fluctuations to earth, Heaven being some: 14.5 trillion miles away (a good guess)—
He fell to earth as we all know, where time is part of an ongoing equation, where time has a beginning, and should our sun die, and earth be swallowed up by the galaxy’s Black Hole (the Milky Way), like the open mouth of a dragon, Earth will have a time-.ending.
Anyhow, while in this black hole, as all black holes are I assume, perhaps some are different than others—who’s to say
(some black holes get thinner and thinner, to a little ball, so I’ve heard, and thus, this is it, all of whatever universe you may be in, on the other hand if you go the other way, it may very well get wilder and bigger, matter of fact a Black Hole may not even be a Black Hole, it may very well be: a space furnace, for garbage, used up materials in the universe, or galaxy
For once something drops into it, deep enough in to it, it no longer reflects light,
Nor does it normally reappear, the radiation eats it up, it consumes proportional to its stellar mass.
Of course, Lucifer, is a different being, he is supernatural, in a furnace that is for the most part, not paranormal—
But we are not talking about theories in general (although I may gravitate towards them), rather Lucifer’s fall:
Lucifer surely was heated up with radiation, heated up, to the point of lost mass, burning up particles, atoms, that changed him, and then the explosion,
When he left the black hole, and the shifting of the universes all around him, perhaps shaking the Black Hole every-which-way, assuming the black hole stretched through all those fluctuations and universes and galaxies as if it was one long hurricane funnel (pipe or chimney), into Earth’s Solar System— he appeared!
Earth’s Solar System was not new to him, he had been in charge of several planets in what we may call, time past (Not sure if earth was earth, back when he was custodian over two-thirds of Earth’s solar system, and if so, perhaps it was more a black void of gases and whatever, than the paradise it is, or was I could say in my time)—
And of course he was aware of time—but this time he was to stay within its timely borders…

No: 4669/ 1-7-2014 

The Nature of Lucifer’s Landing (Part III of V)

When Lucifer landed on Earth, the nature, or feature, or make-up, its description has never been conversed—
Let’s take a look at it, it may help the full account of the fall, even if it is hypothetical, it is as close as close can get, and even the Black Hole is hypothetical for the most part!
Every great fall, and Lucifer had the greatest fall I’ve ever heard, of anyone, ends up with a great thump: whack, bang,--
Let’s imagine what took place, upon Lucifer’s landing after a nine-day drop at the speed of light, for over two-hundred hours—perhaps head first!
Which accounts for an astronomical figure of miles.
Believe you me, the archangel cursed and flung his empty palms at God Almighty, once awaking to his landing!
Second he groaned aloud, as he started to drag himself to his feet—
His joints were like rusty hinges, they worked harshly in their sockets!
I know this for a fact, being in a hospital bed for days on end; it doesn’t take much.
With such dynamic friction, bending and unbending his body took sheer implementation and will—
Now on his feet, still struggling somewhat, wanting to stand erect as an Arch-angel should, or Prince of the Air, should stand, he fell, like he had legs of butter.
Now he crawled up a small mound (a knoll of some sort), and surveyed the area for prospects…
There was no trees or bushes, nothing but sand, a sea of sand, somewhat diversified rocks, much liken to the moon’s rocks he’s seen; stones large and small, oxide stones with iron and nickel and other material, compounds.
He had no idea of: north, south, east or west—
And where was this desert spot?
And so he lingered debating…
He paused to gaze, and looking in the sky with a defiant glace, while all about him bodies dropped, thumped, —his throng!
They dropped like meteorites.
Now he rose to his feet again, staggered and limped, matter-of-fact, he limped all day long, the first day on earth! Like a hoofed-beast, with one short leg!
Nothing compared to the pain in his head, he cursed God like a manic rat gnawing and gnawing on a dinosaur bone, unable to stop –
He could not keep his mind steady, on the course to peruse!
Not yet, yet it wouldn’t be long!

Lucifer Becomes Satan (Part IV of V)


When Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven he was Lucifer, and when he landed on Earth he was Lucifer—
But that all changed, in the clap of an eye, when…?

This is Lucifer’s first day on Earth—stalking about some primitives like a cat stalks a sparrow…
He squirms over some wet rocks, he has a chill to his body, although he’s not aware of it!
So great is His fever for revenge, he mocks God again, curses Him, and cries aloud at Him with a lion’s roar.
So loud is it, it breaks the invisible barrier he is in!
He has in his hand three tail feathers he has grabbed from a bird in flight out of anger, as though it had done him some harm.

As this first long day wore along, he found himself in a valley of privatives, of no certain sort… (Mandrills for the most part)
As he watches them, he begins to hate them as if they also did him some wrong—
His emotions are really wacko!
None of these privatives are tantalizing, quite the opposite: and he tells himself: “They’re in killing range.”
He feels a wild desire to run after them: with a conviction he could run them down, but he’s invisible?  “Maybe?” he questions himself.
There are about twenty of these Homo-whatever they are!   If indeed you can call them Homo?
The roar had made them do a turnabout, and made the small animals and birds take to flight; yet no creature or beast can see Satan!
Woops! What did I say? Satan?
The connotation meaning: something profoundly evil: thus, he has already in less than a day earned his new titles, at least three of them ((devil, adversary and Satan) (the name Satan, perhaps derived from the Hebrew or Greeks languages: who’s to say, but his first words on earth were to curse God.
His second act was to do the birds in flight harm.
His third act, was a desire to kill the primitives for the sport of it.
Now he is dealing with the same emotions he had in Heaven: Jealousy, and envy))
The Primitives simply follow a stream grasping some dailies firmly by their roots, and start to chewing on them, they are tender, but the crunch like noise   irritates Satan…What next?

Satan’s Anvil (Part V of V)

Why was Satan thrown into a certain agitation over man?
I mean, he didn’t hinder Satan in any way.
Why is he still mad, 10,000-years later?
It was as if, Man, not the Son of God, had pushed Him over Heaven’s cliff! So it would appear.
Should you asked Satan this simple question, he would I do believe give you a simple answer, he would for once tell you the truth on this one subject, it would be something like this:
“Does man really expect me to love him, when he has shown me up, by God selecting him over me? Never!”
Thus, expect Satan to “…strike while the iron is hot,” as they say; and in this 21st Century, the iron is almost at its melting point.

“If you put your head in the lion’s mouth you    can expect it to be bitten off sooner or later”
                                   —Dr. D.L. Siluk

And now for a more full and chronological account of “The Great Fall…” with the Epic!

The Epic

Book One

The Great Fall

   ((A Prophetic Epic) (The Infernal Kingdom))

Part One: Legion

Who is the better believer, the Devil who trembles at the voice of God?
Who trembles simply by just hearing his name called out?
Or, — Man with his repugnant wit— who says:
The devil is simply a myth, and God does not exist?
Is Satan not the God of the world, tyrant of the air?
It wouldn’t surprise me, knowing some of our fellow men, humans,
That they have out sinned even the Devil—and that such men even give offence to Satan, laugh at this seraph, for lack of design in his sins!
Thinking them ridiculous and foolish compared to theirs.
I would imagine his are more religious than political…
On the other hand, I do believe Satan is wise to fear God, for he knows Him.
Where does that leave the unbelieving Man?
Who Satan has already scanned and found impoverished in wisdom.
Whom it would seem at times, tries to outmatch the devil in sinning!
Should such a person face God, face to face?
To converse, so much the worse.
I would not doubt, the Devil would fail his advocate in such a case,
Leave him standing in his place, run the other way in one great haste.

Does the Devil have more influence today, than in yesteryear?
Satan of course by all means a competent historian?
He could answer that question, give mankind an account while in Heaven and on earth—
How, when, by whom, why!
How he was flogged from victory, in the Heavenly Wars…
Was he not the eldest of the officers in Heavens domain?
Did he not allow his ego to go over shoot his brain?
The wars in Heaven were not fought over Christ’s resurrection, I do believe.
But rather of scorn and hate, envy and resentment that the Son of God was given all power in Heaven and on Earth!
Feeling he was over looked!
So was this what Satan’s rebellion was all about?
We must go back to the Antediluvian world, and before.
Look at the state of affairs, religion, what happened in those far-off days!

Surely, the Devil could give man a full account of the Great Flood, what lead up to it...
I mean, was it a boom from Heaven, or simply the unavoidable working of nature?
I say that because God uses natural forces, more often than not!
But the question remains, because of what?
Such as, if we were to look at the Tower of Babel, and its long, very long stair-way! Whereupon, everyone became confounded in speech, which altered the building of the tower—
This of course was not by nature but rather by decree, and because of Nimrod’s arrogance, thinking he could reach the Heavens, and show God his authority… 
In a like manner, what was the effects of Eve’s curse?
The Devil would know: some have said, Eve grew crooked, ill-natured!
Perhaps this is so!
Who was Belus, or Baal? Zeus or Jupiter?—I think it was He, the Devil himself, yet he could clear up the matter, in short.
Who whispered in the ears of Muhammad, to write in the Koran: Jesus is not the literal Son of God, just a prophet among men, it wasn’t Gabriel, because he knew the Son of God in Heaven?
Was it the Devil’s Trick, as Muhammad would claim once before the Devil got to him when he wrote of the three Goddesses, then gave retort: the Devil fooled me (hence he erased it from the Koran).
And says the Koran: to those who claim Jesus is the Son of God, is blasphemous, and that is in effect, an unforgivable sin, that will send any man to Hell forevermore!
Was this not the very one who duped Eve, and had Eve dupe her husband?
Who is Allah! Surely the Devil would know ((Is it he in another disguise?) (Is it not Islam’s mission as it is Satan’s mission to conquer the world? Conquer the world by any means; in essence, the means justifies the end?))
Certainly Satan, if given the chance would put everyone under his heel!
If weighed on the scale of evil, it would be the Devil.
Satan has no amends for sin, no assuaging basis for forgiveness…
Like Allah!
He would not stand in your way, but wave you on!
Not so unlike Islam (as Pope Benedict XVI, so chillingly proclaimed, Islam to be of a Satanic nature, until he was forced to retreat, on that decree…)

Again I say: who was Belus or Baal? They were worshiped like Gods, like Allah! Jupiter and Zeus.
All said, Satan and Allah have an indelible grudge against man, the Christian: could it be him, in disguise? We need to open our minds and eyes, we need to look at what is said and done, for by our actions are we judged.

What does the Devil know that we don’t know, should like to know?
Could it be it is God’s intent that after a certain state of probation (that being here on earth),
He will accordingly, to his will, approve and oppose a certain number of mortal beings, to fill up the vacancies left open in heaven, by the ‘Fallen!’
Left open by the overthrown angelic renegades, the heavenly race, who disgraced, Heaven, so long ago?
I can’t imagine the anger and hate drown out of this, by those who once filled those Heavenly seats!
This is called envy-rage, to be poured out onto mankind in general: for who else can they pour it on?
So the Devil tries his hardest to have God’s best men and women disappoint Him…
Hoping God will be left with less subjects for his clemency, than he planned.
This assuming, would give rise to empty seats, and for some odd reason,
Satan and his Host feel they may yet get a reprieve, amnesty.
So Satan says to himself (yet this is really false wishful thinking!)
“Hence, I’ll make man become worse than my devils, and myself!”  
If indeed that is possible, and perhaps it is!
Can Satan keep pace with man’s wickedness, this very well maybe his purpose, to show man can out sin his kind?
Showing God that man is not worthy to sit in, or inherit the Thrones which he and his fellow comrades abdicated and were deposed from…
So the Devil with the very host of hell try to alter man’s destiny!
Yes, he knows his fight against God Himself, is frail, if not useless, yet his blind-rage is his gravity, his draw, his answer to his continuance, mission!

Part Two:
The Devil, with his Host of Hell

The Devil will never tell you his story, so I guess it is left up to someone like me, and I can only tell it in brief, fill in the gaps, as need be for I have by and large, taken the trouble to search his dayroom, with a peep into Tartarus!
His name I found out, siting on his lounge chair, “Devil or Legion” can be used as in a plural or singular sense.
The Devil is the monarch you see, in Hades, in Hell, or Tartarus, have your pick, one is simple deeper than the other, and Hades being the river, between paradise and the docks of Hell…
In the dayroom I heard his host call him: ‘Muckle horn’d dee’l’; and I heard someone call him ‘The Great Red Dragon’—
His name being a noun of multitude (ambo-Dexter)
Some prefer Lucifer—
Jesus asked him “What is thy name?”
And he answered in the plural and singular together: “My name is Legion, for we are many”—
As in the infernal spirits…
I did take note in that dreary afternoon, hid behind a sofa chair, to listen to them moan: they like people to deny them, for the very reason: if so if indeed they deny the Devils, they will deny God also (typically)!
Both based on faith, like Evolution!
I mean, how do we prove there is a God, a Devil, and Evolution?
Perhaps the point of proof might reside in the fact ninety-percent of the world’s nations, and its people, worship some sort of supreme power (being).  Is everybody wrong, but the few scientists?
Or are the few more brainwashed by Satan, than the many?
Why such an overpowering majority?
Then I asked myself: why do people worship the Devil, and I heard an imp say: “They do, because they do not want any harm coming to them, and this pleases them!” (The scarecrow syndrome.)

The Devil is in essence, a fallen Arch-angel, with his innumerable host of reprobates—
Rebel seraphs or angels, cast outs, now outcasts of Heaven, guilty of rebellion under eternal punishment, miserable as can be…
They are in essence, from the ‘Race of the Gods’—the Titans of yesteryear!

Satan is in principle, a transported felon, for high-treason, against his Lord and Governor (His creator)
Hence, this horde, this host of hell, was instantly transformed into frightful objects, beasts, and ugly as mud and grease… never to return to their old configuration!
It took Satan nine-days headfirst to land on Earth from Heaven!
The fall was at the speed of light, I would think…
Therefore, Satan at this very moment is a prisoner at large, yet Governor of Hell.
What exactly did they do, I heard an Incubus say: ‘We went against the Wisdom of Heaven.’

Part Three:
Ancient History

Now backtracking Satan’s footprints, he was a seraph of light, was he not?
So the sacred books say.
In other words, he was a great angel at one time, but not the only great angel, perhaps the most renowned… who’s to say, likewise or different?
It has been said, he was Chief of the Arch-angels: perhaps!
Both Milton and Defoe would agree with the following declaration:
That upon God’s proclaiming his son, Commander and Chief (Generalissimo)
Supreme Ruler in Heaven, to include all his works in creation, finished and unfinished, gave fact to Satan’s anger; thus, followed his reaction!
Because he was expecting such honor to be his, he expected to be seated at the right hand of God with all His Majesty and power;
Perchance much like Saint John’s mother, and Judas…
This was the trigger—

Now how this all came about was by God’s requiring a general assembly, summonsing all his cohorts, his angelic race:
The whole heavenly hosts, — and thereupon, God the Father made his declaration!
In actuality God was saying, that He declared Himself, which was declaring the appearance of a new principle or being in Heaven that would take the shape of Jesus Christ in the near future, to be his equal.
So Satan was out of the picture, unless God’s Son chose to allow Him or grant him what he felt was due him:
But this he could not do, lest he give up his seat next to the Father.

This was a time before the creation of man, and what followed then, was that Satan’s following:
Which was the greater half of the angelic force, would not obey the Son of God—
And so the greater half of the angelic host of Heaven rebelled.
Some say, 200-million, yet others say, the number was uncountable.
The Devil at this juncture, Legion, brought his insurrection directly to the stair-steps of God Almighty’s throne room—
The Son of God cast Satan headlong from the gates of heaven as if over a cliff—;
Satan, stunned, with thunderbolts, as if thrown from the top of Olympus shook the Heavens and Earth, its solar system, and all were slain:
Jupiter—the Devil, fell as did his angelic renegades, the now demy-Gods, introducing them to good men on earth.

So we have here the Great Fall, and the Creation of man, thereafter;
But there was also a state of existence, an early state before the fall—
An interval between the fall and creation of man, as we know him in the Garden of Eden…

During this state Satan’s unquenched desires, kindled his own fire, formed his own hell, with his hate, he had nothing left but despair:
Damned, to ends of misery.

Part Four:
First Appearance

Satan makes his first appearance on earth and is nicknamed “The Serpent”
Whom really is the Devil or his representation incognito when he wants to make an earthly point!
He can and has and did, take bodily shapes of a snake, his new disguise, in masquerade, when he sought his pry in the Garden of Eden.
But first things first, he has many names: Dragon, Accuser, Enemy, Satan, Belial, Lucifer, Abbaddon, Apollion, Tempter, Destroyer, Beelzebub, Mammon, Prince of the Air, Legion, Devil, the beast, Incubus, and there are a few more but this will do… et cet.
He lives in a house called, ‘Pandemonium’
But in contradiction of all his despair, he of course came from a noble and original heritage, that being Heaven-born, — of the Angelic Race.
Accordingly, this is his genealogy (what makes him so unique).
Not so much as he has fallen, but where he has fallen from, heaven, makes him even more matchless.

What is his Age? When was he created? How long was he blessed? How long has he been in darkness?
Or if not in Darkness, wandering the air like a homeless vulture, vagrant, vagabond?
It has been a multitude of millenniums he’s been release on bail, a stranger from Heaven, perhaps more!
And having no visible body, when man and animal appeared on earth, he found a way to react through their physical bodies.
I am sure the Devil doesn’t grieve over seraphic nature, a physical body would only limit him in flight, wings heavier than his thighs, would only hinder him in his plight!
And his invisibility is an asset, he still has the capacity to convey his passions —as already said, through other physical means.
And how he does this is by: insinuation, suggestion and accusation.
This is how he deludes and betrays mankind—
He is an Enemy to the souls of men; yet all you need do is simply shun and avoid him…
The imprisonment of a body would not have only made ‘The Devil’ more formidable to us—

In all likelihood this world has been his Hell.
The question comes to mind: has man been overmatched?
Where is man’s self-defense!
Had not God restrained him, and his kind, by not allowing them to assume human or organic bodies… is much to our favor—
Holding back their supernatural powers, for had they been able to use them, they would have pushed man off the face of the earth!
Without a word!
In essence, God has chained the Dragon, and his Host!
Yet he has the whole carbon, gas and sulfur infested atmosphere for his Atmospheric Empire.
And what power he may have in our solar system, is any man’s guess, yet at one time he was given governorship over several other planets!
So we see, Satan is God’s implacable enemy, and man’s irreconcilable foe.

The Devil saw in this new creation called man, something inspiring!
Being banished, he saw his newly arrived rival also:
Whom would eventually take his place, and those angelic renegades in his service, their place in the mansions of Heaven?
To a certain degree, he was deprived of the capacity to do harm by force, this he ached to do, as he had done in the battles of Heaven!
He wanted to render man unworthy of Heaven, in the sight of God, Himself.
If he could do this, by all means he would do this, thus, leaving the empty seats empty, in the Great Assembly Hall of Heaven, awaiting God to recall Him and his.
As time went on, his great discovery was that man was liable to imperfections:
A little more research, and a little more spying and prying, he found man needy, fallible—
And by trial and error he found a loophole, Eve’s weakness!
Which was more like his— (he could identify).
A hypocrite, a fraud, for out of: pride, vanity, conceit… she could be defeated!
After Satan seduced her with flattery, she dreamed great dreams, perhaps she even dreamt she was angelic, and the fruit would make her wiser than her husband.
One must admit, the Devil had a good sense of reading facial expressions, or body language—
He even figured Eve could delude Adam, for Adam was surely captivated by her charm.
Henceforth, Satan had Eve deceive herself (now how many women fall under the Eve category today? Monstrous amounts I believe.)
And in a like manner, how many men have been deluded by their wife’s, by their girlfriends, in general by women?  
I am so guilty of this, I myself have lost count!
Perhaps Eve wanted to be a Goddess, who’s to say.
One thing I do think: she wanted to be looked at as wiser than Adam, not carrying to be under his wing, at which present she was!
Satan somehow, felt the gravity of this behavior, this inconsistency in her performance, perhaps from the tone of her voice, her expressions in her face, body language, who’s to say—
As he hid in the tree, looking down on her, in the shape of a snake!
Sex has an overpowering magnetic force too, perhaps she used that to persuade her mate to comply, in eating the forbidden fruit!
Her punishment of course was: “He (man) shall rule over woman.”
And so this was Satan’s grand opening (incognito).
It can be said, I do believe, with some honesty, the Devil, took one look at Eve’s face and knew the psychology of the situation, yes, she could be made into an effeminate apple-eater—
And thereupon, those many gestures of Satan’s, the first earthly sin, took place.
Again I ponder to think, how she persuaded Adam to eat the fruit?
We may never know, although Satan could clear up this account.

Adam we know did not jump at the chance to eat the fruit, he hesitated some—but nonetheless he ended up doing just that—
The worse thing for a drunk, is for a drunk, a drinking drunk, to be drinking with someone who is not drinking, and remains sober: —life is not so pleasant, it is more aggravating!
In a like manner, a stained wife, would like to live with a stained husband, it makes for better company, and I suppose bed partners: like to like, like two peas in a pod.
The old saying: opposites draw one another, is far from the better, although it may be true:
For the truth is: that is why 50% of marriages come unraveled—only 5%, of the world’s people are married to the right person—
Those whom are like one another! Have the same values, religion, political views, et cet.
No fool, wants to be the only fool, in the same household.
So then, we come to the question:  did Adam eat the apple, only after she scolded him into it, or did he do it out of kindliness: to face disgrace, with his wife so they could live as one?
Part Five:
Soil’d in Sin

The Hierarchy in Heaven I do believe is made up much like the hierarchy on Earth, and why not also in Hell!
On Earth it is Presidents, Governors, and Generals; in Hell, it is Lords and Henchmen, and perhaps a Duke and a Prince, here and there—
In Heaven it is Thrones, Dominions, and Principalities, they even have a Chorus of Angels, and the Arch-seraphs are within the higher echelon—
And so forth and so on…
Satan was, is of the high stratum, he is the Prince of Devils.
In Heaven he was like a Four-star General, waiting for his fifth star!
And what is amazing, which I have no answer for, is out of this holy and perfect environment, comes chaos.
What seed entered Heaven unnoticed?
A seed to generate that had germinated: this spotless resort: I know what it consist of, just not how it got there:
It was of the nature of ambition, pride, envy, and all deadly sins, rolled into one!
Yet, who could have believed this would happen, crime in Heaven.
For Heaven’s sake, this was a ghostly nightmare.
How could pride enter into perfection, both fitting into to one niche?
Ah, was God cleaning out the weeds in his Garden?
The day He called the assembly together in Heaven, naming his Son, Generalissimo, to be His five-star general, evidently this trigged a long festering, rotting, and decomposing his angelic makeup, along with Satan’s slice of angels.
His Commander and Chief, now the Son of God, was the last straw to break the camel’s back, as they say!
Was the Father testing the Water?
And/or was the water already boiling!
It’s all guess work of course logical guess work, nonetheless envy entered the House of Elohim, like melted cheese, spilling over a pot, like a pot of crickets: two-hundred million angelic renegades, to include Lucifer, protesting, moaning, objecting, groaning!
And so the empty thrones were now to be filled by earthly Saints (although yet unknown to Satan and his Horde), and thereupon, Heaven’s battles had begun.
Michael the Arch-angel, fought against the rebel host.
And many were cut severe, cut to pieces and wounded, and Michael the worse, and defeated—
But that was when the Son of God, stepped in, to have a complete victory.
Like the Giants against Jupiter (as Ovid, the Roman poet, would put it).

Part Six:
What, wasn’t!

Between the angelic expulsion, and God’s Creation, where did the wandering devils wander?
There was the ‘Great Fall’ and there was the readying of the ‘Bottomless-pit’—
And before there was nothing, there was, what wasn’t.
Satan is not resting in Hell’s Abyss, never has been, not yet anyhow.
Surely he has a command outpost there.
For he is the Prince of the Power of the Air, meaning, the elements that circle the globe, its atmosphere, its electric manganic forces, he controls them, uses them for his purpose!
From the air, to the center core of the Earth, these forces send messages to his spies, everywhere, at the speed of light, some at the speed of sound—Devil style!

When Satan fell from the cliff of Heaven to Earth, it took nine-days.
Since we have mentioned massagers and messages, spies, conspirators, and alike, one must realize Satan is by far the better physicist than what at present earth can provide:
Having said this, it is most obvious, I expect Satan to use his communicational skills, to transmit his messages at the speed of light,
He, Satan updates his entourage, wherever they may be in a matter of seconds:
For at the speed of light, light takes a message from here to the moon and back in 1.5 seconds, this is 250,000-miles away; the earth being 25,000-miles circumference, is but a flash, a flicker from a bonfire.
If we count the hours it took Satan to fall it comes out to be per near, 216-hours, there about:
If so, if he was cast out by the Son of God as it is said, surely he fell as fast as fast can be, if so, Heaven then could very well be some: 14.5 trillion miles away.
If this be the case, we can measure that number by 93-million miles, to where our sun resides, about an inch in comparison.
Perhaps when all those 200-million angelic beings fell, a vast majority fell into the mouth of the Abyss, gulped up, and lacked for a time.
The key to the abyss being in Heaven—
As is the key to unlock the Gates of Heaven, in Heaven, likewise.

And so my conclusion is: Satan found his empire in the air.
A little more like a homeless vagabond, a vagrant in the sky.
With a legion of serving beings, beasts, imps of prey.
With an angelic forces circling the globe at his command.
Pitching their camps wherever they can.
Seeking to devour, deceive, delude, and destroy, whomever they may!

Space and time, between the fall and the creation of man, was 20,000-years, not a great span!
Where could they have gone?
My best guess is to the moon!
An airless uninhabited rock in the sky—to live like animals until man appeared on Earth.
This would give room for Satan and his army to think, to plan, to scheme and try to figure out what was next on God’s menu.
For they knew of no other time but of their time.
As time would proceed, we see in Christ’s time they come to know their time was short, for they expressed “Art thou come to torment us before our Time?”
But I am getting ahead of myself.  Let us proceed to the Garden of Eden, for it is Adam’s time.

Part Seven:
The Throng and the Garden  

The Blessed Virgin Mary

The throng, St. Francis asked the Devil how strong was he—
Inferring, how many legions did he have under his command!
It was estimated the figure was of three-trillion, by the account given.
But we all know Satan to be the Great Liar.
Yet a second estimate came by way of a Holy Father, which gave what seemed to be a more reasonable account: 10.5-million.
And still we have another account at: 200-million.
I shall use the in-between version for better or worse!
And so the throng goes up and down, as time goes by.
It has been estimated that as of the turn of the 21st Century, approximately 105-billion human inhabitants have lived on earth…
I can’t remember where these figures come from, they seem to be emitting from my brain as I write this out.
Fiction or nonfiction, it makes for a blameless explanation.
I am not over rut, by the counting per se, but I’m sure Satan is, and it would be because he knows how many vacancies are in God’s assembly hall.

Expulsion from Heaven, I call it, ‘The Great Fall’ be-tween that moment and the Creation Account, Father M, says: there is a gap of 100,000-years.
On the other hand, I’ve heard said, it was a 1,000-year gap.
Here we go again, with various versions of inaccurate accounts:
Again who’s to say, surely Satan would know, if only he’d tell someone.
In any case, this is time spent in time suffering and trembling though the void…
In other words, what has been called “Nowhere?”

Once Creation had advanced, we find Satan outside the Garden of Eden for a spell and somehow found his way in, as if the Garden was divided from the world around it.
Once found the Devil roved it, for a long time, — roved it in rage against his
Then the Devil spotted the shinning ones, Adam and Eve, and investigated.
Outside the Garden, there was a pre Adamic Race, of no certain type.
I’m sure the Devil saw this as a wonder, if not opportunity, to wet his anger, to quench his thirst for revenge, in the perfect garden…
This was maddening for Lucifer.
Thus, he lost his seat in Heaven, then was put into a void forever and a day, and now, he lost his kingdom on earth to a bunch of misfits, and this was no less than a new  invasion, so through his malignity mind—he devised a malign plan.
He couldn’t breakthrough the walls of heaven, and had fallen into a peaceful meadow, here on earth, the Garden of Eden:
Come what may, he saw a new opportunity: yes, an inferior kingdom, than that of Heaven, but it would do, plus, it was much better than the kingdoms outside the Garden…

Those other inhabitants outside the Garden, who were they?
Lucifer could tell us in a heartbeat, if indeed he wanted to, but he’d rather have us guess, and that’s just what we’ve done, and in the process created a new religion, Evolution…  How dandy.
My best guess would be: those races outside the garden, were from other worlds, who’s to say different creatures, with different faces that might have looked somewhat like man;
Or more like the devil…
Giants, slaves of some sort, halfwits from angelic cohabitations; aliens from lost worlds, more animalistic than human, more primitive!
One with no souls.
This new mass of angelic renegades, had lost their perfection, morals, goodness, innocence; debauchery filled their minds—
Who’s to say, who they cohabitate with, and produced lunatics.

Giants and Halfwits

It came to pass, Lucifer and his throng, came to understand, all this inside the Garden was made for man, and that he would rule outside of the Garden eventually:
Could Hell be brought to the steps of Heaven?
And if so, would the castaways, be able to take there once ordinary seats in the Great Assembly Hall…?
At this point for some odd reason, they had hope, when God had condemned them to eternal punishment!
They had forgot, hope was lost—
Then what? They knew, but didn’t want to think of it: they would be long forgotten, in the annuals of time—
So they built and had built, monuments around the world that they hoped would define them…
As a great race, that was, once upon a time!

He who had been created at the cradle of time, would be hidden as if dust under a cloud.
His name would not ring a bell anywhere.
Especially in the Halls of Heaven, nor on earthly soil!
The lamp-light of the moon was on Mankind!
This is why Satan was so inclined to infect man’s mind, with malice!

The Great Red Serpent came to a clear understanding of this once mystery creation of the Creator—
He figured out the difference be-tween them and Him.
God had breathed into the nostrils of man, his own breath, this created a living soul within mankind.
This had never happened before.
No angel or devil could claim this!
Thus, this made man in essence, Heaven-born, making earth simply a stopover, a probation station before he would be taken to Heaven:
He was indeed, man was indeed, an inspiring new creature on God menu.
It stands to reason, Satan did not want man to enjoy the presence of God: if he couldn’t, why should they?
Nor did he understand how God could condescend to accept honor from so weak a creatures as man—
But that was God’s whole point!
This work of creating man, was in short, a triumph over Satan:
As the Blessed Virgin Mary once said:
“God has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of low degree,” Luke 1: 52
Doubtless, this hurt Satan, from the top of his head, to his big toe— that is, in seeing Adam, which caused him muscle spasms.
And all of Hell, and all of Satan were powerless to do anything about this new situation (or where they?)
So how do you get even with God? 
Satan figured it would be through hurting man; no better a plan!
But just how could this be done?
God was invulnerable.
If only he could have chewed on this ‘invulnerable’ word a little while longer!
Should Satan go ahead with his plans, in hurting man, again the victory would go to God, it was a Catch-22, and he’d simply weed out God’s Garden for him.
I do believe God must have whispered to Satan: “Touch him if you dare!”
In other words, watch your step!
Thus, Satan was really in a no-win, situation.
But when one is full of revenge, anger and hate, he makes giant mistakes.


I do believe it was God’s intention, His original plan for all mankind to work together in development of those far-off ancient civilizations:
Thus, we must bow to his genius!
Even though, they disseminated and regressed: as far as God’s plan went!
Between the old world and new world, the essential difference once Satan was put into the equation, was a difference in time.
Today that assimilation could take place, if Satan would not be allowed to influence the amalgamation—
We could explain it adequately by the laws of chance, how Satan came into the scene and rapidly infected it—
The fact deserves attention, however, to a greater or less degree the assimilation did not manifest itself, as we well know—
The reasons for this are not far to seek—; after the Great Flood, Europe and Asia, and the Americas, were separated by Seas.
Henceforth, inferior races prevailed, to Satan’s delight.
So the Flood was in essence, made favorable for Satan to facilitate rapid spread of his demonic breed—; and as we shall see, promising beginnings had arisen in various regions: paganism, witchcraft, and black magic, in the jungles of Africa and South America as well as North America, and elsewhere.
In short, Satanic-demonic historical events appear to have been much more potent in those far-off hidden races than those races in a more highly gifted location.
It is not to say, one race is more highly gifted than the other, nor should we judge by common physical appearance,
Or in the great difference that exist in the physical characteristics of the races of man:
Mental aptitude of a race, is not in question either, as Satan would have us all judge one another by:
Nor comparison to the skull or the face:
Higher races only implies: developmental stages.
Between one and the other, they are brutality connected.
Cranial capacity, the cranial cavity, and the central nervous system, the weight of the brain: the fact may be adduced smaller brains do the same work as is done by the large ones: should we make a difference, it would be between Man and the Animal.
Should we search deeper, it is not any one race: white, black, brown, red, or yellow— that represents the higher type of man,
Which is a common error and assumption—

It might be said:

The difference between privative men, and modern man is in that,
Primitive men were not made in the image of God, nor did they get God’s breathe;
Whereas, modern man did!
Any good anthropologist can tell you this, if they’ve taken a good look!

As for Satan, he already knows the difference!

Part Eight:
The Great Fall & Restraint
Lucifer’s Comet

Lucifer, at one time as bright as a star, has been known to try to imitate God, in the past;
He tried it with Christ, when he walked the earth.
He will in the near future, as he has already formed a black trinity.
During the interlude of time, sometime between the creation of the Stars and Earth, Lucifer, as he was known—believe it or not, created the Comet (s)
Yes indeed, the comets, what might be called an imitation of the stars, but as it turned out they were combustible, took to fire, in their approach to the stars, as well as earth’s sun (so legend would have it).
What in tarnation did he do that for?
Somehow it reminds me of Nimrod, who tried to build a tower, the Tower of Babel, to reach God, in so doing, infuriated God, for his arrogance, and lack of concern for his workers, one brick holding more value than one human being, to Nimrod’s thinking…!
And as we know, it never got built.
Anyhow, we see Lucifer’s early jealousy of God’s power:
And let this thought stand on its own: true or false, Lucifer no longer had such power, and after his decent, his mind rambled on in every direction, and once he saw man, he wanted to make him like that combustible  comet,  unusable by God.

By allowing Satan his wilds and schemes, only proved to God what he already knew, and whatever that was, would simply not do!
And to pour insult on insult, or triumph on triumph, God had created a creature invulnerable to Satan, the smaller of the creatures, Man—
And the Great Fall with all its masses could not soothe it.
The third insult or triumph, was to put this new creature in front of his face!
That is to say: let him stumble upon the Garden as if it was by luck, and see the shiny ones.
Yes, he did his dirty work, in the Garden, but God would rectify that, and he would create the second Eve, and she would put the head of the snake, under her heel, Mary, mother of Christ…
Wherefore, the Crafty One, Legion, was not as much in charge as he thought he was.

Restraint & the infernal kingdom

One of the peeves, the Devil had—I  do believe, was that he could not avoid the notion of being punished, and by none other than his long time Creator, God Himself, the very one he admired—
The Devil-goat, could not conceive this, his cogitations obliterated.
In the throng, surely there were frightful emitting of piteous bleating noises, as they were swept in an endless circle around the Great Void that, for 100,000-years, all 200-million of them swam in nothingness…
Satan didn’t have any choice, he didn’t have any other fish to fry, figuratively speaking—
And he wouldn’t until he found Adam and Eve, and then went on a headhunt for all humanity—
He would become the incarnation of evil, as Christ would become the incarnation of good, and salvation—
In heart, he was no longer himself.

And on top of all this, Satan, the goat-god, was restraint.
Had Satan been unrestraint and left to himself, being the Prince of the Air, and the elements within the atmosphere, the whole world over:
He would have swept the surface of the globe, with the sea, if not into the sea, with his masses; or better yet, into oblivion in outer space—
He would have drawn the clouds worldwide to burst into thunder and lightning until every tree and building standing would be burnt to cinders!
Lest we forget he is a seraphic original, a superpower within himself.
In destruction, he would have outmatched Saddam Hussein, ben Laden, Pol Pot, even Stalin, and Hitler, Kaddafi, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Castro brothers of Cuba, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who wore his cross to Tartarus, and now his replacement, Nicolas Maduro, who talks to birds sent by way of Chavez-express, who we all know is quite dead and in Tartarus; Kim Jong-un, Korea’s Supreme Leader, the goon, will be judged soon;
And Vladimir Putin of Russia, whom is slowly eating up his boarder countries like a hungry tarantula;
President Obama, is no exception, having given a license to have free abortions, at the cost of the Government, and then hiding the over cost from the public eye! Among a dozen of other Christian felonies.  And let us not forget Robert Mugabe, who will soon be meeting his Father, Satan,
For his daily stagnation of his country Zimbabwe.
His ruling with an iron fist, and like Nimrod, treating each person under his grips, as if his soul is worth less than one brick.
There are many chambers in Tartarus, as many chambers need be, one for each ungodly soul, and this is not my judgment, save, you read God’s decree, for such people…
And so the whole degenerate sloth lot of modern day diabolical creepy crawlers, will meet their everlasting sorrows!
They must think not, that somehow they’ll detour the abyss—if only they could have a Birdseye-view, they’d save their souls! (Maybe? That’s even questionable…)
Satan is called the Great Liar, Ollanta, President of Peru, is such, like so many of these world leaders are chronic liars—
There are no liars in heaven, I wish they’d finally figure this out.

When he, Satan, fell from heaven, with his horde, he lost his good nature and I would assume, God had little choice but to put chains of restraint on him.
The Goat-devil, was acting without permission, he had no discipline left in him, no limits (like a child gone wild).
His throng, his gang, Satan’s masses of angelic renegades, even turned into frightening children, once landing on earth’s ground:
Had Satan and his horde been unchained, they would have bit whomever they wished, to their satisfaction…
Like trembling dogs who shake their chains to bite the approaching!

And so, this throng turned into the infernal kingdom, outside the Garden of Eden.

It is Satan’s political scheme I do believe to rob God of souls that might have filled up Heaven’s vacancies, more so than trying to destroy man outright, which God would not allow—
An effortless task to say the least—at this early date in history:
He, the Great He-goat, resorted to reasoning, save he had no other way, thus he questioned himself: “Should I actually destroy mankind, if allowed to do so? What would stop Elohim from creating another prototype? God being omnipotent, it would simply be a matter of when, not if, or how, and time to Him is nothing.”

So his plan: make mankind a race of rebels and conspirators, like to like, like Satan Himself, for what would be better than to have them for company in the forever-hereafter, with  God’s chosen…
So he had chosen to work with mankind, if you can’t beat them join them, and beat them at their own game!
(Thus comes the seven deadly sins, the violation of the Ten Commandments: fashion in clothes, Music, Evolution, pornography, alcoholism, wars, blasphemy, there is here an endless list…)

The Devil is by all means, diligent, he says to himself in secret:
“Let man destroy man, by man’s own means, let him cut his own throat! He’s more than willing! Talented; I need only add the salt!”
And if Satan gets credit for work he did not do, well, he’ll take that too.
Thus, He and his throng, have created snares, laid traps for man for the full purpose of denying them, their Birthright!


Job may very well prove my point.
Satan needed permission to bring distress to Job, and it was agreed he could bring Job to the degree, of being a vagabond like Satan Himself:
Satan telling God, “Should you allow me to do this, you’ll see his hatred will match mine for you.”
Well, Job’s wife, her hatred did match Satan’s, and Job noticing this, told his wife, “Can’t you see Satan, he’s right behind you.”
That said, God gave Satan power, and Satan took advantage of this: destroying his family, his produce, his house, his lands…
The point being: Satan was allowed to do without leave, what he wished, except kill Job—
And we see Satan took liberty, he had no limits, no mercy, and no discipline!
What would happen to mankind should God unchain him?
God forbid.

Hell’s Policy

There is an outstanding, old very old policy of Hell, yet it is as polished as fine brass today, as it was 10,000-years ago—
That being: using vanity, praising one for beauty: likewise promising to make one a Goddess, a king, like Elvis (whom Billy Graham, inferred would see his day in Hades), the Beatles, and Bob Dylan: to mention a few!
Fame for flames, can I suppose go hand in hand—
Sorry Michael Jackson fans: Satan has had his number for a long time: he who danced with his hands around his crotch, sang of rot, do you think he gave respect to Christ’s Cross? 
I doubt he has a seat in the Halls of Heaven, for Heaven’s sake.

The Devil and his horde, are 90% sure these old tactics will work and continue to work to the end of days: they always have!
That is: the seven deadly sins, plus, the Golden Rule reversed: ‘Do onto   others, before they do on to you,’ whatever that means!
And sex, use it like a spider, to catch a fly in your web.
The Devil uses his Imps to the maximum: to war with diabolical schemes, against mankind: he has them infused as with entertaining dreams, dreams that are sacrilegious, whispered into ears that listen.

The Clan of Hell

General Agaliarept

Degeneracy that is what the imps of Hell whisper into ears of Satan’s chosen;
That is what he whispered into the Eve’s ear, committing at last the unspeakable offence that brought man out of nakedness, to realize he was naked.
Since then man—figuratively speaking—man has been hiding behind bushes! Skins of animals, leaves, and cotton balls, and bird feathers!
The Devil put him there, and he has kept him there.
Now the Great Red Serpent and his Clan in Hell acquired a new kingdom, plus!
At this early on stage he actually got a piece of the pie, what he couldn’t get in Heaven, he would find on Earth!
Thus, he became the ruling monarch, is the ruling monarch!
His philosophy being: better to have something than nothing.

(This fact allows us to assert with a high degree of confidence that his mental traits as well as physical and invisible, will not be modified to a lesser degree,
Of intensity, now here in what is the 21st Century—
And if modified, only by the effect of environment.
His time is short; even the Blessed Virgin Mary has declared so; and when one does not feel safe, and feels danger to his state, imaginative or not, he will go wild.)

The question that surfaces, or will surface: Division, disunion, partition!
What was the Snake up to?
Why was North and South America, and their ancient people’s blood thirsty, with blood sacrifices, and blood games?
Why was Africa separated from Europe? And both Africa and Europe and Asia partitioned from the rest of the world?
Why were all those early religions, even in Israel, demonic?
Baal, reaching back 4000-years, and the inhabitants in Israel dating back to Jericho, 9000 B.C.
And in Peru, Caral, an early civilization dating back to 3000 B.C.
And other civilizations in Peru, date back to: 17,000-B.C.
Those inhabitants that lived outside the Garden of Eden, were they slaves, digging for gold, in the sands of the Nazca Desert…? If so,
For whom? 
Everybody was separated from everybody else?
Like North Korea is today!  Why?
Satan’s manic foul play!
Control and management of his New World Order.
Then came the Great Invasion, the Spanish… and then the English and French, and they slaughtered the natives throughout the Americas
If not with disease, with slavery to mine the mines, or with war—
Until there was not nearly enough to put on reservations!

The Hounds of Hell

Again I am jumping ahead of myself, but nonetheless, Satan did what he had planned to do, kill the Indians, the Incas, the Aztec, the Maya, like the Americans killed the buffalo— why?
Before they got Christianized, a new Religion, and find God’s irresistible grace.
Strange as it may seem, Satan had these peoples in his pocket a long while, as he did with those in Africa, and the High Andes.
Ah! It’s all about the vacancies in Heaven, “Keep them empty,” howls the three-headed hound, the Hounds of hell.
“Don’t let the Saints sit in our vacant Seats,” yells Arch Devil Belphegor! General of seven Legions, in the Underworld.
“Don’t let God snatch them from our grips, in the clap of an eye!” cries Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell, Satan’s right hand man, General of three legions—

It might be said:

When sin corrupts, our neighbors become less than us.
Sharing a common humanity no longer exists!
For each side sees the other, as objects; thus, this is
War and sin, mixed!

This is Satan’s diabolical gift to humanity!

Book Two

The Great Throng

Belphegor! General of Seven Legions

Part Nine:
To Conquer Mankind

After the conquest of Eve, Adam was simply a freebee, a perk for Satan,
He was thrown in for the taking, no work at all, he need not have spent a minute of his time on Adam, for Eve did all the work for him—
Perhaps his crime might have been expunged, but Satan couldn’t resist opportunity.
The Host of Hell, the Throng held their breath in wait, “Sure,” Belphegor said, “we’ve spoiled God’s Grand Design, He’ll never fill those empty seats up in Heaven now, so the new saint race of souls will be like us, vagabonds!”
Consequently they waited, thinking there was to come a promise of grace for them.
But it wouldn’t come of course, unlike God’s promise to Adam that his salvation would be on hold, yet forthcoming, purchased by the Messiah.
Again, man was snatched from the hands of Satan, by God’s grace.
And accordingly, this Creation would not Fall.
And by and by, those empty seats in Heaven would be filled.

At this point we must step out of those deep primitive days into the Antediluvian world.
Out of paradise into Satan’s next experiment.

Cain belonged to those days, I do believe, and we shall now witness his fall.
Thus, we have the Great Fall of the Angels, and the fall and Eve, and then Adam—
Now who would become heir to the Patriarchal Empire? 
Not so unlike Lucifer, when he lost the appointment of becoming Commander and Chief, of all angelic forces in Heaven, to God’s Son,
Cain, was jealous of Able’s pleasing God, with his sacrifice, and his inability to do so!
In a phrase, Cain thought he had lost the goat and the rope—
Satan with his eagle-eyes, was watching all this of course, he picked out a few familiar faces for Cain’s swollen pride, burning heart:
Family faces, who started gossip, lies, in swelled wicked hints pushing them, into Cain’s brain—
“What would be just punishment for a liar like Able? For his alleged undutiful behavior?” said a voice or two among the household.
The snare of Satan was fixed, crafted, and the beast entrapped inside Cain, and as we all know the story, Cain killed Able…
Ah, thus came the complete fall of the first family!

Interlude ((the psychology of it) (Satan’s Mind)): 

Satan having a breakdown

Satan works on the mind, trifles unnoticed at a given time—
Unnoticed by the conscious, mind.
What is madness?
Part of madness is self-deception, and Satan has carried it so far as to believe he is God’s equal or should be.
As if they should be partners, thus he has perchance given room many of times to what mortals may call a breakdown.
Surely there was a long road before he reached this conclusion.
But once reached not to be breeched!
Now there is no side he can say: over here is sanity, and over there is madness: it is all madness, within his mind.
It can’t be reversed!
And I will tell you this: he is suffering from a delusion that he cannot hold back his tongue and when he does it, it is simply an act of the insane trying to play sanity for his commanding legions: on the other hand, those with Satan’s insanity, are very cunning.
Remarkable so.
It is in essence, one’s particular suppression of one’s delusion, that ends up in disaster usually, so psychic-analysis has taught us, and Satan is no exception to this disorder.
I don’t wish to be melodramatic, but Satan in essence, is Death in the Air, that is why God has felt a need to put Satan under restraints:
When there being at large, the potential result of him damaging the world community, at its most serve point!
Before those seats are filled in the Halls of Heaven, anyhow.

The Dark side of Love

The question may arise in the emotional mind, even that of Satan’s, and surely that of Satan’s love, be it heart and mind, and his love for God, once upon a time—
You see, love transforms us sometimes, it fuels our fantasies:
Shakespeare warns: it can give birth to jealousy.
In essence, it mocks the love it feeds on.
And right beside jealousy is its counterpart, its equal, envy: we compare, and when we don’t add up to someone relevant to us, well: we envy! —
That is to say, we feel our personal qualities, possessions or achievements do not measure up to those of another—
Are we not talking about the Son of God, and Lucifer?
And the Father who gave His Son, all Creation to rule over completed and unfinished?
This question has been dealt with for centuries—
If indeed, Satan were to answer my questions, on this dark side of love, how would he answer?
1)    How important to you is it to attainment personal power?
2)    How important to you is it in becoming famous?
Surely he’d rank high on both accounts.
But the point to be made, is the tendency to feel jealousy or envy is related to one’s personal belief, and experiences—
For Satan, God must have seen a monster lurking within him.

Continuation of Chapter Nine

The Sacred Race

And so we have seen poor Able butchered by Cain, now Cain being an outcast, like Satan.
God gave Cain a mark, which was to relay to the world at large, hand’s off this fellow!
All in all, Eve produced child after child for 800-years, as her children produced children right and left too—
Whereupon Eve, left the Garden at the ripe old age of one-hundred and thirty; at which time she continued restoring the Sacred Race.
Some may consider this being the Jewish race, since this is Jewish history to a certain degree…
But Adam was not a Jew, nor was Job, but it happens to be, the bloodline here goes from Noah, on down the line to King David, Solomon, and to Christ;
Noah’s great-grandfather was Methuselah, who lived 969-years, whom was a decedent of Adam’s.
But as we all know, the so called ruined race around Noah, was soon to be destroyed, erased, by the Great Deluge; as soon as Methuselah died, which was God’s decree to this Faithful Man.
And so it was!
I’m sure Old Nick, felt successful about subduing a whole world race, yet surprised at the Delude, and for a long spell thereafter, took a retreat on the moon to think out his next move.
We have here for the most part a span of 7640-years, between then and now: thereabouts.
With a 100,000-year span in the void for the devil and his crew, and 20,000-years on earth, of which, 12,360-years wandering aimlessly among the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, before the Garden.
Total since the Great Fall (from the date I’m writing this) is 127,640-years (take or give 80,000-years, who’s to say).

The Hounds of Hell

What in reality was Satan doing throughout the world? —so I come to this point and asked my psychological mind!
My second self, if indeed there is such a thing, said in its mechanical own dialogical, diabolical, way:
Somehow, he was harnessing and controlling naturel forces, those within the air, airwaves.
The artificial way, can give extraordinary results, this cannot be explained in any easy way or fashion.
We must remember he is a supernatural, superpower being.
Looking at it in a savage way…
Using the laws of electromagnetic forces – as fast as the speed of light, and at times no faster than the speed of sound, which is much less of course: depending on his need and the aptitude of his horde.
He is using the laws of Quantum Physics, still not understood.
And the Hounds of Hell, the masses are being trained in its usage.
We cannot dismiss the possibility that he might be able to tap into some vast worldwide web, dynamism yet unknown, other than our manmade systems available…

A question that arises in this staging, is for me: who created the separation of the races of the world in the first place?   
Literately it was never permissible by Heaven, to my knowledge!
Yet, be that as it may, it was for the majority of Humanity’s life span.
Why? And by whom?

Forbidden/Lust of the Eye (defect)

So who did the forbidding and why?  And how?
Although the Sons of God (angels) were forbidden to cohabitate with humans,
In taking wives among them,
Nonetheless they took them, as they thought fit, from the daughters of whomever,
And this cursed race, their deeds reached the Halls of Heaven, as did the cries of those taken—
And thus, came the age where the women took such pleasures as normal:
Felt it no crime to live among them; things had changed.
God even was sorry he had ever made man, and I suppose those renegade seraphs too—
But He did not back down from his original plan for man—he just modified it!
Satan no doubt was the culprit in all this; for what God prohibited, Satan went against—
These angelic beings, taught man many things (before they were sent to the Prison House of Angels to be detained forever, and evermore…).
Such as: offering sacrifices to demons, revealing eternal secrets, and every kind of sin, having the women give birth to giants.
Amastras’ taught incantation and cutting of roots.
Asder’el taught the course of the moon as well as the deception of man.

And during this time Michael, Surafel, and Gabriel observed all that took place, and they brought their judgment before the Most High.
This was a time Satan and his cohorts became an uncontrollable epidemic of red death among the earth’s inhabitants,
And as Saint John implies in the Book of Revelation: ‘And so shall it be as it was in those days before the Great Food, in the end times….’
Man will once again live the primeval life of the hunters, gatherers, and ridicule his recollections of the past—
Which may sound totally unbelievable to us now, but soon it will not be so… it will come to pass!

We are, are we not, leading up to the Fall of Mankind, in a small way;
Again, Satan no doubt is the culprit here, always was…
All God prohibited of men, the devils taught them to do, and over again and again and to no end.
And the women were agreeable then, so comes a new epoch I call:
 “Lust of the Eye”

The Malaria Mosquito

What did God see that brought Him to destroy all of mankind?
A defect in virtue had occurred, man’s quality was diminished!
It was like as if, somehow, someway, microscopic microorganisms, with some kind of bacteria buried the human soul, and this would bury, the whole human race—
Dispatching its mysterious embryo surprisingly and radically unbridled, unharnessed, into the inherent forces of nature itself
Distributed by perchance flies or mosquitos (some form of insect), airborne, that carried a malaria like disease to whomever breathed its razor-sharp infection:
Cutting into the invisible soul of man!
Pulse-pounding throughout his bloodstream, throughout his blood system, and simply having contact with others like to like, infected the whole known world (like the plague in Asia that infected all of Europe killing twenty-five million people; or the disease of the white man that killed a high percentage of the Indian Races,  in North America, or the plague at the of turn of the 20th Century that killed nineteen-million Americans; and not so unlike WWI, that killed eight-million soldiers and civilians, and WWII, that killed eighty-million people…)
Thus, the Holy Seed was tainted and the heart of man could no longer be changed, but perhaps replaced.
Hence, the only thing left to be done in this case, was to destroy next to near, the whole human race: bring forth ‘Judgment’ like God had done in Heaven, with his angelic renegades!—
(I imagine we are talking between five to twenty-five million people; not include of course are the renegades).
Henceforth, He would do new, with a Great Flood.
Whereupon He did extinguish the Antediluvian world:
Washed out every sinful hidden cavity, cavern, hollow and cave….
By and large, it was now a race of lunatics!
This of course surprised Satan, perhaps he was happy as a bear with a mountain of honey, and on the other hand, he would have to start all over again—
Figure out a new plan!
His work was not finished, not yet!

Antediluvian, cat like features
Highbred (of superior breed)

((Genetics:  let me stretch this a little further, not every dinosaur grew up to be a mighty predator like Tyrannosaurus Rex; in a like manner, all living things—organisms—have chromosomes which contain genetic material, for the most part molecules, which are called nucleic acids, which in essence is DNA, 10 x 100 million, equals one billion, there are twenty-billion letters in one chromosome. Homo sapiens must mix with Homo sapiens, with its own kind. Why? The Minotaur, of the Legendary Theseus, might prove my point: the result of mating between bull and woman, the result was: a creature with the head of the bull, and the body of a man, or the creature had a man’s body, so legend says. God has made it that man should mate not with separate species other than its own: it produces freaks. The making of offspring infertile too: that is why it was forbidden for angelic beings to mate, or cohabitate with humans. DNA molecules, they are the building blocks of life for us, hereditary information. What did the Antediluvian world produce besides giants, as indicated in the book of Genesis, Chapter six (6)? That Moses wrote?
       We may conclude I do believe the “Sons of God” were the rulers, these angelic renegades, and perhaps we are now talking about marriages between the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, and between those decedents of Seth, and even the “Sons of God,” those so called supernatural beings is a viable alternative for misfit creatures to be born, during this era, and would be a cause—in part—for God’s worldwide flood.  So I have implied here a liaison between divine being and humans for the most part. This of course is a miraculous explanation of Genesis 6. And of course this Genesis debate will go on until the end of days unless someone straightens it out, like Satan, or God, or Christ Himself. I doubt any Hawking or Carl Sagan, or even Einstein, could tell us. The Septuagint does not say, nor the Codex Alexandrinus) (4th Century A.D. documents))

Part Ten:
The Fall of Noah

Is there really such a thing as telepathy?
Mind-reading, intuition, a sixth sense?
If so, who can have it: the Holy Saint, and perhaps the Devil?
If anything, the Great Red Serpent, was a great communicator in his own right, although today he uses radio waves, and television, Hollywood, to get his sacrilegious hate out,— His diabolical evil
Especially the blasphemer language such people as Jams Franco use
—by using Jesus Christ and every other Christian phrase, to make his putrid dogmatic point of view heard, in his movies. Like Howard Stern! …
Undoubtedly, the scriptwriters are behind this, as are the novelists, and the producers of the flicks, and such people as Franco, are Satan’s delivers of the muck!
Satan’s trick, make them sacrilegious, profane, put it under Freedom of Speech— (as Obama claims!)
Although Satan doesn’t need that, he has his horde of angelic beings, yet time is short, and this is the shorter course, to fill Hell, and keep those seats empty in Heaven.
Make them believe there is no God, yet why else would they be here?
Yes, let Hollywood do his bidding, and those like Franco, tie the knot: meaning, to put one sin on top of another, as to blackout the soul, as if it was covered with black coal—
Should you ask, and if you could ask, Phillip Seymour Hoffman (now long gone), he would surely backup this claim, of internal infernal domination!
For he too was one of those Franco freaks, who felt blasphemy, was nothing—
Yet, why not use a different name than Jesus Christ! If indeed you believe there is no such person?
And on Mr. Howard Stern, may God have mercy on his decomposing soul!
And on Stern’s laughing cohorts, they are also, all headed for the Satan’s underworld.
These two I use are just two among many;
Michael Jackson fits the bill too, with his gross gestures grabbing his crouch, singing rot; in Heaven they don’t do such things, yet so many of his fans think he’s sitting in one of those seats in Heaven’s auditorium (how insane can one think):
They don’t understand, Earth is just a probation station, God is watching.
Most likely, Mr. Jackson is in one of the Netherworld’s cold cavities, chambers, with a coat of worms around his shoulders.

I would bet, somewhere along the long line of Satan’s active life, he said:
“If only I could hold every human being’s life in the hollow of my hand, what more power could I ask for?”
Realizing of course, he is not going to get back into God’s grace, or even a rickety old seat in Heaven.

In any case, Diablo wanted to see what would become of Noah’s family (in essence, the Ark)
Perhaps, from a view from the Moon (That dead rock in the sky, it’s an astonishing rock and inspiring: should someone push it a little to the far right or left, God forbid! We would burn up. What would block the sun?)
Surely he hightailed it out of there when the Great Storms and floods and the sinking of the earth took place—
The old world was no more.
There in the deep a gigantic fissure spanned the entire globe, traveling along the Mid-Atlantic Ride (Genesis 7).
Whereupon massive quantities of underground waters burst forth, to fill the present sea basins.
The ocean which burst forth from the womb was God’s global judgment on the unjust, the ungodly.
Whole forests were suddenly smothered by walls of whipping mud—
Caves full of frightened animals buried alive; frozen by sudden climate changes—
There was an uplifting of the mountains—
And from far-off, Satan was a silent witness of the event!
There was an assemblage of sediments everywhere!

Saint Augustine said it best, and I shall simply paraphrase it:
The Lord created us as, without us, and he is not going to save us without us!
In other words: if you don’t work, you don’t eat: we’ve got to work out our salivation, with God, hand in hand:
No expectations without responsibility;
That’s the plan!

It has been said, two angels guided the Ark of Noah, save, should it get lost at Sea! Or swallowed up by the Devil’s winds and hurricanes.
Then ere, the Devil rested up, launched his new scheme!
Seeing Shem, Ham, Japhal, and Noah’s grandson Canaan, he chose the youngest and most naive, of the four; Satan
Had Canaan pestered Noah to drinking from his vineyard his own wine until he was soaked, and sloppy drunk? Most likely!

Now what we see is: Canaan beguiled like Eve, from the Devil, who beguiles Noah with wine at the Devil’s request, and thus he’s drunk like a skunk, for a hundred years (yes, a whole century),
As a bird fly’s every-which-way trying to land straight (thus he lied naked in his tent, for ten decades):
Yes the Devil had provoked the fall of Eve, Even the fall of Adam, and had provoked the fall of Noah, as he had done with Eve, Adam, and the Devil the fall of Cain, and now Canaan the fall of Noah via. Satan!

Canaan is crushed like Cain, becoming the servant of several; this shall be his linkage to his lifespan, Satan’s tool, hand in hand.
In essence, Satan had drawn the only religious man of the Antediluvian world to unrighteousness, wine becoming Noah’s crutch. 
Much like mine was for twenty-years, I can indemnify!
It was the fall of a Great Man.
But we are only men, are we not, we are not supernatural beings.
Noah will awake from this soggy nightmare, and be restored to the man he was meant to be! By God’s mercy.

Part Eleven:
The Down Fall (Christ Appears)

Christ Appears, and the
Serpent, temps!

The Empire of the Devil up to this point was rather successful, but now we are stepping into a new time zone,
The Messiah is on the scene, he is born:  the Pacing Serpent is to have his heartburn from this point on, although he’ll deal with it like a man who lost his life savings at a poker game!
That is to say, Lucifer acts a rather foolish game, he has Herod kill innocent children in hopes to destroy the infant Christ…
Did he not read the scriptures, listen to his Counselors, and listen to the three wise men? No! He didn’t.
This is ignorance on his behalf—
Or was it hidden from him within the scriptures? Who’s to say!
All the same, his Counselors could not produce any other scheme, the child they affirmed would be born according to scripture one way or another!
I mean, he’d only have to follow the scriptures step by step—
Mother Shipton had more insight into future events, without scriptures than him—

It would appear, Satan didn’t even know how, when, and where Christ was to be born, that a star, that the Three Wise Men followed, stopped at the gates of Jerusalem, and came back into the sky when they left!
Was he blind?
Then after Jesus grew to manhood, what did he do, what did Old Nick do?
He tempted the Son of God, not once but three times, he’s lucky Christ didn’t lose his composure and cast him into the deep of the sea, or the hide of the swine—
As he would, later on.
Foolish, foolish was the He-devil, what does that say?
To me it says he did not follow, or could conceive the mystery of the Incarnation, or how far the exhaustion of Christ extended, and he was not subject to the Fall of Adam (as he may have very well thought).

How arrogant could he be? For Christ was immaculate and pure!
To think otherwise is simply preposterous, the Son of God, would have had, to have been subject to Satan then, and why then was he offering all his kingdoms?
My best guess, is that Old Nick, was thinking with a frazzled mind at the time, perhaps, bipolar.

The Down Fall (The Seed and the Heel)

The Deluge was more a surprise to Satan, than a disappointment—
Eve, Adam, Noah, Cain were all simply conquests, even Nimrod, with the Tower of Babel, to a certain degree
But Satan has now come to realize, God always has plan ‘B’ hidden somewhere, where he can’t see…
Now with the Messiah at large, his successes, would be dull, at least during Christ’s lifespan on Earth.
Satan has now felt the full heel of Mary, that is to say: the seed of Mary, wife to Joseph, mother to Jesus: giving birth to the One who would crack the serpent’s head, cut short his power, all this would in time shock the Devil.

But Satan if he is anything, he is resilient, his new conquest will be with Judas.
Whom will sell his whereabouts for thirty-pieces of silver?
His second conquest, will be with Peter, who will deny Christ three times.  
His third conquest, in this new game of chess, will be with John’s mother, whom will ask Christ, for her son to sit next to him, in Heaven!
Which of course, is not possible, and for the most part, Satan having fun, for she doesn’t really know what she’s asking…
It’s a pun, from Satan to Christ!
Satan’s next strategy was ‘Persecution’ foolishness again.
Satan couldn’t see the beginning, nor the end.
He will not learn the hard way, he will do it with the Empire of Rome, extinguish the Christion—
By and large, he simply built a bigger fire of passion, for Christendom!
He’ll have Nero do his bidding for a while, burn Rome to the ground, blame it on the Christian, more persecutions, which keeps martyrs coming, filling up those empty seats in heaven!
When will Satan learn, you cannot knock out two birds with one stone, by persecution! (It will take him two-thousand more years to learn that tune.)

The Jew and Christian (The Lone Bird)

Jesus Christ Crucified

A desert tribe, watered, darkened the stones with shadows, where did they come from, out of some south-eastern window—
The ebb, its flow has lasted 4000-years,
And many pieces of humanity: men, women and children, gathering from many nations, having become part of that flow
Swarmed with voices, Christians and Jews waited on the world-breach:
When Christ left, and the new age began!
They went off together, Christion and Jew, the limit was left open, a new beginning!
Bent with solid differences over the Laws of Moses, and those of Christ—
It left all wondering why a lone bird—they called the Jew, whom was dearer to God than all, left the call of their Messiah?
Well: rare is valued:  But too, I presume
Well will be reconciled with God, at the end of days, but for the present, not with our Christian natures, we grudge and judge too often when we see them—
As they reflect throughout the world, as a mirror of those past far-off days
When Christ was crucified, on Mount Calvary—


Satan at this point was trying to restore paganism, as Christianity was trying to sprout its wings…
Along with persecution, Satan devised a new religion, in the first century A.D., Gnosticism (it actually preceded Christ’s arrival): making it smell, and look like Christianity, but when you tasted it, it wasn’t the same!
It was different, and that made it un-Christian.
(And now of course, we have acquired more Christian cults, in the past three-hundred years, than ever before to include the Mormons, and Jehovah Witnesses, and Armstrongism/The Worldwide Church of God)   
Then Satan resorted back to idols, the Roman Empire under his fingernails.
We are talking now from the death of Christ, and beyond Nero—
Jovian was a good Christian Emperor, yet there is a bone of contention here—
He gave priests primacy, which allowed them to hogtie whomever they wished— (we see this in the Inquisition, the Crusades)
The world was now under one superiority, and Satan was so-ever with his cahoots, in the House of Rome, from the Emperor’s Throne, to the Bishop’s, seat, whom was now called the Pontiff, whom had more say than the Emperor!
The might rule as the right, and were reverend among the primitive many!
And thus came the titles ‘Supreme’ 
Satan now could infect both political and religious affairs—
Thus, he walked the Halls of both, earthly kingdoms.
The Kings and the Clergy.
He told those who would listen, they could lock or unlock the Gates of Heaven?  He wanted to blind this age!
How many souls where to be sent to Hell believing the Roman Bishops could do such: as if pointing a magic wane towards the stars, and all is forgiven? (Thus, handing out a license to sin).
Saint Peter never had the key to unlock Heaven’s Gates, as some came to believe, as if he had given his representatives a free pass! 
The key, was left where it had always been, in Heaven, assigned to a certain virtuous cherub.
Although this provided Pop Palagius to assume the power of opening and shutting Heaven’s Gates at will—
And then setting a price or toll, upon the entrance; Satan’s Monte Liza.
And how many Popes and Bishops, have confessed openly to confederate with the Devil—
More than a few (and history will prove this so); yet it is no reflection on our 20th and 21st Century Popes, whom I believe have tried to put things right: for Jesus Christ.
Nor does it have any echo for the Catholic Church, today is today, and what is important is to set things right!
The Church is the Holy Spirit’s home on earth, and its Priests and Bishops and Popes, should be listened to with hope, and given much prayer,
For they are the first to be targeted by Satan.
In essence, they are just men, doing God’s bidding, or trying to.

The (early) Bishops of Rome

Satan has tried to infect every walkway in the world, and heavily on Christ’s vicars—
Bishops, Popes and Priests—
Are they infallible?
History says some were sorcerers, others had familiar spirits, some even hand conversations with the devil, or devils—
Visible and invisible.
Think this not so strange, he has influenced Eve, Adam, Nimrod the King, Noah the Holist Man in the pre flood days, also Cain, why not Popes and Bishops and Priests, nuns and clergy, Baptists and Lutherans?
Think this not strange.
I would think, they would be his first objective, the anointed vicars.
To think otherwise, is undeserving of the Devil; and he has you fooled.
History need not be rewritten to prove Satan’s theocracy.
He is famous for it, and lives up to his name.
Without prayer and a close relationship with God, we are all at his mercy.
To each era, he counsels his administration, to adjust to the new comers.
It is like music, each decade, it changes, and the singer or instrument player must adjust, or move on.
Change is the name of the Game!
Today I believe, man has to deal with a more heavily bombardment of: apparitions, visions, ghosts, familiar-spirits, then in those far-off days,
When the Devil’s Kingdom was more centralized.
He has, along with man, modernized himself, adjusted accordingly.
He has even exposed himself more than ever before, and is laughing at us because, of our lusts, desires, envies, hungers and thirsts—
That we’ll do anything to quench our desires, even let him walk the streets, and preach his evil, diabolical empery.

In a way, the Devil lives in his own Hell, maddened that he cannot unhinge God’s Creation:
Maddened that he cannot replace, his angels where now God plans on seating his Saints: those men and women, of earth.
Satan is maddened also because he cannot use:  force of arms.

Part Twelve:
Reacting or Acting

The Horned Hoofed Beast, along with his imps, and the whole Hosts of Hell, are trained in whispering, into the ears of the sleeping man and woman, and children of Planet Earth—
Satan and his horde are not biased, all and any will do, color is not an issue here,  nor is weight, or height, or caliber, or complexion, the smarter you think you are, the more he’s got you.
Let me explain one of his many tactics, it is called ‘Reacting behavior’
First the imp whispers ‘Do it…’ he doesn’t know our thoughts, but he can read them pretty well!
So he watches your reaction to his whisper, and whatever went before he said ‘Do it!” is the reaction he’s waiting for.
His thoughts are, and I can read his thoughts just as well as he might be able to read mine, even in his invisible world by how and what he whispers: “What’s the effect?” he asks himself, or his buddy, they come in pairs too.
The answer is plain: you have two choices, the first choice is to react.  The second choice, is not to react but act.
Acting as if in a play, or playacting, like a Shakespearian Play, like Hamlet. 
Like in playing dumb, as if you didn’t hear him.
Remember he can’t read your thoughts, but God can, now you whisper to God, in your thoughts, “Please sir, and get rid of this pest for me!”
Then a sincere thank you, for God is in a way condescending to your request, is he not.
Matter of fact that is one of Satan’s peeves.
You are on stage all your life here on Earth, believe it or not;
To Satan you are simply a bug on the rug; to God you are a part of his breathe, and his image.
So did he get into your brain or not?
You can test it: he likes suicide brains, and cussing brains, he likes those hypocrite brains:
You know, those who have the rosary around their mirror in the car, and drive like crazy thinking God has put an enclosure around them so you can drive any-which-way, you wish!
And the drunks and drug addicts, oh they are among his best customers, get them on the substance, and he can retire.
Sometimes all he has to do is send a spy once a month to check.
And there are many, many more brain and behavior qualities he targets, according to:
Culture (customs, traditions, beliefs);
Aptitude, that is, mental functions, generic assumptions, and for the most part measureable changes, they can possible mean a change is forth coming in belief…
But he double checks on: emotions, intellect, will-power, of a man, morphological traits of the language he or she speaks, it is important, the: form and structure of words, including the difference, and the origin and the formation of combinations.
For Satan it is a weird process of brain-osmosis, like an invisible surgeon, nibbles his way in!
I’ll tell you straight up: your imagination!
He will try to imprint into your imagination, whatever evil things he can get away with.
He has most likely followed you all your life, or had one of his soldiers do so, having a file on you: thus, he knows more about you, than you know about you, because he doesn’t forget like we do.

In a like manner, he knows you are reading this, and most likely, doesn’t like this fact, especially if you’re not a Christian, why? 
He knows you can bring a wise horse to a water hole, but you can’t make him drink it.  But a stupid horse, well, that’s a different story.

Master Craftsman

The Devil is a Master Craftsman, there is no doubt here—
When he whispers his lunacy into your ear, making his suggestions, he watches to see if it takes root:
He checks your gestures, your eyes, hand movements, facial expressions,
Your every walking step, he may even have someone next to you push you a little.
So be careful, when we tell our secrets, be assured he is listening, that is how he gets to know you— that is the demonic soldier’s job.
A secret is not a secret once mentioned! Not here on earth anyhow.
Satan’s invisibility, becomes visible, simply by reading this epic, so I assure you He doesn’t want this epic in your hands; it would not be to his advantage.
It would seem he has the capability to appear in borrowed shapes also: bodies, shadows, figures, paintings, et cet.
In such a case, he may talk through that person.
Remember his names: the Tempter, Accuser, and Deceiver.
His angelic forces are of one spiritual quality—like a flock of pest-ridden geese, or like a swarm of insects: flies and mosquitos, infecting the air we breathe.
And Satan does not zoom around the world with a cloven-foot—he paces like a roaring lion, just above our heads, from cloud to cloud!

The Devil’s Soul

Christ would not bend one inch of one knee for  Lucifer, at Lucifer’s request, Lucifer saying that he’d give to him, if he did all his kingdoms of the world—
How many of us would sell our soul, sell out to him for much less? My guess is a good many of us.
How many have made a magic solid pack, agreement, of some kind with the Deceiver, for a song and a dance?
I confess, I do not understand this compromising one’s soul, for if you know there’s a devil, there’s a God, and making of such agreements with the Devil, for this or that are binding forever and ever more!  

Although I expect Kings and Clergy, and singers and movie stars, know it pretty well, know such agreements better than I.
Oliver Cromwell, knew, and the Duke of Luxemburg, knew, better than I.
Do people not really know that at any price, the devil will try his best to bargain, to his favor, and then trick them?
I mean, if you’re going to bargain, don’t bargain for a horse or cow, and expect to get it, surely he’ll have a thief waiting around the corner, to steal it before you milk it or ride it, leaving you with Zero, and a written contract for your soul!
We see in the book of 1 Kings 20, 25, Ahab sold himself to the devil, and he ended up doing deviltry: Satan’s slave.

The Modern Day Devil

Even the Devil has modernized His way of thinking, his sticken-thinkin’ his warlike skills: now using polarization and disagreement, demonization or evil, and deception otherwise known as trickery
—to a higher degree than he ever has:
He has selected his kind from among us, and has whispered into those ears, his motto: “Do what you can with what you have!”
A few of his more recent disciples would be: Hillary Clinton, Alinsky, and Obama, whom he is doing what Hillary figured out long ago: and therefore delivering it to the world at large, stomach-full, as her delivery boy (burdened with the new generations philosophic  way of thinking infused by the Devil):
Let the Radicals rule…
Keep a God’s-eye-view on all the people—
And through deception, rob the country blind, for the rich, pretending you’re doing the poor a favor, and let them think it is a felony to ask for more, so they’ll remain silent!
Is it not true, when the movie “The Interview,” appeared he went for it, whole-hog! Promoted it…
But when the movie concerning him came to show, “2016” he ramped and raged, and went hog-wild, to the point of per near wetting his pants?
Thus, they have built a one-way road on a two-way highway!
And so you see, this is the modern day devil’s gift, and trickery, what you can’t get the old fashion way, by force and combat, take by political way, by means of rules, laws and courts (jail the whole lot if you have to, to keep them silent)!


This epic should be enough to understand the fire inside this angelic creature we call the Devil, Satan or Lucifer,  that his objective is to keep you from gaining one of those seats in Heaven, that his Host lost, so long ago to keep you from getting one at any cost.  You’d be wise to remember, David always beats Goliath!

I have no idea why I wrote this epic, I had no prior plans to do so, it really never occurred to me until I starting writing it down on napkins, forty-five-napkins. I do hope it wasn’t ineffective in whatever reasons you have for having picked it up and read it; as for me, it has brought me closer to Jesus, in the sense of understanding him, from the beginning of time, not so much as Christ being man, I seem to have understood that quite well, but as the Son of God, before he was the Son of Man, and that by itself is more than enough reason for me to have written it, but rereading it over, it also tells me, what to expect from Satan, his pattern, and that too is important. Pray before you reread this again.

Latter Words

Why was Satan thrown into a certain agitation over man?
I mean, he didn’t hinder Satan in any way.
Why is he still mad, 10,000-years later?
It was as if, Man, not the Son of God, had pushed Him over Heaven’s cliff! So it would appear.
Should you asked Satan this simple question, he would I do believe give you a simple answer, he would for once tell you the truth on this one subject, it would be something like this:
“Does man really expect me to love him, when he has shown me up, by God selecting him over me? Never!”
Thus, expect Satan to “…strike while the iron is hot,” as they say; and in this 21st Century, the iron is almost at its melting point.

On the other hand, Satan must had misjudged God the Father, that He valued loyalty above and beyond;
Thus, Satan had lost his value to God, he was a liability to the Human Race, and an infection in Heaven, and a loose cannon, for his creation—
And perhaps in the angelic race, there is no such thing as redeeming—; once marred, forever marred: the disfigurement never being capable of stitching itself back properly …

End of Epic

Special Note of Thanks:  I want to give thanks to the great wise minds of a few men I have studied immensely: Daniel Defoe, Joseph Ratzinger, Franz Boas, James H. ¨Charlesworth, Stephen Hawking, Michael Crichton, Lee Grady, Saint Augustine, Shakespeare, and Cotton Mather; along with: Pope Francis, Saint John (and the Book of Revelation), and  Moses (Genesis): for they have their place in my writings of “The Great Fall”, not by any quotes, but surely by cognitive thoughts that have occurred to me during my readings of their works, which found a place to reside inside my brain, in  creating this Epic.

Written between 12-26-2014, and 1-8-2015/ No: 4660  
Photo of the author at his home in Lima, Peru, 12-28-2014/ all art is by the author/ 16,164-words
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Photo of the Author 12-28-2014, In Lima, Peru, at his home, during
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“The Great Fall…” contains some of Dr. Siluk’s best writings, and is perhaps his most creative work.  Along with two other shorter stories, “Hail Mary Full of Grace” written in 2014, and:  “Susanna of Bethsaida” written in 2013. Relatively all recently written stories.
       “The Great Fall…,” an epic should be enough to understand the fire inside this angelic creature we call the: Devil, Satan or Lucifer,  that his objective is to keep us from gaining one of those vacant seats in Heaven, his Host lost, so long ago, in what the author calls: “The Great Fall…”  You’d be wise to remember, “David always beats Goliath!”
       “Hail Mary full of Grace” is a look into the Immaculate Conception, into what surrounds the character of Original Sin, and should Mary have carried Eve’s sin, so would have Christ.

The account of: “The Great Fall of Lucifer,” is enthralling in itself for its mixture of wild imagination and sober realism.

This work, and many of Dr. Siluk’s works are reminiscent of Kafkaesque (in describing a surreal situation).  His works are a quest, metaphysical in nature, allegorical, and for God. To include “The Protagonist” and the play “The Dog in Cherry Park” among others.

This is the author’s forty-ninth book, along with his chapbooks, consisting of forty-six, for a total of ninety-five written works. He lives with his wife Rosa, in Peru, and is from, Minnesota. He has Minister Credentials, a Counselor’s License, a Doctorate (h.c.), many awards, and is Poet Laureate in Peru.