Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Stray Yellow Cat

There’s a pestering cat that lives around our house—
Gets on my wife’s nerves, mine too—
This stray yellow cat eats our birds, those nestled
In our garden; this disturbs my wife to no end!
I tell her: “If not the birds, then what?”
I mean, the cat has to eat, does he not?
I’ve given the yellow cat, yellow as a dandelion:
Milk twice!
And now the cat cries for more milk every night!
When he’s not bothering us, he’s over at Jenny’s
House, our neighbor, bothering her…
To no end!  Crying, crying, like a banshee.
I know cats are loners, but this one makes me think:
As I watch people shake their brooms at the cat,
And the dogs in the neighborhood chase her like
A lost rat! And even other cats chase this cat:
She, if indeed the cat is a she, has no friends.
Actually as I write this, she’s crying—
And its 8:30 p.m. and my mind’s eye tells me:
“Is there not one spot in all of Lima, Peru for a
Yellow stray cat? Shunned by the world? Is she not
Part of our world?” And believe me, I’m not a
Cat lover—
But what can I say, if indeed the Cat could talk,
What would she say, thus I shall speak on her
Behalf: “Dear Sir, you are a Christian, and I am like
Christ, I have no home, I’m all alone, and I roam from
House top to house top, for milk, fish and bones…”
So what should I do? I ask myself: my conclusion:
Give her a little milk, let her roam our roof top,
And if worse gets to worse, take her down to
Kennedy Park, where all the cats in Lima roam.

No: 4688/ 1-23-2015