Sunday, December 7, 2014

No Way Back!

(Philip Seymour Hoffman)

What does Mr. Hoffman leave us recovering folk?  (Actor, director, producer…)
A widely admired American!
What can we learn from the scratchy turn of events, which took place in his life, at the very end…?
His early life, and his recovering life and his death and relapse!
Just this:
For a drunk, and drug addict, don’t look for a way back, as if to use or drink in moderation…
There is no such passage!
Don’t torture yourself, as Mr. Hoffman did, by self-imposed punishment on a Broadway Play, such as it was, in: “Death of a Salesmen”…
Which appears apparent now to fit in place!
Running backwards under stress to what he knew best, to lower his pain!
Had he walked away, having twenty-three years of sobriety—he may have very well lived to have counted his twenty-forth, temperance date!
But instead he died in relapse, of: combined drug intoxication, and heroin overdose!
At forty-six, he found his way back to the abyss!...
And for all of this he can teach us who have felt Satan’s Curse: there is no fix, for trying to find a way back to normal usage; that is to say, usage in moderation!


The Devil closes the door, always softly, as he departs—; and in most cases you don’t feel his naked hand on your shoulder—
As he does, he whispers: “No need to fear me…”
Then, in an even more hushed tone, “Let my sin be upon all men,” are
His last maledict words; thus, this, this is what he leaves us with:
This cursed creature of the abyss!

No: 4654/12-7-20124