Friday, December 26, 2014

Hail Mary Full of Grace

(Poetic Prose)

Dedicated to the Mother of Christ, Mary—

Part One:   Hail Mary, full of grace…”

Proud of his wonderful task, Gabriel the Archangel, descends to earth, to civilized man, looks down upon Mary, the humbler member of mankind. She has conquered the forces of original sin, compelled upon man after the incident in the Garden of Eden.  How was this done? God had transformed, out from this inhospitable forest, earth, into the fertile fields of heaven at some unknown time, exterminated this obstructing seed from her, or that was to be place upon her, that perhaps never was; the main point being, when she’d give birth to Christ, it wasn’t’ there, it couldn’t have been there, it would have been an infectious birth had it been: had it been. What I am really saying here? When Gabriel came to earth on this rare occasion, back in about 4 B.C., in the land what is now called Israel, or the Holy Land, he said to Mary: as we all know, as it has been documented by the apostles, and evidently told to them by Jesus or Mary herself, “Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee…”
Now how is this possible? There is a towering mountain-range here. He awaits her answer as if he already knows she will be willing to give the correct answer, and thus birth to the Christ child, to be the mother of the Messiah. To take on this labor willingly. In any case, she says “Yes!” Before accepting this conclusion which places the stamp of eternal superiority of the human race and its nations and even the devil under her heal, is obviously based upon a prior achievement! That being, she already has the grace, and most likely has already accepted this unconditionally—therefore, somewhere in time and space, there was a pause, must have been a pause, a ripple in time! For me there is an assertion here, a higher feeling is evident. Something happened in that pause, what happened is this? This unapproved assumption, indicates that other conditions being equal, or far beyond equal, existed, which fundamentally differs, she is already ordained, she is simply answering a question, she long ago agreed to, and he, the archangel is reconfirming this, for the earthly record. There is no discussion here, the subject matter is over with a clap of an eye, a ‘Yes!” is given, without hesitation.

The idea dwells in the mind, that should one investigate, expect to find the highest assumption: she has already been approved, she is without Original Sin, it has been lifted, and she is what she will come to be later on in the far-off future, the Immaculate Conception.  How could Gabriel call her “Hail Mary full of grace,” unknowing this? Grace meaning, polished. Like a new Christian, yet Christianity has not been born. For Jesus has not been born or crucified to lift man’s burden of original sin by baptism, not yet anyhow. The answer to the question is simple: at a preordained time, this was outlined to her in the halls of heaven, transferred from earth, or perhaps never even having even left heaven, prior to her forthcoming birth. Again we might ask: how is this possible?

We must bear in mind, we are the product of God, God is not our product, and we do not know, understand his elaborate ecclesiastical, or astrophysical, or Old World, versus New World,  organization,  adequately to recognize the variable rapidity of it, the full powers behind this situation, and God Himself. What does it mean, then, if one person like Mary can reach the stage that mankind can only reach after the birth and crucifixion of Christ, before this time has elapsed. It means time can be bent, or stopped, which has already been proven.  If one can run at the speed of light, time stops. If time can be bent, as Quantum Physics, indicates it can be, vicissitudes, or changes, within or of its history can be modified. Thus, Mary’s timely assimilation into the God family, should not be so unbelievable.  Consider she is the branch of this one tree and this tree connects mankind with God, nobody can dispute her high merits, nor how she has influenced the world over. As Christians we also become part of this tree, I call us, little branches, but like all things, a plan has to be in place before it is implemented, hence: the plan came from God, Christ was the plan, Mary was part of this plan, and this plan would sprout new branches. 

Eve from the Garden of Eden, was our old world order mother—and she gave us original sin; now Mary, she is the new world order mother, with the new rebirth of mankind, our second mother that has not put us in jeopardy of original sin but through Christ’s birth and crucifixion, helped deliver us back to where God wanted us before Eve ate that piece of fruit, if that make sense; we have drifted as Christians from the old world order, to the new world order, figuratively speaking, by way of Mary: had Mary been infected with original sin, she would be a product of Eve, and this would not due, therefore, she was not, how then could we call her mother, when Eve is.

Part Two: “The Lord is with Thee!”

“Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee”, was Gabriel’s statement. At this point in this prose thesis, it is old news of course, however, the issue should be solved on basic knowledge, not according to emotional clamor, and under conditions, we appear to be called upon to formulate definite answers to questions that require the most unbiased investigation, and this is what I am trying to do, for Christians who doubt Mary’s predestined, preordained fate of being Immaculate or Spotless upon conception of Christ, Jesus: and for today’s young people this is a needed critical examination of the phenomena, that is why I have brought our minds the facts relating to the origins of Mary’s “Yes!”  We know that the foundations of Christianity is based on the blood importance of Christ—who he was as a man, and who he was while in heaven; without any doubt Mary’s blood flows in the veins of the child Christ, the percentage, is not in question, it may well be disregarded, much more important is the introduction of, it not being infected with original sin; and his bloodline, is not Mongrel, it comes from Kings. The historical evidence is quite in accord with the results of any simple investigation. A lively intercourse, contact, interaction existed between Mary and the God family, which I believe brought about fundamental changes in her blood as well as in its diffusion, or dispersal. A scientist might say this in a different way, perhaps: this change is by gradual germination, or propagation, or incubation, or sprouting, a process of amalgamation if this is the case it took place in God’s throne room in a blink of an eye; in other words, an exceedingly rapid changeover took place. This thesis, is quite conducive to the change an anthropologist would sketch for a primitive to a less primitive. We need only transfer it to Heaven from earth, instead of from one part of old Europe to some alien part of the Mediterranean; it works in either case, thus, it is not so profound in the sense of it is not workable, profound yes, in that Mary was the lucky one you might say, the chosen, and we Christian’s were lucky she didn’t change her ‘Yes,’ to a ‘No!’ God forbid! And instead of the blink of an eye, the phenomenon for the Anthropologist would be perhaps 50,000, or a 100,000 year process. In other words, bloodlines make a difference.

December 24, 2014/ Article/Copyright © 2014 Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c. 

Drawing by the author.