Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cro-Magnon (a new era, a new story)

(A New Era, a New Story)

By Dennis L. Siluk, Ed.D.
Three Time Poet, Laureate

The Present:

Falling into a Dream
(Lee Maverick)

The Present
(2016-2020 AD)

The once beautiful starry sky, had merged with black strips mixed with blood red, his eyes were trying to adjust to it all, Lee Maverick (so he called himself)(looking in a broken mirror on the ground, at his appearance. He was middle aged, had been up this point, well kept, nearly all muscle, perhaps 7% fat, close to six foot tall, not as clean shaven as he’d prefer, his hair no longer trimmed, a bit disheveled yet he stood out, he was handsome, not intimidating), a professional tourist, he couldn’t make out much from all the debris scattered all about, and it was dark, dim-grey—yet it was early afternoon, a cloud had closed up the sun, pert near all of the sun’s rays, and there was bone chilling winds coming from the Anarchic, plants and fish from the ocean laying all about. As he had woken up from the rumble that flattened his hotel: an earthquake had taken place, the planet seemed to have wobbled off its axis for a moment also, the crust of the earth seemed to have shifted and recoiled back. He looked about, he could make out the Whitecap Mountains of Tierra del Fuego; he was visiting Ushuaia, a charming city at the end of South America when it happened. This stretch of the mountains, ended at Cape Horn. Everything, the world over, everything looked bleak and inhospitable—this past week, yet he kept to his travels. He had to find a place to stay now, to keep out of the snows, winds and chill, he remembered the old prison that was built in 1902, he had been to Ushuaia before, it was the only structure holding solid ground that he could see, on the upper part of the small city, everything else was demolished.
There was nothing that man could not imagine, that hadn’t taken place that week, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, warfare (with intercontinental missiles pointed at every city over one million population)—everyone knew the war was coming, they just didn’t know when, and nobody was spared its overall destruction. It was a global standoff that had a ripple effect that had taken place—nobody backed down this time—Some folks even talked of aliens being involved, and there were rumors of a new world leader on the rise: it was the new so called World Order, that caused 2.5 billion people to be killed, so he heard over the radio—and the threat was not over, another 600,000 were expected to die from disease, and cholera, starvation, and wounds, etc, all the after-effects of war, its trauma. Perhaps he survived only because he was a tourist, had he been home—back in Minnesota, he’d be dead; theoretically no joke.
Marino the Mayor of the city saw him wandering about and waved, he stood still while he approached. “Follow me,” he said. They walked to the prison (during the first half of the 20th Century, the prison was used for repeated offenders, hard criminals, likened to Devil’s Island, where escape was near impossible, and where would one go if one had? You were at the end of the world), down one of the corridors the two men went, in silence, to one of the side rooms; in the room were several young women, a fire in the middle of the room, a window allowing the smoke to escape, two women were drawing and writing on the wall, in one of the corners, they turned around to see who had entered, the tall one said, “Were just writing to let people know we were here in case—you know what I mean,” and she turned about and continued while the other shorter woman had a piece of white chalk, and she drew lines around her hand, leaving an imprint on the wall. The other four or five women, young women, sat around the fire in the centre, a mattress to one side with a rope tied from one side of the large prison enclosure (or room), used to hold several men at one time, and a blanket, was thrown over that, blocking the vision of the mattress; some fish was being cooked, it looked as if they had gone back to the days of Cro-Magnon, “It starts here,” he said, “wait a minute,” furthermore, he added, “You must impregnate all those you can, even if there is a genetic change because of the forthcoming fallout, who’s to say, what will become of us, if we don’t prepare? This is the only way we’ll survive, if they are all with child the strongest will survive, even if only one.”
The girl called Sandra kept her eye on Lee Maverick; she was wearing a Navy blue skirt, that went only to her knees, a white blouse, she looked seventeen, Lee thought, and moved about as if to attract him with her body, and smile, she was cute, a little pretty, “How does she look?” questioned the Mayor, handing Lee the key to the room…
“She looks fine,” said Lee.
She arranged everything as she knelt down by Lee, carefully taking one item of her close off at a time and placing her close neatly to the side. The last item she put under his pillow. Behind her in the room, the other girls were waiting, and they had selected Tamarind to be next.
“Do you have any idea how to do what we are going to do?” asked Lee Maverick.

Sandra, of Ushuaia

She lay down beside him, naked. “Where do these come from?” she asked; feeling the weight of it, measuring its enormous circumference with her fingers.
“Don’t ask me, Miss Sandra,” said Lee, staring at her rounded and hard breasts, as she stared at him, saying “It looks like it just can’t be helped.”
Sandra turned her back to Lee, looked around the blanket, she could see through the window, it was getting darker, it got dark quick these days, and she disliked the dark because—invariably because she cold no longer evade it.
When she opened her eyes, she held her eyelids open as long as she could—she wished she was asleep, she stretched out her legs, she wanted to curse the times, she shouted at Lee, “Is that all you can find to do!” She did not look at Lee. Lee slid down and over the mattress, the blanket over their legs, were hanging over the mattress on the cold floor. Perspiration began to trickle down her neck as soon as he stopped.
“I’m not going to tell a lie about this,” she said, “but I hate it,” she told Lee, and Lee just sat on his knees and merely looked, “The baby will be mine,” she said, “I am her mother,” she added, “There is no reason why you should pretend not to be sentient about his, continue please.” She didn’t want to say that, or think, but she wondered how such tings happened. She made him happy now, and thereafter Lee fell into a long sleep, and started dreaming, as Sandra got up…


Neanderthals the Neanderthals (33,000 BC to 22,000 BC), brains one-fifth larger than humans, taller than the average human perhaps six feet five inches, and a lot stronger than the Cro-Magnons, actually, in comparison, quite intimidating, they were all muscle; perhaps smarter again than the Cro-Magnons, whom were puny in comparison, and had they not acquired their genetic makeup from the Neanderthals through interbreeding, they perhaps never would have been considered nor selected for a higher position in the: natural selection, category (it would seem in retrospect, something went wrong back there, back then, perhaps this story will shed some light on the matter—not always is the strongest looking and smartest acting, the chosen one).

Stone tools and weapons

(The Neanderthal roamed from Western and Central Europe, to the Balkans into Ukraine, and into Siberia, all the way back to Gibraltar, all across the Mediterranean to Israel, 100,000 BC, leaving behind his skulls, and jaw bones, grinding stone tools, and weapons, for man to find, when man emerged from whom he once was into full official homo sapiens. He was the brute of the bunch, interbreeding took place, with not only Cro-Magnons, but with humans, those of the higher race, at 8700 BC, thereafter appeared a third species of man, as there would appear in 4500 BC, a supernatural species of man. But the Neanderthal, as cruel and crude, as he was, he did not have the predisposition for homosexuality, nor was it a genetic factor, it is a leaned behavior, one that would be taught by the Watchers in due time. The Watchers (or aliens), would become quite infamous for their raw sex with animals, and men, and take the wives and daughters of men within their domain, and impregnate them at will. This new kind of species produced the legendary giants called the Titans. Ones the Greeks would immolate with their preference of sex take into interest men with men, and of course their homosexuality deserts, and within the Greek Isles, lesbianism would prosper likewise.)

Lee Maverick in a state of Dreaming

The Cave

The Neanderthal man

In a cave-walled room, two Cro-Magnons were drawing pictures on the cave wall, the room was packed with observing young people in their teens, all casually watching, as if they were attending something new, unusual, instead of the dry old looks from their predecessors (the Neanderthals) of not being able to adjust to change, resistant to change. The two teachers were now showing how to draw the action of the animals, in curved lines, even a tinge of perspective—that is: angles and vantage points, scribble lines on white. The young Cro-Magnons stood slumped with sagged shoulders, as they stood in a half circled group.
Squatting in the back of the room, the old ruler with a horde of aging and dying out male Neanderthals, a few young male Neanderthals, and several young females around them, all quite sexually active as was the nature of their kind, perhaps three fold compared to their successors (and behind them, a few old chimps staring silently, holding onto their toes with their fingers), the old leader was now pointing his finger in the air, implying to the younger Cro-Magnons, and his older horde, he didn’t like the changing of times. That he wanted to go back, if not remain in the old way of life—the old lifestyle they had all known—were familiar with, his brain not being able to be activated to accept this change of behavior, a closed and fearful mind to a new and opening future, an era at its beginning.
The youngest of the group, those were the half-breeds, the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons who had similar genes—these were the ones feeling surprised, that the older ones did not accept the new ways, or could not accept them—the new tools they invented and now the two Cro-Magnons drawing the pictures on the cave wall, concluded in a small way times had change, and perhaps more to come, but to two Cro-Magnons, allowed the old ones to remain isolated from the changing times—if that is what they wished, to promote social harmony, and group cohesion. They knew these knew controversial ideas, now to be conventional ideas, would be in a short while the whole group’s way of thinking, and familiar once the old generation died out.
The old generation perhaps didn’t agree with the people—not in particular because of the drawings, although they were part of the issue—nor even the new tools they made, but because they saw recklessness about the Cro-Magnons behavior, their ways: why did they drive herds of animals off cliffs, to kill many for a few to eat? And now their behavior was causing—seemingly causing—the extinction of a number of species.
They didn’t know, the Cro-Magnons did not know, and surely the Neanderthals, didn’t, the new gene that appeared to have fallen in place within the Cro-Magnons, was in essence creating stability and would lead to the making of civilizations, conventional, hence, like it or not, the conservative gene was now in place, yet the audience sat silent in the back of the cave, stunned by the art work, the changing of the times. Finally the leader—we shall call him—Nas Oinotna out of reason, he was the warrior, right or wrong, he would have rather been left in the wild, but said in his own way (and I shall modify it in plain English)
“You Tall One, all this is what?”
And this would start the first debate on change.
“We need to leave our handprints, so our kind will know we were!” said the tall one of the two teachers.
“Tall One, that’s terrible!”
“If we don’t, it is suicide for our kind!”
“I don’t remember it,” the old man said, he had forgotten what the issue was, but the Tall One, he replied, “It might be considered a reminder for your children what your hands looked like, and what the animals looked like when there were more kinds of animals—when you area long dead.”
Now there were groans in the book of the room.
“Argh!” said one of the people behind the Nas Oinotna.
“What’s wrong will telling those after us, we were?” said the Short One, standing by the tall one.
“Nobody really wants to trouble themselves with such foolishness; we’re all rugged individuals, who want to think of ourselves as part of nature, not separate from it,” said Nas. The old Neanderthal had a hard time trying to focus on the material at hand. It might have seemed, had anyone had knowledge of genetics, Nas’ frontal cortex, could not activate because it could not find within the brain, a gene to activate the action of straight and divisive ideas, new issues that might lead to future harmony, he did not have a warm flush to his appearance. Actually the young ones now standing about were showing a preference for the teachers thinking of becoming like him, like them. Not even given the respect of looking back at the elders; completely in agreement with the new thinking, a new stability for them—perhaps something leading to something bigger.
It was a fact, pert near all the host had been of one mind, until the integration—how this all came about they didn’t know, but in truth, everyone does want to fit in, and so the old ones, silently agreed, to stop their complaints for change, this all was something exciting and desirable for the young ones.
“All right,” said Nas “let it be as you wish, even if it is not so good.”
The one behind Nas, the one that said “Argh,” and we now shall call him ‘Agro’ for short, said frowning, holding up his right hand, “Back up, this is the way you want to live, no us,” embracing the shoulder of Nas, “You can’t make us belong to this new kind of thinking!” And although Nas wanted to agree and say that, he didn’t and for a good reason, he knew he was old, who would feed him, and Agro, was not young or old, and could feed himself for many years yet.
“I don’t want to fit in, I don’t want to be like everyone, I want to stand out, and I want to fight, argue…!” He felt safer by expressing his opinion, and Nas felt nearly everyone else didn’t agree with him, but he was still a good person, and he felt good by saying what he had to say, it made Nas uncomfortable not saying what he felt.
Agro, snapped his fingers, and pointed to the entrance of the cave, “I go, I think the way I think. No new surprises, no distress. In the world out there, nothing is changing, in here everything is. In here everyone wants to be comfortable, warm, happy, and friendly.” And his conversation babble on a while longer, just repeating in circles the same conversation (because of a limited vocabulary), until there were several others standing by him, a furious rebellion was taking place, in the end, Agro left with half the Neanderthals.

Only time would tell if this would turn out to be a genetic disorder, meaning, had all the Neanderthals left, perhaps there would not be a genetic anomaly in this scenario: it was this group that left, who no longer felt, desired to join the majority, conceivable this wasn’t a disorder, but the Neanderthals would die out, and this gene would be carried forward, and in future time have to be harnessed. These rebels were not of the like mined people, a potential genetic disorder, in time—so it would be called, from the people who felt independence from the surrounding majority, was in it, to be considered pathological behavior. Perhaps put into the category of compulsive behavior, surely not positive behavior. Of course this was a time sociability was not the norm, standards had not yet come into place, and although getting along was a necessity, it was not always the case, and surely in due time, extinction of the race would take place, in both species if one or the other didn’t change..
And so it became.

One Year Later

The old warrior died, a year later, after that meeting, no one knew what of, but he spiked a fever of over 105, and had there been a doctor on hand, he might have said there was a multiple organ system failure, he was sick for several days. This was in a way, a shattering experience for the group, he was the elder, and he had cared for the young ones, beloved by them, perhaps shown now more than before, as often it is. He was during those last months a little ray of sunshine, whenever he came into the cave. Somehow he felt he had to take the risk of being more a part of the group, than being head of the group, if that was what they wanted. They wanted a new life, how then could he deny them the chance, so he told himself, and he put his hands onto the wall, and the Tall One, painted around his fingers and hand, and they told the old man, “We are sending this handprint to the future, people will see it, what does that tell you?”
Nas, sighed. And soon after that event, his liver shut down, his body swelled, turned into a gray color. And he stopped breathing. It took him days to die. They gave him a moment of silence.
This was—for the most part—a most hazardous and pioneer stage for mankind, an era that had to be passed; an outrageous era indeed, but a courageous time in the undocumented scriptures of humankind, a time individuals had to take risks, like the Tall One, and all the rules from the past were broken. As the Tall One thought, ‘What greater punishment would his sons and daughters face, had he not drawn those first pictures on the cave walls,’ it now would lead into ethical rules. Perhaps he saw in the old man’s eyes, pain and hope; whatever the case, he would not stand in judgment of him that was for sure, not like Agro was. Agro had created the concept of: them and us. Although with the old man gone, the cave was now quiet.

The Cro-Magnon
The New Gene

The Tall One, something took place within his grandchild, a single strand of DNA, and with a more condensed structure, showed up, unavailable to the normal cell. Why did it change, or how did it come about. Perhaps the someway everything comes about. Had someone had access to inject new cells into him? Of course not, but it happened nonetheless, and it was bound to be important, and The Tall One, saw something in all this. We may fill in the gaps later, but from the standing point of the Tall One, mankind as he knew it, could smile on the future, “I, uh…” he commented to his little grandson, he had inherited his changes, plus, something had taken place within his grandchild’s system, it was as if a gene had switched off to enhance the working of another gene itself, that then separated itself from those genes around it.
How was all this possible? It was like there had been a hidden force above the clouds, struck with boredom and wanting mankind to reach a certain stage faster, so they could come down and play longer, a certain species, race perhaps, thinking early man was no more than pet. Thus, they were home-rearing the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnons, to a more intelligential species, to have a greater capacity to become more than a mere human primate, beyond the chimpanzee stage, they had now mastered one-hundred words, what was long in coming, was now coming faster and faster (perhaps something lost, now regained). Indeed, his grandchild would need more stimulation then he, and become the guardian, and heir of something grander in the scheme of things.
The grandchild had begun talking early on, taken out of that old solitary confinement state that lasted year after year after year and he quickly learned his one-hundred word vocabulary, and started naming others things, to build that vocabulary to 150-words.
At first it was an observation, now it was a reality. One of the things The Tall One had learned from his grandson was ‘self awareness’ he recognized himself, in the reflection of water, it was a mirror, as the boy had pointed out one early morning, splashing water and looking and splashing and then the Tall One wanted to see what exactly he was looking at, only to find out, he was looking at himself. And it seemed to him, that was exactly that. And now he gave him a specific name, Owl, for he stared into nothingness, like an owl on a branch, but the boy was always thinking.

Owl’s Manual

The Tall One had died, and Owl was now a full grown person, he had built his vocabulary to five-hundred words, he had trouble with verb tenses, but he had nobody to teach him, he repeated his new words—and his kind grew stronger in linguistics, and there was of course no one to say he was in error. Owl’s assistant, his helper in teaching his kind symbols and language, he called Rove, because he had found him wondering in the open plains, brought him home, he had been of the tribe that branched out from the long dead, Agro—he seemed to have a different dialect, but was aware of many things, as someone had taught him on the side, the things the Tall One, was teaching his horde, with it, one might have even thought, Rove, was a transgenic, a hybrid, from those aliens behind the clouds, he was sharper than Owl, and Owl was amazed at the promptness he could put things together. Would the teacher soon be taught by the student? Man was developing and his genetic pool was enlarging at the same time.
There were these splits that were taking place, and very rapidly, not over millions of year either as one might expect, these genetic differences were evolving rapidly, in hereditary terms, perhaps within a ten-thousand year period, realizing ordinary such changes would take longer, but sexual preference can and did produce rapid genetic change; that is to say, from one stage to the other for humanity’s sake; between the Chimps or apes, and the Neanderthal, and perhaps the same between the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon (in a like manner, it would seem once looked at closely, and perhaps more sensed than understood: the world, the earth I mean and all living things on the earth and the earth itself or the planet, shares an fundamental agreement with all life around them, we are all more polarized—to one another than we think, genetically and nature wise. And this sharing goes back thousands of years. )


If you could have talked to Rove, who would become in time the wise leader of both sects, his home had been near the Black Sea, and Owl’s from the French European side, and if you could read his symbolism on those cave walls, it all would have given you a familiar story, one they lived—but could not express fully, that their ancestors roamed these areas 24,000 BC, ten-thousand years before them, and lived a very long time in rock shelters, they might admit they were homo sapiens in the making and Neanderthals of the past; but they’d had preferred to be called, early humans, that it took a long while to get to this stage perhaps because of the infections and battles they had with one another, this, trouble with fused vertebrae in their necks, coming from traumatic injuries, and the adult females lived with skull fractures, and perhaps a little mental retardation. Owl, and Rove, was learning they would never live to tell their story, so they handed it down to their children, put it on the walls, and in creating tools and weapons. There structure was similar to Metazoans (animals in general), and if one was to push it, perhaps not much different than humans and aliens, you know, those beings behind the clouds—whatever, and whomever they were, and whatever they were doing, and maybe they were working on experiments, who’s to say, a little genetic narrowing in regions in addition to regions that explicitly code for protein, and if one could regulate these, modify them, use as a pattern in creating a smarter species—it would help evolution out—push it forward at an excessive speed.
The question comes up, or may come up, or perhaps did come up at this juncture if indeed there were these beings behind the clouds, if they really were trying to produce, or enhance the human species, could they hybridize to be made human-zee. In other words, could they put on the shell of the human body, to live in breathe-breathing, oxygen world like humans, especially, if they themselves could live thousands of years? Were they trying this? Trying to create a better human being and then insert their genes directly into them, or into an embryo, that would produce a child like them. Beings that could not have children: a dying race?

Rove’s Legacy

So now they had communication, and a tinge of language, the genes of speech were intact, and the voice box had been for a very long time, simply inactive. All this seemed to be happening over night, someone knew something, and Rove knew someone knew this something he didn’t know about him and his race, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he looked in the sky a lot, saw things that looked suspicious—what he didn’t know was that some genes are activated environmentally inside of humans, which activate other genes when activated, thus the worm remains a worm, yet is not all that different genetically than man; put a different way, there are multiple coding sequences involved. But he knew somebody was up yonder, looking down, but who could it be, and what were they up to?

Saber-tooth Tiger

Owl had grown very old, and all those before him had died, now walking outside his cave, a saber-toothed tiger, leaped—seemingly out of nowhere—leaped upon him, bit his head off, chewed his flesh as he kicked about, and Rove could hear the crunching of bones.
The natural world was still alive, hungry, although the attacks were less frequent and the large cats no longer roamed freely like they had at one time—some fifteen-thousand years prior (an end of another age), leaving in the memory of all (genetically perhaps) that they brought man to his knees, at which time, mankind came to the edge of extinction (perhaps 2000-of his species left)—long, long ago—but for the most part, they were normal attacks still.

The Legend &
Legacy (The Great Gap)

Advance: starlight: a man can see by starlight, just as well as by moonlight, if he takes the time and now man was about to experience this: that is, a change in light, a change, perhaps a transgenic change, the idea was to introduce a new trait, not that anyone in particular wanted it to happen, but now was the time for it to happen if indeed it was going to take place at all. Environmental conditions were changing. This was to be the new image for mankind, a richer one perhaps, and more critical, more reliable; consequently, new genes would flow through the new now generations, and into darkness this new intelligence would take this new opportunity, to advance: and with the old Neanderthal and new cultivated intellectual genes, a more crude and cultureless people came about, drifted deeper into the labyrinth of ruin. Evils became ingrained over time, saturated the earth’s environment.

Fortress and Citadel of the East

There was now to be, a great disturbance, a king from the east, had started a legend, of a man who talked to the clouds, and the man in the clouds, talked back, and rumor said, he was in the lands of where the roots of the old Sumerian kings once ruled, and he sent out men to find this place, yet he could not, this was King Dadasig, of the second dynasty of Kish, who ruled 201-years. The population during those far-off days, let’s say, at about 8700 BC, was perhaps close to one million, a thousand years more, at 7200 BC, Jordon would boast 120,000 population, and at the Great Flood between 4500 to 3600 BC, perhaps nine-million. But at this juncture what was taking place was this: a new form of human had been created, one that showed all the signs of a highly intellectual individual, one that walked in harmony with nature and its creator, talked to the animals. In a location (now, Iraq), no one could find, yet it would seem in their own backyard. And then it came to pass, this location became desolate, and the two who came out of it, the female and the male, split up for 130-years, and she gave birth to a new generation, and so did he, and so did their offspring, thus, a new hybrid of human was in the makings, what took place outside of that location, produced inside those early humans, a master gene, that would in time, enhance every embryo on earth. It would be, the legacy of those two humans, yet there was a pure bloodline also. This was the legend that the king was after, and its legacy, he could never quite put his finger on.

But as time went on:

The Watchers
And the Giants
(or those behind the Clouds)

There came also a time—thereafter, when this gene pool was again infected—a few more thousand years down the road, when those beings behind those clouds came down to earth, genetically put on flesh: how they did this is still in question, and mingled with earth’s inhabitants—cohabitating with the human females. This produced deformed beings, half human, and half supernatural, giants, and animalistic looking creatures, they even mingled with animals: aliens in flesh. If we were to look at historical documents, we could proceed to review the books of Enoch, read the old scriptures of Gilgamesh, go to the land known as the Plateau of Bashan, where King Og, once ruled the last of the Rephaim, and its Giants. To each legend, if one looks deep enough, he or she will find where the truth resides. Giant human bones have been found, so this is no mystery, and aliens seem not to be so far fetched nowadays, it’s all unfolding in front of us, no more of the hush, hush dilemma that it once was. We seemingly just can’t put the finger on anything, although our focus is getting better. But whatever the case, these beings infected again the inhabitants of earth, and the earth rejected this, and that fellow, who did all the talking from the clouds, was no longer talking to anymore to anybody other than a few select prior to His Great Flood, which was soon to take place, that wiped out nearly the whole human race, although there were those that were left—of what nature I don’t know, but left for what, to perhaps show those who came from the loins of Noah, and King Og, humanity was taking a new turn.

Pre Adamic
(They were who they were)

The split between the old Neanderthal and the new Neanderthal, came about 90,000 BC (which produced today’s modern homo sapiens), as the Cro-Magnons came into existence between 27, 000 to 23,000 BC, whereupon, another split took place. But if we were to go back to the Pre Adamic age, the age where another race came to its end, and at that point gave birth to the Neanderthal, that would put the face of man, back onto the earth—oh, not like it was, but similar, we must go back to perhaps 600,000 to 350,000 BC, who’s to really say. But something took place back then, something nobody has been able to explain completely, total. But had you talked to those walls, picked up those bones, listened to the legends, you might have come up with, the truth, and perhaps it went something like this: somewhere in the past man had built a kingdom, perhaps pleural, it was the Pre Adamic age, actually, it was just before that age, because after that age, is when a degeneration took place among the living beings on earth, a collapse, which produced the Neanderthal. Before this, the brain of man was much larger, as we see in the Neanderthal vs. modern man.

The Mask and the Sword

There were kings of the earth back in those long forgotten days, 241,198 BC, the first being Alulim, then Alagar, and Enmeenluanna, and there was a great flood in those days, and kingship was send down form on high, a being that was light, and controlled half the solar system, thus, he controlled earth, until he tried to take control of the Universe, and then all the kings that were before him, and after him were cursed, into morbid despondencies, to roam the earth in hopelessness. Death was not yet created, as we know it; and those who did die physically, lived in an invisible mist, and called ghosts, until, the great Gap, the legacy.

The Present:

Awakening from the Dream
(Lee Maverick)

Tamarind, of Ushuaia

When Lee Maverick woke up from his sleeping and dreaming mode, he stood up, Sandra had left, and he saw Tamarind coming around the corner of the blanket, swinging her purse, her cheeks were chilled from the outside winds, likened to red apples. Over her shoulder her girlfriend, Sandra stood and smiled, Tamarind said with a smile, “You’ve been sleeping for several hours,” her face was flushed, and a few of the other girls were pacing as if they were on a cow path in the large room. “I was afraid to wake you up,” she said, she even looked younger than Sandra. Now Sandra was walking slowly backwards. The whole world seemed to be caving in on Lee, and for that matter, everyone, and here he was having sex, and about to have more with everyone around the fire in the center of the room.
No one tried to stop Tamarind; you could hear the winds coming in from the west, for the Tierra Del Forgo Mountains, down into the Drake Passage, and Cape Horn. He didn’t know what Tamarind was going to do, she came to him slowly, as he laid back down, she jumped over him, he pushed the blanket aside, and she was certain she could hear his heart beating, she was a bit frightened, not quite knowing what to do, but trying to pretend she did.
His breath was becoming slower she noticed, as he rose and fell, her body trembling, as was her lips, but then it all stopped.
“Please don’t keep your body so rigid,” said Lee Maverick to her.
She continued looking at him wile he tried to make love to her, trying to think of something to tell her. “I’ve got to be with you,” she said, “I know that,” clutching the mattress tightly.”
“Should I stop?” he asked.
“No, I can’t let you do that,” she replied. She turned her head as if to look around the blanket covering both of them, hanging over a rope in the big room, to see if any of her girlfriends were watching, and said nothing as there was a deepening feeling inside of her.
“Actually, I have been waiting for several hours thinking about this,” she released her hands staring at Lee, into the darkness of the room, “I know this will be short, but I want to remember it, please kiss me.”
“Please,” she begged, “please,” but Lee Maverick had already been kissing her; she was lost into the ecstasy of the moment. She was running swiftly with her feelings. Lee could force her to stop, it was for humanity, this event was taking place, but why stop he told himself, if he didn’t he wouldn’t know what to say to her. And he did not mind so much the pleasure, even if it was simply immediate-gratification, and no more than that.


And God said to Enoch, “Write all this down, all you have seen in your visions, all human history, for a remembrance!” And Enoch did as he was told, he wrote this all down in 365 books, and told the story of mankind from his beginning to its end, in detail, and that was that. And these books are kept in a secret place, for future reference.

No: 712 (11-08, 9, & 10-2010)