Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Bulls of Bashan (a prophetic poem, revised 2011)

The Bulls of Bashan

(A prophetic Poem)

“I am the punishment God has sent you for having committed such great sins!”

Dennis L. Siluk, Ed.D.
Three Time Poet Laureate

The Bulls of Bashan
(A prophetic Poem)
Copyright © 2011 by Dennis L. Siluk, Ed.D.


“I am the punishment
has sent you
for having committed
such great sins!”

home to the
Angelic Renegades,
the dark abode
of torment,
torture and agony!

Given to those who
left their first abode,
who shed their house
from heaven—,
That heaven gave,
for flesh and skin,
to cohabitate
with earthly women,
who gave birth to those Giants of Old,
called the Nephilm
and Rephaim—
in those far-off days,
in the time of Noah,
whose sons
at the Circle of Rephaim:
Stone Heap
of the Wildcat!

The very ones
to be released
from Tartarus,
cast into the end-days

((that everlasting place
of woe and darkness;
now restraint in chains
only to return
to get revenge—
the angelic renegades)
(here they wait,
in that pit of darkness
with their sons of old—
the Bulls of Bashan,
and the demonic foe))


“I am the punishment
has sent you
for having committed
such great sins!”

These giants
of old
were bold:

Greek Titans,
partly celestial,
these were the Nephilim,
the Star People—
the ghosts,
the spirits,
the dead ones,
the Bulls of Bashan…
the Lord cried:
“The Bulls of Bashan…
have weighed down
my earth…”

(says He
who speaks
in Psalms).


“And then I saw the Legs
of mud” said Daniel.

And they were of miry clay—
made of dust,

And there the world was,
without boundaries
Global terrorism—
nuclear proliferation,
a cosmic threat,
a new world order
a new horizon.

Don’t be surprised,
the Nephilim are alive.

They, they are
the men of miry clay
(the dead
that once
were of heaven’s abode,
the old,
the cold ones,
mixing with iron…
to no resolve).


Like in the days
of Noah!
(From the roots
of Gaza, and those
at the Golan Heights:
the Nephilim
were left to fight…)
and now,
comes again,
this beast!
And the Trinity
cries in Psalms,

“The kings of the earth
are against us…
how silly can they be!”

O somehow
aim to throw
off the shackles
of God—
an unpalatable

“It is because the Rephaim
will not be resurrected,”

says Isaiah
in those far-off days—

“…and so it shall be
soon, as it was
in the days of Noah!”

(From the roots
of Gaza,
and those
at the Golan Heights:
the Nephilim
will come to fight.)

“So shall the end-days be…”

reiterates Jesus.

What on earth
did He mean?

The return
of the
Angelic Renegades:
into the window
for their illumination,
the enormous window
of everyday life
(look for Zeus—the
False Gods are coming),
the hologram:
that was,
and will be,
the three
dimensional map
for us earthly beings,
the “B’nai Elohim’
this hard cold breed
of angelic beings,
the Nephilim—
are on the rim
of earth
ready to integrate—
the world at large.

And the Lord cries out:

“Your gods are here…!”

They illuminate:

And the Lord cries out:

“Man appointed mortal sorrow;
but the blessed God shall come
down, teaching and shall the
despair rest and be comforted.”

So do not fear,
but pray,
and pray hard.

And to all those
who profit
by death,
stare into forever
for God has sent

“I am the punishment
has sent you
for having committed
such great sins!”


there shall be
no order
out of chaos.
And God does not need
to protect Israel,
(or anyone.)

all the shadows cascading,
the New World Order
becomes restless,
and that means
no more Jesus,
and that means,
now more America,
and Moscow,
and Iran,
and Jerusalem,
and the yoke
the White House shredded,
the White House
become thin:
in an angry world,
the President,
an instrument
of God—
to be used for man’s
to initiate his plight.

Says Nostradamus:

“(Your American President)
he is in prophecy—you see,
the Last King of the South
to be: the Great Power,
who came from the dark
side of slavery.”

As people
were drawn to Hitler,
so they will be
drawn to Him,

“…but be aware of the power
given the Dark One:”

says Nostradamus—
the Antichrist
is near…!

He is
by those hierarchical

which can descend
any ordinary mortal—

a common
unsanctified man.

Says Timothy:

“In the last days these will be
very different times:
for people will love
only themselves…
They will be boastful
and proud, scoffing at God…
ungrateful. They will
consider nothing
unloving and unforgiving…
they will betray their own
friends…puffed with pride…
stay away from people
like them! They are
the kind…they have depraved
minds and a counterfeit

the leopard
comes up out
of the sea
((Obama) (USA))

last king
of the south.

He will provoke Russia,

look in the
Book of Revelation,
Chapter Thirteen.

I stood upon the sand
of the sea,

and I saw
a beast
rise up out
of the waters…

the name was

(the rise of the

And all
I could remember,
and I smiled

“Thou shalt break them
with a rod of iron;
thou shalt dash them
in pieces like a potter’s
vessel.” (Says the Lord)

Notes: references: Jude 6; 2 Cor. 5:2; Josephus Flavius; 2 Peter 2. 4, 5, Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs; Traditional Rabbinical Literature; Psalms 22; Revelation 11; Psalms 2:1-3 (The Trinity); Reference to angelic beings “B’nai Elohim”; the Septuagint (written by 70-scholers, in Alexander, Egypt, 15-years to write, Old Testament into Greek Language (see: Genesis 6:1-2 Bene HaElohim “Sons of God” referring to angels, the fallen ones the Nephilim, born of the earth, and the hybrids, their offspring); 1 John 11 and 12; Job 1:6; Luke 20; Obama reference to Revelation 12:1; Tartarus, in Greek means hell, a dark abode of woe. Poem No: 2772 (Written 8-8-2010) Revised in style, 11-2010.