Saturday, September 5, 2015

Torpid Old Men

For  the old man, the old man it is not good
To be with other old men, more than he should!
He is a beautiful object, or thing,
And his place is in the circle of young folks—
Counted down in decades and generations.
And all looking up to the patriarch
With filial reverence, keeping him warm by
Their own youthful baring youth. Thus:
Giving him freshness of thought and feeling!
All at ease, as if the essence was naturally
Born to his heart. His wisdom mellow,
More gentle and generous.
But if left to himself, expect the opposite, he
Grows old, selfish, not beautiful, ugly,
Mean and torpid; and once he becomes
All this, he becomes a stranger in the world
He lives, he becomes unamiable…


By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. H.c. ©copyright, 9/05