Friday, September 11, 2015

A View on Today’s Abortion

Women, who have had an abortion, are now protesting that our Federal Government not provide funding for it, it’s about time.  When I worked with women in prison, as a counselor, back in the ‘90s, every woman who had an abortion regretted it. One of the questions they’d ask, and per near all asked it, ‘Where did my baby end up, in heaven or hell!’ it sounds strange to get such a question like that, I explained the biblical essence of the question to them concerning the child, being an Ordained Minister along with a licensed counselor, I had the credentials to do so; even if the BOP didn’t like it. And that gave them some comfort. Melissa Ohden, I give her credit for standing up to this horrific practice.  When my oldest child went for an abortion, I heard about it within hours of her having it.  I called up the abortion clinic, asking to talk to her,  you can guess which one I was at, the most renowned, we’re talking over 30-years ago; anyhow they said they’d not let me in to talk to her because I’d talk her out of it, she was 16-years old.  I was paying child support at the time, and demanded to be allowed this right, and I even went to the Minnesota Governor’s office, to no avail.  And went to the clinic, and they said, she was now in the process of the abortion, so it was of no use for me to disturb the process. I have long believed these clinics are on a one-way street, a profit making business to say the least.  When another of my daughters was with child—in the 90s, a social worker ask me to allow an abortionist-nurse to talk to her on such a procedure, she was also quite young and under my care, and I said not before I do.  And now that child is 22-years old, and loves his mother dearly. This Planned Parenthood is right out of Hell’s deep abyss. Obama is for it, the Pope is against it, most everyone I know who had one, regrets it, why do we fund it?  Over a half million abortions a year, God forbid, will America ever be purged from its reckless behavior! And what will be her consequences?

Dr. Dennis L. Siluk