Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who is Allah?

I think Allah is the old Baal of Palestine, of 4000 B.C., come back in a ghostly reincarnation, around 600 A.D.
This is of course an opinion, not a fact, who’s to say, who knows Allah, but Allah.
He may be the Muslim god, but he’s not of any Christian origin, or for that matter, Jewish ingenious, or foreknowledge, or linked to Elohim; god forbid, should he be.
Indeed we have suspicions of this certain Islamic deity, whom we do not know what he can do, and whatever he does do…
But we do know what his followers can do, and have done, and want to do.
Pope Benedict, warned us of this Allah, he felt it was his duty; and what is a warning other than a threat lingering somewhere in the liberal darkness, with intent to destroy Jesus and usher in a new age of Islam.
As I was about to say, after Pope Benedict warned us Christians, was it not  Allah who sent people to warn Pope Benedict he was stepping into death row should he continue his guff on their religious belief? As the Islamic Group ISIS, has warned now, the President of the United States today (2-10-2015) by saying: “We are watching you,” and we all know what that infers, no quizzes here.
Was it not Allah, who sent a Muslim Warrior to kill a previous pope?
And of course, we have 9/11 to credit Allah and his followers with.
What is my point?  It is the premise: Who is Allah?
There are lots of things I want to know, and I’d like to know who Allah is, he’s getting a pretty horrific reputation.
The truth is, I haven’t a lot to go on.
“Is he mad?” I ask myself.
“Has he gone over the edge?”
When you hear of all these killings, I nod my head, and don’t know what to say.
We all know in America, Obama is not a Muslim, nor a Christian, nor a Jew, he too, is mysterious, for who is he? He’s like Allah; perhaps more like some impertinent question mark.
Well, I shouldn’t be telling you this, this is off the record: we’ve been waiting for Obama a long time, us Christians, he’s written in the Good Book, he’s here to destroy America, and he’s doing a good job of it, and then after that, Armageddon!
And to be frank, He’s too cleaver to let ISIS, murder him (remember, he’s the one who got ben Laden, perhaps they forgot), as they would like to do. And as he has stated, as Obama has stated: he believes Allah could be, might be, God Almighty, if this is true, Obama might be playing double-spy, for both sides.  

No: 4697/2-11-2015