Friday, February 20, 2015

Three Poems


Late Train to Haguenau (1974)

From Dieburg, to Strasbourg to Haguenau, France
On a late train, with a wild thought we went—
Cody keeping himself occupied with a toy car:
Set his blood astir; aroused and awake,
Glitter in his eyes (at three; he’s silent but wondering):
Youth tossing in balance with his life, on this late train seat:
I marveled: O’ Lord what does he think?
What would he say if he could: fitter days to come?

No: 4701/ 2-20-2015 (4:00 a.m.)


The Hearth in Amsterdam (1975)


My boy, my boy, I know, more than another
What makes your heart beat so!
All shuffled there, it’s been a long train ride,
From Babenhausen, to Amsterdam; now—
Now sitting warm, nearby a guesthouse’s hearth
Chilled is the wind outside its doors!
What made us dream, as it were all life’s epitome.3

No: 4702/ 2-20-2015 (4:15 a.m.)



          The Meadows of Garmisch (1976)
Cody thumb in mouth, the Poet, and Sawn, in Garmisch, Germany in 1976, by the meadow…

And now in my old age, time’s over the moon,
Yet, it shall not rob me of my joys,
For those far-off days shall be courted,
Those days in Garmisch’s meadows,
Strolling with my twin-boys.

For Cody and Shawn
No: 4700 (2-18-2015)

Note: Although Garmisch is in the mountains, and a skiing resort, it is in a valley of sorts, and in certain areas there are grazing lands, this is the essence of the poem, not necessarily the mountains, although they make for a nice background.

Note: two poems to be added to the forth coming book: “Stars over Germany” which has been: a work in progress for nine years, of which are twenty-two poems, complete. To be out in 2016