Thursday, February 12, 2015

It’s Too Late!

Impassioned Prose Poetry

It’s too late to enter into explanations about my life, and for those who have hurt me, I must hold my tongue!
What is done, is done!
Mind you don’t utter a word,” my mind’s-eye, tells me, “It’s a privilege to be alive at your age!”
But nobody’s giving into explanations at this very moment anyhow.
I know there’s a faint malice in this tone—
Don’t let it rouse your curiosity, like a windmill:
I have been given to understand that all will be ironed out elsewhere;
I very much doubt it, it needs to be settled here on earth…
That other person is not very well informed!
Earth is the specialized place in the removal of unwanted persons…;
For Heaven hardly a new Idea!

No: 4696/ 2-10-2015

DLSiluk © 2/2015