Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Sudden Death

Impassioned Prose Poetry

I wanted to say it was all nonsense, when I heard it.
I wanted to reassure myself of this—
This Bad news, perhaps was misunderstood news, why?
Because bad news is hard to swallow promptly.
“Yes, it was bad news!” I told myself.
“It’s not possible,” I urged my mind’s eye.
“It’s not possible for in a moment’s time, that one can die so suddenly, being so young!”
“Isn’t it?”
I talk to myself a lot in such times.
You don’t believe it at first, —you can’t believe it—
But I have in the past already admitted the possibility of such a thing, sudden death, a young death, I’ve seen it before—
Otherwise I’d not be writing what I’m writing, now would I.
And to be frank, believing and then it actually happening, makes it worse!
But evidence, is evidence, there’s a dead man in the coffin to prove it…
And to be honest, the older you get, the less evidence you need.
Becoming ill over a death, is also a form of supplementary evidence, and his wife I think is ill, belief just hitting her, with knee jerks, stomach pain, it all comes with the package.
“It’s just a death—something of that kind,” someone mumbles in the background.
I mean, it’s not the worse or the best kind of death, sudden death, and we all got to face it, sudden or not! — Not bury our heads in the sand until it’s too late to make peace with God.
This is not ridiculous mumbo jumbo, no bag of tricks here!
The devil traps us, he creates an atmosphere that appears important:
This is really concealment!
He doesn’t want you to hear the voices at the distance; you see, the angels are calling (and he’s got his radio loud!)…

No: 7-9-2015/ No: 4695
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