Friday, November 9, 2012

Window, of the: Woodbridge Demon (1984)

Something is out there!
Out there!
Out there where?
Outside the Window!
The head of a demon!
Something there, outside the window, where?
The head is there, right over there!
No, the lamp is there…
No, the lamp is not there, not where I see the demon; the demon is over there…
What’s he look like?
He’s wearing a hat and the eyes, wide and deep pitted, lit up!
Nothing more—?
       (the apartment is three stores up)
He’s right out there (pointing), can’t you see him?
Like as if, in front of me?
Not quite, now he is gone!
The head and the face of the demon gone: like vanished?
You didn’t see him?
No, sorry, but I do believe you Ma!
       (she trembles, — it’s an odd moment)

#3456 (11-3-2012)