Friday, November 9, 2012

A Message from my Mother

And deep in the placid waters of the mind
       (silently winds shift back and forth)
Here where dreams come out and visions and voices
In waves of ripples
I awoke to the dust of the dead
       ((4:58 a.m.)(October 30, 2012))
The voice of my beloved Mother—
Now dead some nine-years and five-months
Hunting for a hidden opening, a porthole
As if standing and waiting
My mind told me: be still, now listen
I saw a glimpse of her face
Or more
I listened.
“Chick,” she said a name she used to call me.
“I am okay!” she emphasized (then a hesitation)
“I’m with the Lord” she said softly (then a hesitation)
 “Say Okay?” She asked.
And I did out loud, twice (as my wife awoke)
Then tears came to my eyes
It seemed a warm wind tiptoed between us
Between polar worlds: between earth and heaven.
It’s been a longtime waiting, I thought
We had agreed on this, if possible a long time ago.
The winds open its doors (from God’s Storm Room)
In its own good time…!

#3452 (October 30, 2012)