Friday, November 9, 2012

The Grand Toad of Vitas Creek

[A legend, out of San Jeronimo, Peru]

The Grand Guard, a Toad at Vitas Creek
If you are proven brave and worthy
You may pass his presence, go beyond… 
Seek whatever treasures you may fancy.
Hence, should you not be capable
Of such a feat, and proved unworthy
The old, and Gran Toad of Vitas Creek
Will swallow you, from head to foot.

Note: Vitas Creek can be seen from the top looking down towards the city of San Jeronimo, from Unishcoto Ruins, in the Mantaro Valley.  It is most difficult to get to the ruins without a guide.  It looks from the valley an easy task, but it is not, lest you go almost all the way around the mountain, the long way, and slowly upwards.  In any case, Unishcoto Ruins is the best preserved ruins in the valley thee, and worth the trip and effort, and so is the legend of the Grand Toad of Vitas Creek, you will most likely meet and have to persuade to go beyond.  #1511 [10/17/2006] Dedicated and inspired by Betty Turin.