Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Girl Friend

The Girl Friend
((or: Thinning Heart) (2012))

For years you lived in the same house—
Your portrait is everywhere
The oldest of the children
You saw each other’s clothes hanging in closets
Tooth brushes and hair brushes hanging in the bathroom.
And when you went to college
You gave all your tuition away: to your girlfriend (for hers)!
You sold your education for a love affair, for a year of lust.
Keeping up the charade,—and then she left you, went off
To some other place (no blood in either of your faces)
If anything you deserve each other: like to like, same to same!
All this, while your parents slept on a borrowed bed, to pay
Your girlfriend’s tuition, unknowing; small thanks—
You have a dark and soft side to you, and a thinning heart!...
(Perhaps not so unlike your father.)

Written 6-3-2014 (No: 4357)