Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pool at: Bram’s Bar ((A Donkeyland Poem) (Late: 1960s)

Pool at: Bram’s Bar
((A Donkeyland Poem) (Late: 1960s)

It   was twenty-five cents a game of pool at Bram’s
A corner bar, the whole gang, patronized, during the late 1960s—
In the summers the side fans pushed out the spiraling smoke;
In the winters, we’d all choke.
Hooded lights over the bar, — bright lights over the pool table;
It reeked with barleycorn and saggy nicotine and tar!
You’d drink a beer, look at the nearby clock—
Tell the mind, ‘Just one more! Then out the door!’
But when the mind talked back, it insisted on more!
Across from the bar, a pool table stood, and
There was always someone with a cue—
Calking its blue tip, bored blue! Or playing so.
Then broke the balls, scratched; some even run the table,
Some missed the easiest of shots!—
And in-between shots, we all studied what we’d do,
If we had the cue.

Written 6-3-2014 (No: 4358)
For Mike Siluk, Larry Lund, Big Ace & Doug