Monday, June 30, 2014

Ode on the 50th Anniversary Reunion

(Washington High School, 50th Reunion Tribute—2015) St. Paul, Minnesota

Though we live yet! These few days,
Although they seem not few,
Since here we stop to gather them:
Our moments and our goals.
Life bent us to and fro
As season triumph season;
We could not know life’s goals,
Nor understand fates reasons.
And yet we loved and dreamed,
And somehow found our way;
And some of us followed our dreams
And some of us went astray.

We learned of God, of change, of death;
And who is left I cannot tell—
But grieve I will, with trembling lips,
And to them I say farewell! And
Farwell, — those yet to be bereaved,
With God’s mercy, do confess;
Do not forbore, let the heart grieve,
So the soul can find some rest.

Here, in this stanza, I at last
Render to you, my old comrades
My own farewell, ah! In advance—
A tale untold, of my past…

No: 4416 (6-28-2014)
By: Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c. © 6-2014