Monday, April 21, 2014

To My Seraphim

Forever and forever, my Seraphim, my Seraphim!
Alone here on earth I live, alone I shall die…?
And trade truth for certainties, — yet all is uncertain!
And I listen to the lies, and push the gravest ghosts aside:
Call them fables, list I fear most;
And wait for the wolf in his baaing hood,
The white hooded wolf, flocked with dark leaves!
The one I pushed aside: web-dark deep in the mind.

I live and sleep, down deep, in a dew dipped lair,
One that none of us, lie innocent in; here, loping and
Hoping, and blithely talking, we tell our gooseherd tales—
Animal eyed, ding-donged tales; hearthstone tales!
We are the wolf and the fox, the sly and the meek, the thief!
And we tell them like bleating, sweeping homespun 
Enchanters:  gobbling up attics long gone from our sight…
As the world spins silently apart!  —as the tall told tales
Are told far and wide, with rose-shire red eyes: we eat,
Force-fed, flock-falling hypocrisy, fleecily —!

The saga of man, leaps and never sleeps, it is:
Bleak, boogied, and bowed: yawning for the clouds!
And here I sit, writing in a cyclone of silence. 

Forever and forever, my Seraphim, my Seraphim:
This, is what I was part of when I lived: shielded by you!—
I, but a mere winged-wrist, worn-out bed-reddened bird,
In the wooded, woods, with woos and owls and tall tailed
Devils, dell mooned devils; and shielded by a Seraphim,
Awaiting to be brought home by, God’s Holy Ghost!

Written 20th of April, 2014 /No: 4312
By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. h.c.

Copyright © April, 2014