Saturday, April 26, 2014

Eve’s Eldritch Opus (Ebony-sonnets)

Eden’s Woman (Part I of III)

Love denied her that thing it so desired.
Without warning the gulf got narrower!
And from her lips, apple-juice dripped, dark.
For the moment, mindful pride shattered.
She was after all, mere clay, subject to stay:
He was man, all man, just man and then some.
She was all woman, and unlike any soul.
Now she had on her lips, an apple cold stain.

Then she realized the significance…
He had trembled, at the thought of her nerve:
Now a vassal: of flesh, bone and soul, for Satan! 
He paused from his work, looked up at her mane.
His arms flushed out to her, to her parse.
She had indeed, brought heaven down to gaze.

Eden Dethroned (Part II of III)

At the sound of her voice, love struck a blow—
Or better, like a bell, struck deep from Hell.
Dethroned by the netherworld; a hard blow.
In his whirling brain, he loved hopelessly:
In that moment of madness why did he?
It was a way he could express his love!
The lofty emotion he had felt for her.
It was a love that comes to all lovers…!

It came to him, in a whirlwind of fire.
For he had never been in love before.
His eyes like the sun, transfigured his face.
His nakedness penetrated his brain.
He remembered God had called him out,
Wondered where he had gotten that apple.

The Owl of Eden (Part III of III)

Her eyes have seen the steles of Satan.
Fire like foam coming out of a thick sides:
She has felt the deadest stain come alive!
The owl of Eden hoots, like a scant sear:
The memory of loss, will cling for years.
The skull of man, now will stare at the sky!
And women will now give birth, cry and die.
She brought no glory for her man, to spare.

Eden now is dust, Samaritan dust.
The sphinx fly’s over its suckling skies:
Where Arab, Jew and Gentile have warred and died!
Here Baal, Elohim—were ridiculed, decried.
Under the indecipherable weary sky.
Here lives the monoliths of Eve and death.

Now here, lives the legends of Eve and death.  
Ebony and crystal, monoliths, eyelids.
Only the toad has found here, a place to live.
Here still the owl lives in oblivion!
And Adam, a monument to man’s demise.
Here on both sides, all men walk with no pride.

Note: Part written 4-25-2014, Part two and three 4-26-2014.

Written in sonnet form: Spenserian, Italian, or Caudated form.  (No: 4325)