Friday, February 21, 2014

Throne of the Cross

Jesus enters Jerusalem to die on a wooden cross;

The throne is of wood too: he is our King—

Not having received earthy honors, nor ruling, rulers,

Nor to be powerful: thus, he is not seen as King to many eyes of the world!

But to die on a wooden cross he will, with a throne made of wood.

But what does all this mean?

It means: His blood that will cleanse the wounds of the world, the sins

And the barbaric evils of the world!

So, what does all this mean?

You see, it is all done by God’s mercy, and his empty pockets

(pockets that have no end to the flow of his mercy)!

Nor does the evil under Jesus’ cross has any weight!

He conquers it with the wooden throne of the Cross.

#4166 *2/6/2014 (Galilean: 532)