Friday, August 24, 2012

The Legend of: Yurinaqui Falls, and the Ghost-fish (in the Jungles of Satipo)

The customs of the many, who tell of the legends in Peru, follow with some truth and some dreams to every talk, always with some history, I do believe. I was not there with my friend of many years Chusty, a well known painter in Miraflores, Lima, Peru—I was not there when he told me this story in August of 2012, that took place a year earlier, in the township of Yurinaqui, at a nearby privately own acreage with a beautiful falls on it, but truth be told, legend would verify a mermaid has been seen in those waters under the falls, sitting on the rocks thereabout, swims in the deep waters, where there are sounds of bells, with a most pleasant chime that rings throughout the waters, but it was on this one day—a year now past, this one hot and sunny day, that Crusty visited the falls, unknowing of the legend. But now could, and did attest to me, its authenticity, as I bear out to you:
       Be that as it may, let me tell you of his horrific experience, in the only way I can, somewhat candidly: he was swimming in the deep waters he stopped to fish up a bottle he found, wowed down in the water like a fish again, and came up with another bottle, two now in total; but now his leg was caught in the sucking mud, water up to his waist. He thought for a moment he’d be sucked under, and accordingly it was permitted for him to escape, but not before he saw the huge eye of a gallant fish of some sort—likened to a ghost approaching him. And the noble creature seemed to swell in size as it neared him, as large as he if not larger. And this phantom fish, swam faster and more impatiently as the mud had sucked him nearly under, and it curved round in a circle, as if to devour him—but as I said, he had now freed himself, within those mini-seconds of seeing this phantom fish of sorts.
       Prior to this he had no suspicions he could be a prey of some sort to this female water creature, so legend says it is of that gender.  He had no knowledge of the legend, and now he faced it, seeing but one large eye, as here he thought the end to his merry, active life of painting was over. He could not bear this any further and raging a battle within the dark waters, he thrust with some hidden and tremendous strength, thrust himself out of the ghostly waters complete onto the gradation of some nearby rocks holding on for dear life—and it must be said, he heard those legendary bells, those chimes, those whistles that chant one to a everlasting death, the closer the legendary phantom neared him.

Inspired by Chusty; written 8-11-2012 (Lima, Peru) #948. Yurinaki falls is located in the Region of Junin, Peru, in the city of Pichanaki, in the way to Satipo.