Friday, August 24, 2012


[A Cup of Witticism]

1— There’s an old saying that’s quite true:
‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’; alas,
make sure you make room for a way


2— People don’t choose their fears—;
their jealousies, envies and hates.

3— For every effect there is a basis,
A front, a beginning—and to find
Its end, you must first find its opening.

4— For every outcome, there is created an outlay, or
Expenditure—and profit; and those who will kill
To keep it, guarding it as if it was a lover.

5— Faith believes, it also trusts—,
and it also tests.

6— Evil breeds evil—thus, the initiator has something
to look forward to…unless he gets lost
in its dark tunnel…

7— There are things more powerful than Hell
and its demons: it’s called: self-interest.

8— Sometimes we’re in the mouth of the whale—
and still, other times we are running from the lions;
seldom are we in the jungle undisturbed; thus,
evolution is correct in this manner, the strongest
will survive…but praying won’t hurt.

9— When there is pain, there is a reason for it
And sometimes we don’t care to seek it out and that
Is when you get more pain, and sometimes, that is
What we need, to correct what is wrong.

1/25/2006 [#1105]

10— I hasten to say—statements into man’s character
also refers to his soul!...

11— Character is often molded more by
self-interest; thus, leaving man chained to a clock
that is already cracked.

12— Imagery in poetry, is the phoenix in the poem,
lest you clip its wings and lose its rise from its own

#1122 1/29/06

13— Poets always seem to be looking for a lost
shoe— save, they don’t jump out of
windows first…!

14— Was God a boy scout? No one
thinks so but Americans.

#1136 1/06

15— Being unhappy is the norm for some people;
to point it out, is simply throwing gun-powder
into a fire.

[#1157] 2/2/2006

16— We kill a million Christmas Trees to
celebrate one Man’s birthday each year,
he is special of course, and is worthy of this ritual.
And some folks have complained;
but to be quite honest, the IRS, cuts more down for

#1162 2/2/2006

17— Before you get too old and can’t remember,
it might be wise to figure out how you want to
live, and live it. There is nothing worse than a sad poem
about dreaming of doing it.

#1203 2/12/2006

Hopeful poets die hopeful,
standing around waiting to
give poetry readings when
they could be living—getting
high off of life.

#1199 2/11/06


Emptiness in Kyoto

God created man from emptiness,
Who created form from the emptiness—
       God used—and the ‘form’ had eyes,
Like the sea had islands; and it was good.

#1200 2/10/2006


Delightful Rebellion

…many youths are drunk
       with rebellion—
as if welded into it. My
advice is: get off the drunken
stage, before you fall off.

#1204 2/12/2006


Cold Eyes

The Devil wiz’s along
The edge of earth,
With cold eyes.

#1206 2/13/2006 [Haiku]