Friday, August 24, 2012

Syria’s Bowl of Blood

((Civil War continues in Syria) (August, 2012))

In Syria’s civil war today continues on its way, the blood on the
       sand has blackened—
Melted into the sand, mixed with the rain; black lies the blood every
       evening, throughout Syria’s native soil…
This war is an evil thing, too dark to understand.
Self-inflicted with hollow and cold spirits, that appear in need of a
Who wears the cloak for the mighty nation?
Look, he comes out from the inflexible owl-light—
His face is famous, —
Lucifer, what brings you here?
He does not answer, thus, we must guess!
Perhaps he wants Syria to be the field-headquarters for the ongoing
       bleak, Middle East plight: to make everyone a Muslim, or die Trying?
Perhaps he wants a bowl of blood from each and everyone in Syria?
This heavy corpse-laden corpse-cold land, with violent and
       prowling life, is just his beginning, or perhaps a side attraction!
And the world is watching, watching, watching… as appears:
All biting devils, released from Hell’s abyss, nears!...

#3393 (1-15-2012)