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Haagentis' Mutiny (450,000 BC)

A Short Story

Haagentis’ Mutiny
((The Hidden Ancient World) (450, 0000 to 300,000 BC))

How it might have happened? Part I of II

Rabel was a short, slightly bearded man who’s legs looked as if they had been broken, who worked with this two sons, mining gold on the Nacza plateau, which stretches some fifty miles in the Nacza desert (South of present day Lima, Peru) sometime near the middle of the Pleistocene Epoch, the Old Stone Age period. He had fought with a puma like wildcat, of a large sort, and his wounds never mended properly, he could do little work, and limped painfully about. To the alien force he was known as something of an elder of the group, a tribe, witless but needful as a slave labor leader amongst his kind, of which numbered within his cell group, perhaps near one-hundred and thirty Homo erectus like beings (within this period the Homo sapiens neanderthalensis would be created or born).
Haagentis, being the restless tyrant he was, and captain of the spacecraft, made the sons and daughters of the Rebel tribe work the mineral fields, hills and mines of the region to near the point of exhaustion, likened to racing a horse until it dropped dead.
In the half-dark of the little group of developing humans, work went at a crawl, and Haagentis went about swearing and protesting against delay in work. His planetary mission and his needs were of utmost importance, he claimed, which was for the most part, mining gold. At times he even had his soldiers work alongside the burly looking beings, who created a mimicking quiet protest among the established star gods of the skies; they felt a little belittled for being made to do such work.
Haagentis was fearful of failure, losing his rank, among his kind, or not gaining additional future rank, one or the other, and perchance, both circled his cerebellum, if indeed he had one.
Earth was for the most part, a new mission for his planetary species, he had come from the constellation, Hydra, and near the brightest star, Alphand, some 1700-lightyears away (which is hard to describe such a distance, perhaps if one took the distance between earth and the moon, which is 250,000-miles, that would be but a glass of water, out of the Pacific Ocean in comparison to the distance from Earth to the Alphand Star, and their planet, considering light travels at 186,000 miles per second, and a light-year is equal to near 6-trillion miles, or 5.87) he had used what is called a wormhole from their point of origin to earth, a wormhole being similar to bending or folding time (another example might be, if one is to have a sheet of paper and earth is on the edge of one side of the paper and the Alphand star on the other, it is a distance let’s say of eight inches, folding the paper in half, now you are right next door, or like walking across the street).
“This is our chance,” he yelped, “to save ourselves the scorn of our planet, upon our return home, and deliver to them a year’s supply of energy: if we don’t our planet will suffer because of us.” Although there was perhaps some half-truth to his statement, it was by all means exaggerated.

It came to the point Rabel’s sons and daughters and kin, which made up the majority of the tribe of one-hundred and thirty, were unable to even crawl any longer without resting, and stood up to stretch their weary bones and limbs, as Haagentis stood emotionless by the edge of his large spacecraft, the freight being loaded onto it hourly, throughout the twenty-four hour day—nonstop, and he swore “I feed you beasts, you lazy good for nothing beasts, Work!” He then shouted “Don’t stop the work!” Himself, idling...
He ran back and forth yelling: “You’ll be my ruin, you’ll be my ruin!”
As the Alien soldiers looked at these humanoid creatures, stooped, misshapen figures crawling slowly out of tunnels, and digging on the surface, listening to their grunts, Haagentis driving them like cattle, their hearts were deeply touched, and they wanted to protest but dare not.

In the dim light of one such evening, a particular soldier took note and much interest in the situation, here were slow moving figures of women, crawling, men lifting, long rows of grotesquely misshapen human like beasts, treated like animals for the most part and to the captain they were somewhere around that borderline that distinguishes one from the other. And here they were, driven to hard labor by the likes of god figures, to perform this terrible task that were made for machines and horses, and alike.
An arm went up for the human beasts to rest, it was Haagentis’ arm, and came down three minutes later, again swiftly. Enough of a break, to break the slow rhythms of the human beasts…

The next day this particular soldier, one of the legions finest thought about what he had witnessed, having learned, professionally learned, Genetic Engendering, which was quite advanced on their home planet, he felt, an experiment could take place here, not that it was part of the mission, but it could have devastating effects in the short and long term production of minerals on earth.
At the present this particular soldier felt, Haagentis’ was on a backward road, a stupid and prolonged and insistent repetition was his game, what he felt necessary—no great deeds by him, just some push to get the freight out of the ground, into the spacecraft, into outer space, and on its way back to their home planet, and create a myth of his greatness to the world he was from.
Serr, was the soldier that felt adding one gene, just one gene to the DNA blueprint, within the double helix of the Homo erectus, feeling it would make the difference in advancing this upright humanoid creature to a better understanding of instructions, and awareness, the gene being HAR1. Thus this new creature could take a quantum leap overnight, to becoming what would be coined in future time as, the Neanderthal, undertaking with instructions the actual construction of great monuments, and mining duties, just a little patience would be required.
He had dropped this idea into the computer banks onboard the spacecraft, sending it back to his uncle, ahead of Extraterrestrial Life on Other Planets, at the Planets main University, where his uncle was a professor, and with the planetary counsels permission, the idea became a reality. Serr inferring, in time, earthly methods of cultivation of the soil would change the lifestyles of all such creatures as know known as the Homo erectus.

Haagentis was alarmed at this betrayal of one of his subordinates, but it ended the long exacting hours of slave labor to the point of near deathly exhaustion, and genocide of a race. Although Haagentis’ character didn’t change any, meaning, he swore and threatened as much as ever, but with less intensity, and drive. He never lost any rank, but he never gained any.

No: 802 (4/25/2011)

The Peace Keeper

((The Hidden Ancient World) (300,000 BC to 40,000 BC))

How it might have happened? Part II of II

Those on Serr’ planet, have a life expectancy of 15,000-years. And Serr lived to a ripe old age of 15,019 years, so the annuals of the planet indicate. Under the guidance of his uncle, and the Planetary University, of Greater Science for Extraterrestrial Life on other planets, Serr had come back to Earth a dozen times within his lifetime. And left a legacy for his countrymen, to foster, and in keeping a peace keeping mission, but instead of using the wormhole and coming by ship, he had built the ‘Gate of the Gods’ a solid door within a mountain, of Peru, near Lake Titicaca. (In more modern terms, it is now called a Star Gate, it is a device created by ancient beings where one can travel instantaneous between two planets, and Serr’s uncle had established one, within a stable wormhole. The only way to make it inoperable is to bury it, and thus this one still remains active, to my understanding. There are three left on earth. The technology was already in place when Serr’s uncle had created this devise; it had been created by another race long before, the Alterans, who had built the first one having received his inspiration out of need, when his people had to exodus from their galaxy, like Moses had to exodus out of Egypt.) As I have already indicated it kind of works on the same premise as a wormhole. So it was really old technology renewed, but Serr was the first to have used his uncle’s devise.

Serr had become very famous on his planet, and now his uncle had been dead for some five-hundred years. And what the Planetary Counsel of the Ruling Body of his planet wanted was, a peace keeping force on earth, because several other species of aliens were now coming down to visit—not an invasion, not yet anyhow, but they felt a moral responsibility to do so, plus there were some species who would have liked to have had the planet for themselves, and exterminate all the developing Homo sapiens, and have all the minerals for themselves, while others simply wanted to mine and strip the planet and enslave the inhabitants.
But the question that came up was: “How this could be done without alarming the inhabitants, and not changing the composition of earth’s natural development, with its ever-growing cultures worldwide, it would take careful discrimination.

Serr came up with the answer, or solution, again it would take genetic engineering. But a different kind this time and he needed volunteers. Thus, let me now explain in the best way I can, what he did, and how he did it, which lingers on unnoticed to this very day, although there has been updates in-between.
Upon the death of his uncle, he took his spirit, and found a human shell for his spirit to inhabit (thus he was the first source of the experiment). I am oversimplifying it so let me get into more detail: he somehow found planet volunteers to inhabit the genetic strain, already tracked and selected for use. Finding humans with the least karma (Karma being in its most rudimentary form, and I must reverse this part of it: the lack in creative power, not embracing past and present deeds, a substance of the mind, unseen)(perhaps the best way for me to put it is, they were seeking—trying to find a host for the spirit, a person with low Karma in essence, for the higher one operates in its own field without the intervention of any external, independent ruling agency, thus they needed the reverse as I’ve pointed out, if that makes sense.)
Now, to my understanding, Serr found these individuals, hosts and spirits, now the modification genetically was to attach the two. The egg and the sperm were genetically altered so the appropriate manifestation would occur, then fertilization. At this juncture, the two were assigned to the embryo. Thereafter, a bonding took place between the being and the spirit. They operated at the subconscious level for the most part. The embryo was then transplanted to the host, implanted in the female that is for the gestation process to take place.
And this had worked out quite well, hurtling through time, finding man had made another jump to the Cro-Magnon state over night, pert near, at 40,000 BC. Thus, evolution was altered to accommodate the forth coming, Homo sapiens, which would not be the last stage of development.
What was meant to be an exploration of earth, turned out to be—now in the modern day, a camouflaged peace keeping force, with three-percent of the world’s population being not only mixed with the genetic codes within their DNA of the Neanderthal, but Alien DNA.

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