Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amanda (a ghost story)

Amanda and Simon Magus’ Ghost

(A ghost story) Amanda a slight woman of twenty, with a small round expressive face, at a young age met allegedly the Ghost of Simon Magus (I say allegedly, because he could have been a demon incognito), with his quick nervous fingers, black piercing eyes, long black hair, and the way he could become absorbed in his victim, consequently drawing energy of his victim to him, the ghost—for he had told young Amanda he was such—with this energy source (perhaps a mischievous sprite in disguise, in a charade, of this first century magic sorcerer), clutched the arm of the young girl, her little tense face become expressed, as he became transfigured, from her vigor, accordingly, she lost all her consciousness while in the process of his presence, and opinion she may have wanted to express for the moment she couldn’t (then slowly regained them back). That was the first meeting, ten-years ago, now Amanda, an office worker in a downtown insurance company, insuring the lives of some ten-thousand people, had continued this ongoing interest, in her ghostly relationship, unknowing if he was who he said he was, or of a demonic species. ((Let me update the reader on who Simon Nagus is. Simon the Sorcerer, of Gitta, 1st Century, founder of ‘Simonians’ a 2nd century Gnostic sect, which flourished in Syria, and flourished for some 250-years. As it has been said, he wanted powers the apostles had, and when he was not offered them, he went back to his demonic friends, and in the process told the masses he would fly, to show them his abilities, and he tried to fly, and he did fly with the help of the demonic forces, until Peter the Apostle, prayed to the high heavens, and thus, he fell and broke his legs. So this was the person in his ghostly form, visiting Amanda.)(The question arises, ‘Is that possible?’ This question may come up later.)) Simon had been talking to her flamboyantly of his abilities in past affairs, presupposing: what is the good of having power and talent if you do not use it; it was for the past, his way of thinking, and I would think, it was the way he thought when around Amanda, perhaps wanting to groom her for futuristic endeavors. Amanda was intelligent; even disregarding of the usual womanly points of view to understand her hard driven grey-haired ghost; and during these years had built up a kind of understanding, and affection for each other (or so she thought). The problem being, ghosts may have such attributes, but demons don’t and she became puzzled on his real identity, being at this later stage. He was at this point, part of her childhood they had sat at times, hours to talk and both looked forward with great pleasure to the time spent to together. To her, he was at times her guide, counselor, and seemingly more than a friend. Was he a friend or a henchman? The question now came up. The other question being and I had asked myself this: was she blind, or did she want to be blind? Whatever the case, here was a little woman, half amusement for the eyes of the demon, cloaked as a ghost, laughing and astonished as he tells his fellow comrades in his assigned legion, of his charade. “Oh, I’m not afraid of the Ghost.” She went on to tell me, impulsively. I supposed, I grinned. She was what he called “One of the starving sheep,” meaning, a person who found his world interesting, then it became more than curiosity and interesting, into the area of obsessions. You see there is much truth in the fact the devil would rather have you obsessed with his world—making you no good for God’s world, or completely disbelieving of it—thus, less work for his cronies: anything in-between is annoying for him.

As he had been listening and watching her grow ever since their acquaintanceship began, talking that rang in her ears for years, the little black eyed devil, gave her a glimpse into a whole new purposeful universe of thought and energy, introducing her into a world she never dreamed. Strangely enough, she felt small, insignificant against the great walls of this new world in front of her, a world he was drawing her into.

No: 792 (4/10/2011) Inspired by actual events, although fictionalized