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Interview with: Agliarept (Henchman of Hell)

Interview with: Agaliarept (The Henchman of Hell)(Update 4/2011) Dennis L. Siluk, Ed.D. Three Time Poet Laureate In this Second Version of the interview (2nd), sketches by the author have been Added to the interview, drawn over a ten-year period…by request of the Ruler of the Tenth Hour of the Night…! Interview with: Agaliarept (The Henchman of Hell) By Dennis L. Siluk © 2012 Dedicated to: From the Journalist College of Professionals of Peru, on its 30th Anniversary, the “Merit of Honor,” is given to Dr. Dennis Lee Siluk, for his international literature, and encouraging the public with his creation of “A Leaf and a Rose,” and “Stone Heap of the Wildcat”. Regional Director, Adelmo Huamani Meza, 30 November, 2010 Front Cover and all other art work in this book was done by the Author ▼ Dr. Siluk’s books are available: United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Switzerland, China, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa (to include: throughout the United States and Canada, and England) “…you have been designated Godfather of… the National Newspaper of Peru (“The Voice of the People… is the Voice of God”)… in merit to your fine virtues and profession of service that you have shown throughout your exemplary life that everybody appreciates, admires, and exalts.” Director, Apolinario Mayta Inga & Manager Rivera Flores, October 7, 2009 I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your short story, “Uni’s Street Corner” in Lake Area Business this month. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!! Gloria Stafford, Minnetrista, MN “I received your book “Last Autumn and Winter”…. It's beautiful you have really captured Minnesota. And I love that it is in Spanish and English. … Thanks so much for sending this treasure to me Dennis.” Gail Weber, Editor and Owner of “Exploring Tosca” A Minnesota cultural magazine (5-25-2010) The Synergy Group Recommended Reading (April 2010) pertaining to topics on Behavioral and Emotional Health, the book: The Path to Sobriety…” by Dr. Dennis L. Siluk “I looked through your book (A Leaf and a Rose)…and so far have read two of the selections that related to St. Paul. I especially found interesting ‘The Winter School”’ Diane Horton, MA (St. Paul, Minnesota School Teacher) 3-31-2011 (Subservient to, Lucifugus) An Interview by Chick Evens & Ruler of the Tenth Hour of the Night ((otherwise known here as THN) (Tent in Rank, in the Order of Demon in Hell)) Note: This interview is being given to Chick Evens, by way of a third party; THN, who is asking Chick Evens' questions to Agaliarept, since this cannot be done in person: The Cerberus, the three headed dog monster who guards the gates of hell: Invites you to read the one and only interview, their master has given, Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell The Interview Agaliarept, Henchman of Hell The Interviewee THN: Agaliarept, what's your nationality? Agaliarept: Heaven THN: What is your patriotic allegiance? Agaliarept: My loyalties are to the Infernal Alliance first and foremost THN: What is your age? Agaliarept: for the most part, eternal, perhaps looking around frothy-eight years old or so, it's hard to tell, I shape change, and can be often seen as animalistic looking (An extract from the original interview: “Mr. Evens has drawn a picture of me in one of my many shapes, also verified by a certain person who approached him who had saw the picture, while it was being framed, in Huancayo, Peru, in 2009, saying “I say him…I say the demon, who is he?” To his wife, Rosa; that is as close as you will get to seeing me.”) THN: What is your full title? Agaliarept: I am a demon who is a Grand General of Hell and Commander of the Second Legion. I hold sway over Europe and Asia Minor and to control the past and future; Tarihimal is my sidekick, and we are rulers of Elelogap, and we also govern matters connected with water. THN: What are your characters you'd like others to know about you? Agaliarept: I am intelligent, not like all my profoundly unwise followers, I am not open-minded, nor care to be, I have no sincerity or sense of justice. I have very little aristocratic appeal, nor am I a gallant gentleman of demons, I am the opposite, and love it; bright lights cause me pain, I am a perfectionist, and have little use for the other type. I voice is hoarse, not soft like, and often not clear, and surely not soothing. I am likened to a brilliant energetic Minister of Hell, a commanding officer, in high rank and I like others to notice that. THN: What Kind of powers do you have? Agaliarept: invasion of dreams, choking, and producing nightmares (of which Mr. Evens can attest to). These of course are just little ones. I have telepathy, clairvoyance, flight and teleportation: also capable of generating fire, inducing illusions; able to resurrect corpses, in a zombie like manner, if their souls are hell bound, and cause unconsciousness by a gesture or a hiss to non-Christians. I have extensive knowledge in armed and unarmed combat with unnatural strength, speed, agility, stamina comparable to or near to an angelic being, but far from an archangel. Ability to manipulate both mortals and immortals into deceit, spite, insanity, hate and pride; also to attain possession of them, for satanic worshippers, make people have ungodly sexual preferences and other ungodly acts: I cannot foretell the present or future with accuracy, but I can have my Master, Lucifer invest such powers in me for a period of time to where they are sharper, or greater than normal; I can produce spells to the weaker minds. My invisibility and public speaking, logic, politics and knowledge of many languages allows me to summon in warlike matters. THN: What is your weakness? Agaliarept: I'd bet you'd like to know that. Let me just put it this way, the very few that I have are not worthy to tell, but since I agreed to this interview, I'm sure the reader would like to know. Angels! I am a demon, not an angel, and I can be removed by them; or a healthy heart towards God, Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Guns, accidents, all those kinds of things I create, they do not harm me, nor bother me, to the contrary. I don't enter churches willingly, nor do I care to look at crucifixes, but I can; I avoid them, like holy water, it burns. My brothers often like playing the game of ‘Demigod,’ and when invoked, they try to play Lucifuge Revocable, duplicating him, I don't care for that game, contrary to my belief, and he is our commander and chief. THN: What kind of weapons do you use? Agaliarept: Well, first of all I have them, I do use them, but I don't need them. Let's get that clear first. I have and sometimes use an umbrella, black in color, and a silver handle, like my master, it blocks the bright light from me, and I can trip a few folks with it, when I become visible. I do have a concealed 58 cm blade, a good weapon; it was forged from the fires of Hell, it is burning hot, and I start fires with it, and I burn hands with it. THN: What kind possessions do you have? Agaliarept: A sliver ring with a big red stone in it, bequeathed to me by Master Focalor that is it. THN: Who are your closest Friends? Agaliarept: No sense in using the friend word, I have none, but I do have close affiliations, or better yet, trusted subordinates, whom I really do not trust, such as Buer and Gusoyn, and even Botis; they belong to the second Legion of Spirits, which I command. The assist me in finding out, and discovering the secrets of all the courts in the world Buer the Demon Botis (Guard the Great Walls Along the Pier of Hades) ((Note by THN: Dr. Evens has drawn pictures of Buer and Gusoyn, and I think Botis, sketches, if he wishes to show the world them it is okay with Agaliarept…and tell M.A.M: one question leads into many, if he is wise, he will leave it at that)(update: 4/2011)) THN: If I wanted to conjure up a demon, how would I do it? Agaliarept: First of all, it is not wise to play in areas you are not willing to give your soul to. But on the other hand for the curious minded person, as I know Chick Evens is, you may want to check out, the "Book of the Key of Solomon" (Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh). THN: Can you give us the ranks of the underworld? Agaliarept: the three superior spirits are: Lucifer the Emperor, Beelzebuth the demonic Prince, and Astaroth Grand Duke. After that, are six inferior spirits: Lucifuge Rofocale a Prime Minister; Satanachia the Commander-in-Chief; Agaliarept (me), I am another Commander; Fleurety who is a Lieutenant-General; Sargatanas a Brigadier-Major; Nebiros, Field-Marshal and Inspector-General Arch Demon, Belphegor ((or Beelphegor) (Sloth and Disputer)) He can be seen as a beautiful young woman or monstrous THN: Do Demons Lie? Agaliarept: That is like asking, "Do humans breath," of course we lie, it is part of our nature, we are good at it too. Professionally we practice it everyday, and even quiz ourselves on how good we are or can be. THN: Can you give me the names of some demons off the top of your head working in the world today? Agaliarept: of course I can, but not sure what for, it isn't going to do you any good knowing, but okay. I should never have agreed to this review, but you see how I keep my word, make sure, when you write this out, you make me look good. Anyhow, I'll give you some of the 'A B & C, names of a few demons; otherwise this interview will take all week: AGLASIS: he can transport anything throughout the world. BARTZABEL: Kabbalistic Demon of Mars. He has the power to raise storms. Bartzabel has black wings. He is bald with a small black haired ponytail and he is a little chubby. BECHARD: has power over winds and storms, lightening, rain, hail. BRULEFER: He makes one beloved. BUCON: He has the power to incite hatred and jealousy between the sexes. CARNIVEAN: He was a Prince of the Order of Powers. He bestows confidence, boldness and strength. CARREAU: He was a Prince of the Order of Powers. He gives one control over emotions and bestows strength. CLAUNECK: has power over goods, money and finances (I do believe the word ‘power’ used here and in many other cases, means ‘influence’). He can discover hidden treasures and bestow great wealth. CLISTHERET: She can make day into night and night into day. She is under the power of the Duke "Syrach." She has a green complexion and a large bulbous head like Lucifuge Rofocal and Valefor, she is friendly, and High Priestess Maxine ELELOGAP: Elelogap is ruled over by me, Agaliarept and Tarihimal, who also has power over the element of Water. THN: Agaliarept, Mr. Chick Evens, says thank you for the interview, is there anything you'd like to add? Agaliarept: I kind of operate the secret police down here also, and let me warn you up that, there are a number of so called, pantheonic gods who rebelled against being forgotten and, in many cases assumed the names and aspects of a variety of us demons; so beware of who you are calling up—summoning up, you may not get what you are looking for. Also, a word to the wise, beware of the demons with a cock's heads, huge bellies & knotted tails, they are ruthless. Satan (Lucifer) ‡ Special Note and Drawings: Other Demonic figures, mentioned in other dialogues between the author and unseen world, along with the author’s visions within their world… It should be noted also, Vii, a huge demonic being, who once sat on the author’s bed and brought the springs and mattress to near the floor with his weight, never spoke to the author, he just grunted and left with a warning by the author to seek out his secret weapon: Christ. Sometimes demons like to simply harass you, frighten you, if they can’t do anything else. Surely his weight was that of four large men: Noge (also known as Tyr; the mischievous) Noyllopa the German The Nightmare Demon Spends most of his time on Hades’ Wharf Spends his time in Bavaria Written for posterity sake; Dlsiluk/ Copyright © 2-26-2009; rReedited April, 2011 for clarity sake Drawings added, over a ten/year period Works by the author Books Out of Print The Other Door (Poems- Volume I, 1981)Willie the Humpback Whale (poetic tale, 1981-82)The Tale of Freddy the Foolish Frog (1982)The Tale of Teddy and His Magical Plant (1983)The Tale of the Little Rose’s Smile (1983)The Tale of Alex’s Mysterious Pot (1984)Two Modern Short Stories of Immigrant life [1984]The Safe Child/the Unsafe Child [1985] (for teachers, of Minnesota Schools) The Legend of Huallallo ((2011) (booklet))Presently In Print Visions, Theological, Religious and Supernatural The Last Trumpet and the Woodbridge Demon (2002)Angelic Renegades & Rephaim Giants (2002)Islam, In Search of Satan’s Rib (2002) Return of the Nephilim to the Circle of Rephaim (2011) Tales of the Tiamat [trilogy]Tiamat, Mother of Demon I (2002)Gwyllion, Daughter of the Tiamat II (2002)Revenge of the Tiamat III (2002)The Addiction Books of D.L. Siluk:A Path to Sobriety I (2002)A Path to Relapse Prevention II (2003)Aftercare: Chemical Dependency Recovery III (2004)AutobiographicalA Romance in Augsburg I “2003)Romancing San Francisco II (2003)Where the Birds Don’t Sing III (2003)Stay Down, Old Abram IV (2004)Chasing the Sun [Travels of D.L Siluk] (2002)Romance and/or Tragedy:The Rape of Angelina of Glastonbury 1199 AD (2002) NovelettePerhaps it’s Love (Minnesota to Seattle) 2004 NovelCold Kindness (Dieburg, Germany) 2005 NoveletteSuspense, short stories, Novels and Novelettes:Death on Demand [Seven Suspenseful Short Stories] 2003 Vol: IDracula’s Ghost [And other Peculiar stories] 2003 Vol: IIThe Jumping Serpents of Bosnia (suspenseful short stories) 2008 Vol: IIIThe Mumbler [psychological] 2003 (Novel)After Eve [a prehistoric adventure] (2004) NovelMantic ore: Day of the Beast ((2002) (Novelette)) supernaturalEvery day’s Adventure ((2002)(short stories, etc)) The Poetry of D.L. SilukGeneral and Specific PoetryThe Other Door (Poems- Volume I, 1981)Sirens [Poems-Volume II, 2003]The Macabre Poems [Poems-Volume III, 2004] Specific Poetry The Last Trumpet (2002; Poetic Prophecy) Stone Heap of the Wildcat ((2010) (Israeli Poetry)) The Sailors’ Graveyard ((2012) (—Chilean Poetry)) Last Autumn and Winter [Minnesota poems, 2006] Stars over Germany ((Poetry out of West Germany, 1970s) (2012)) Peruvian Poetry Spell of the Andes [2005]Peruvian Poems [2005]Poetic Images Out of Peru [And other poems, 2006]The Magic of the Avelinos (Poems on the Mantaro Valley, book One; 2006)The Road to Unishcoto (Poems on the Mantaro Valley, Book Two, 2007)The Poetry of Stone Forest (Cerro de Pasco, 2007)The Windmills (Poetry of Juan Parra del Riego) 2009 The Legend of Huallallo (Epic poem, 2011) (booklet)) The Natural Writings of D.L. Siluk Cornfield Laughter (and the unpublished collected stories…) 2009 (Vol. 1) Men with Torrent Women (Two Short Novelettes and Sixteen Short stories) 2009 (Vol. II) A Leaf and a Rose (a comprehensive library of new writings…) 2009, (Vol. III) The Cotton Belt ((A Southern Saga) (Vol. IV)) 2011 Visit my web site: ; you can also order my books directly from: ; ;; along with many other notable book dealers. Also, see: www.swft/writings.html Back of Book Take one step across the threshold of this vivid interview and you plunge into an inhabited bent weird-heroic world of the macabre... It is daemonic strangeness. An interview is being done, through the personage of the Ruler of the Tenth Hour of the Night (Tenth, in rank, in the order of demon in Hell), concerning Agaliarept, the Henchman of Hell, Grand General of Hell and Commander of the Second Legion. The questions and answers are captivating, if not alarming. The names of many of the underworld demon are exposed, and their ranks and even some drawings are offered for the reader. For fantasy connoisseurs, it is a bread basket full, for those who have stepped into this world, this labyrinth of creatures of nightmares and the eeriest of the lot, they will understand even more so the reality of their earth rampaging, and madness. He has stepped into this invisible and bent world, many times, now you can. But a word to the wise, “Don’t tamper too long in it, it is like a web, and the demon likened to a spider waiting, and when they find a window of vulnerability in your life, forget the summons, they come uninvited.” This is the author’s 47th book; he lives in Peru and Minnesota with his wife Rosa. The picture of the author at the Sixth Station of the Via Dolorosa, in Jerusalem, Israel, in July, 2010; he is Baptist, and Ordained Minister, this being his 4th book of this genre.