Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Smart Scientiss (Calling Woof...!)

The Smart Scientists
(Calling Woof…!)

“Ninety percent of the world for ten-thousand years has been off their rocker,” says the smart scientist. “There really, truly, isn’t any God!” We’ve been fooled, they say. Somewhere along life’s long line, we’ve been hooked like a fish, brought to believe this fairytale story; perhaps someone, somewhere, had a delusion—I don't know, the Neanderthal maybe, and everybody fell for it, you know, kind of fell into that black hole, the scientist created out of nothing or perhaps out of gravity—not figuring out how gravity works yet, or how it was created, but gravity nonetheless: everyone but them smart guys got sucked in. Well, since there is no God, there mustn’t be any devil either. And since there is no devil, there is no such thing as sin, now we got what is called: right and wrong in question, it now is a personal thing: values are according to those each and every person owns: you know what I mean, what a person values is his value (it is where he puts his heart and soul, his money and efforts, and loyalty, and…you get picture)—right or wrong doesn’t matter (it’s not relevant), it is similar to a feeling—it just is, it is just that, no more. So there shouldn’t be any guilt, in taking from one another his life, limb, or liberty, he has no one to answer to: no God, no Devil, and man, well, they all have their own values—mine is just as good as the next person’s; thus, taking his wife, child or girlfriend, is inconsequential, the stronger person, perhaps the more rights he has—this is his value. Who’s to say—God isn’t around nor the Devil, possibly should we look back for the answer from the scientist? He’s suppose to have all the answers—my guess would be he’d bring up the Golden Rule, but perchance rules are made for those who value them (for example: Russia and China do not value the same rules America does, likewise North Korea does not value the same rules South Korea does). Conceivably what the scientist values, is what we are supposed to value, that is what it comes down to anyhow: that makes him God though, and remember that can’t be, he just got rid of Him. This can get confusing, society acts out of fear, and now you took God and the Devil away, should we fear the scientist, or anarchy. These are the ones we can see, as the scientist would put it. God and the Devil, the invisible ones, might be a better choice now? Perhaps the scientist, better think twice about taking something away, and giving back nothing; you see, when you take something from someone, you got to give him something better, lest you hang yourself. It is sad but true, scientists cannot get along with having a God above them, and yet, much of what they’ve discovered, is based on theory—or, the invisible.