Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Great President Obama

Our Great President Obama
(The One we admire and Follow)

If I was God, and I am not, I would have or be saying to my angelic force: “Look down on earth, and you can see why America is crumbling, actually you can see it at a clap of it eye, that’s all it will take, just look at Washington D.C., look at Obama!”
And what would I see if I was one of those angelic beings?

I’d not have to go back too far; let’s just go back a few years. How about Obama, our American President, elected by the media, and the emotional extravagance they created worldwide, not one day of military service, yet is ahead of the most powerful Armies the world has ever known (and I doubt he could tell the front from the back of an M16) never tested under fire, still putting us Americans in a permanent war costing 700-billion dollars for defense a year, while we have 16% unemployed in America (counting the ones no longer going back to collect unemployment: he doesn’t count them when he counts, and the 250,000 laid off this past few months), 90,000 people living under bridges and so forth in LA alone, and people not able to pay their rent—while giving billions of dollars of unpaid loans as a free gift to Go Pass Go ((banks and industry, etc)(we all thought we had a redeemer when he came on the scene, and Europe thought he was their Santa Claus)), without repayment; and we are giving 20-billion dollars to the United Nations and billions to Europe to keep their military forces up under the heading of NATO, and 20-billion dollars in addition to countries providing hideaways for terrorists like Egypt and Pakistan, and Yemen and even the PLO (to include Hamas: 250 million most recently), and we can’t pay the Chinese Toy Bill, we owe them pert near 1-trillion dollars, and now the economy is the worse we’ve seen since the depression. Yet I hear voices out there saying: give him a chance. He’s had two years plus. When I work for a company, I’ve got to prove myself in six week sometimes, and if they are generous, I’m given three months, never two-plus years, with a track records like his, I’d have been out the door long ago, walking those streets. And here is a guy who gets the Nobel Peace Prize, for continuing the same wars Bush started, and shifting troops from one country to another and saying: see, I’ve taken them out of Iraq, yet leaving 50,000 strong there. The others are simply next door. Now the dollar is 25% lower throughout the world today, than it was ten-years ago, and ten percent of that, belongs to Obama.
On the other hand, he’s given a PH.D., at a Christian College, for supporting abortions and Gay Rights, now he wants to make the Military Officially Gay. Next will be joining the World Court, and having our soldiers condemned to death by them, and handing our military forces over to the United Nations to do as they please. And he protects the Koran, while ordering the Military to burn the Bible in the Middle East, so we don’t upset the natives there.
The nuclear capability of Iran and its potential future usage is more a threat today than two years ago—if I was Israel, I’d not count on America to disable that nuclear button, it is bigger than ever, than it was when he took office. The Korean peninsula is less safe today than it was when he took office: as we can see, he did nothing when the North Koreans killed at will, those on a South Korean Island, and sunk a South Korean War ship—normal an act of war, whose side are we on? That should be a clear message for Japan, Twain, and South Korea, I’d get rid of America as a friend, quick, because if there is a showdown with China or Russia over it, and Obama is President, they are doomed—they ought to start their own nuclear capabilities before it is too late. He is in my eyes the worse president in my lifetime, and that is 63-years.
Sad but true this is a president that does not care about public consensus, and has passed an illegal bill, providing medical assistance to every person in America, not that it is good or bad, it was not done right, and will only cause more trouble in the courts in the very near future, perhaps taken away from those who might have found insurance elsewhere. In addition, here is a president that has not only been rude to South America, but to the Pope in Rome, you need only examine the video tapes. And let’s add Cuba to the list, he told the world he’d open the gates, he has simply done nothing on the issue, and like the Spanish vote, which he got for his acting performance, and the Christian vote, in his pretense in being a Christian, those are two he’ll never see again. He’ll have to rely on the Gay vote, or the Muslim vote, they got them down solid. Oh, how about the New York City dilemma, here is a president that gave his stamp of approval to build on sacred ground, while telling another Christian American he had no rights to burn the Koran. And sent the FBI to enforce it; say what you will, but he is taking slowly our liberties away. When that was taking place, the Mexicans were stomping on the American flag in Arizona, and he said not one word.
I can’t figure it out, is everybody out there blind?